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QSC SPA Amplifier Series

QSC SPA Amplifier Series

The What: QSC has developed a powerful yet affordable amplifier series to meet the audio amplification needs in boardrooms, conference rooms, and other corporate spaces where multiple speakers are in use. The SPA2-60 offers two channels of Low-Z output into 4 ohms or 8 ohms, but it can be bridged to provide 70V or 100V output.

The What Else: The SPA4-60 is similar but offers more channels enabling elegant solutions like a pair of stereo channels with a single 70V or 100V output, or a Sub/Sat combination. This capability minimizes the amount of inventory and SKUs our customers need to manage for products that represent the majority of their business.

SPA Amplifier Series features: 2 x 60W or 4 x 60W per channel into 8 ohm and 4 ohm outputs; bridgeable channels to provide 120W into 70V or 100V load, eliminating the need for additional amplifiers; Energy Star compliant to meet LEED certification in corporate buildings; half-rack size with unique rack mounting system for flexible mounting options in boardrooms, such as under the table, wall-mounted behind a display, or side-by-side in a credenza rack; aesthetic design that easily blends into a corporate environment; remote control capabilities for applications such as standby mode for fire and safety paging.

The SPA Amplifier Series is being demonstrated in Audio Demo Room 202A.