PureLink Shipping New Ultra HD/4K IP Video System

VIP-300H-U Offers 4K60 IP Video over Cat/Fiber Distribution, Signal Management Solution
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VIP-300H-U Offers 4K60 IP Video over Cat/Fiber Distribution, Signal Management Solution

The What: The PureLink VIP-300H-U Ultra HD/4K HDMI and USB/KM distribution system is PureLink's newest addition to its line of PureStream IP Video Solutions, and is designed to allow users to easily manage media distribution and matrix switching over IP.

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The What Else: The VIP-300H-U IP video solution transports 4K signals across both category cable and fiber networks. Together with the advanced VPX IP video management software, it allows users to create any-size matrix systems. 

Features include video wall support, with a built-in video wall processor that enables setup of displays up to an 8x8 configuration, and VPX IP video management software that allows users to set up, configure, and monitor large-scale systems. It is designed for reliability, with modular transmitter and receiver modules, and can be combined with PureLink's VIP-NET purpose-designed network switches for optimal performance. Using PureLink's proprietary PureStreamX Ultra codec, the VIP-300H-U transports Ultra HD/4K content at low data rates, delivering high-quality video performance over existing IP networks.

The Bottom Line: The VIP-300H-U combines powerful connectivity, simplified integration, and more features to optimize reliability and flexibility. From point-to-point extension to large-scale matrix switching systems, the VIP Series aims to bring simplicity and versatility to applications demanding AV and IT convergence.


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