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Rane Taps Dante for EXP2x Expander, HAL1x

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Rane Corporation and Audinate have teamed to launch the Rane EXP2x Dante Expander for Rane’s HAL1x. Users can use the EXP2x to interface a HAL1x System with a Dante network; applications abound in houses of worship, installed sound, performing arts venues, and education and corporate environments. The EXP2x allows connecting a Dante network between facilities or multiple independent HAL1x systems.

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 Rane Corporation and Audinate have teamed to launch the Rane EXP2x Dante Expander for Rane’s HAL1x.

The EXP2x is the latest addition to the HAL System family and supports 32 receive and 32 transmit channels. Built-in sample rate converters support 48 kHz or 96 kHz sample rates on the Dante network. Daisychain up to sixteen EXP2x devices to a single HAL1x to max-out at 512 x 512 channels on both the Dante network (on a single cable) and the HAL1x’s Expansion Bus.

The EXP2x is equipped with a Secondary Dante port for either Redundant Mode or Switch Mode. Use Dante Controller software for all network audio and EXP2x Brooklyn II card management. Use Rane’s Halogen software to configure the HAL System’s customizable HTML Web Controls, 3rd-party- & knob-based DR remotes, HAL presets, and vast DSP such as drag and drop acoustic echo cancelling, ambient noise compensation, mixing, ducking, routing and filters galore.

Front panel and Halogen software indicators for Dante connection, network status, flow active, and audio signal present aid troubleshooting. Dante Controller provides all network setup, monitoring, control, diagnostics and troubleshooting beyond compare; while Halogen reads, but does not edit the Dante setup, simplifying which software to use and eliminating conflict.

Dante provides a no-hassle, self-configuring with ultra low latence, while providing a true plug-and-play digital audio network using standard Internet Protocols on existing infrastructure — without requiring a dedicated network. The technology is built on global networking standards, making signal distribution more flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly and has been used at some of the largest live events and sophisticated installations worldwide.


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Dante PCIe Gets Firmware Update

Audinate has released its latest firmware update for the Dante PCIe soundcard. Version 3.7.1 delivers a range of new features, including audio signal presence indicators, latency statistics monitoring, and packet error detection.

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Audinate Updates Dante Controller

Audinate's Dante Controller v3.2.9.2 has been released for both Windows and Mac. This update now supports Yamaha HA Remote mode toggling for supported devices and also supports Mac OS X 10.8 for Mac.

Audinate Dante HC

Audinate continue its tradition of creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions continues, with the introduction of Dante HC, the industry’s highest-capacity networked audio solution for professional AV systems. Dante HC supports up to 512 x 512 redundant bi-directional uncompressed audio channels on a single Xilinx FPGA.