Keynote Roundtable: Digital Signage 2010 -

Keynote Roundtable: Digital Signage 2010

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by David Keene

I don’t recall ever having a line-up of experts as impressive as the one you’ll see and hear from next Wednesday, April 28th. Shelly Palmer, Laura Davis Taylor, Jeff Dickey, Lyle Bunn, Chris Connery, Greg Patrick, and myself…have put aside the platitudes and cookie-cutter PowerPoints for “Digital Signage 2010”, the Virtual trade event to be held 10am – 6pm (Eastern time) April 28. We’re cutting to the chase: what is happening, now, in the digital signage market? Why should you be there? How the heck do you figure out the software side? Where will you make money?

Whatever you do, don’t miss the “Keynote Roundtable” that starts at 11:00am (Eastern time). I host a “virtual” roundtable with some of the best, cutting-edge players on the media landscape– because, yes, “digital signage” is not just another “AV” vertical. The most compelling and promising parts of the market are part of a media and video revolution that is changing everything about content delivery.

Shelly Palmer shares his unique insight as part of the Keynote Roundtable. Palmer’s resume is amazing… and I’m just giving the highlights: Host of MediaBytes; President, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, NY (responsible for the Emmy® Awards); Former Chief Marketing Officer for Gibson Guitar Corp; Author, Television Disrupted: The Transition from Network to Networked TV; Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC (… it goes on).

Palmer is arguably this country’s top thinker and analyst regarding the changes in mass media that are revolutionizing the way information is conveyed, and how the former “owners” of content and technology– Broadcasters, Networks, and all the Video and Audio industry “aristocracy”– now face radical shifts of power as consumers and customers can now architect their own technology platforms, their own content, and their own price to pay for it all (the stuff they don’t expect for free that is).

Fair warning: Shelly Palmer’s remarks are not for the squeamish, or for anyone looking for feel-good messages and assurance that there are only blue skies ahead. And it may take a second look at his clip to decipher what it is he’s getting at when he ties together social media trends with high end AV. Trust me, he’s five years ahead of the rest of us. And I advise anyone who thinks the high end installed AV market is immune from the media revolution, to attend.It’s all part of Digital Signage 2010, for professionals working with digital signage systems. Produced by NewBay Media in partnership with InfoComm, The Digital Signage Virtual Expo will be held April 28, 2010, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., EDT. And you can experience all from the convenience of your desk.

It will be conducted exclusively online. It will also be available for post-event viewing/

Register, with no charge, to attend, at


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