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A New Product

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A New product


Navigating A Flat World

The past year has seen a quantum leap in the evolution of the digital signage market. To paraphrase an old TV ad, "We've come a long way, baby" in growing the industry. From a growing and often times disjointed "buzz" in the industry over the last couple of years it is now a recognized market mover, albeit still in its infancy. As with all infants it has and will continue to have growing pains in numerous areas for the foreseeable future. The most common questions about digital signage range from the viability of the various business models to the integration of various software packages that will provide a real solution to the end user. With all of these and numerous other issues to consider, there is one area that we can shed some light and provide specific help in your decision making process. Let's take a close look at display technologies that are most appropriate in digital signage applications.

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New Products September 2008

New Products September 2008 Full Article 9 2008-09-28 beyerdynamic NE 900 D Cobra Receiver beyerdynamic's NE 900 D Cobra two channel receiver for the Opus 900 wireless system provides an integrated CobraNet interface to connect the receiver to all CobraNet-capable devices of more than 40 manufacturers.  T

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New Products : April 2010

Juice Goose CQR-1500 Juice Goose’s CQR-1500 is a rack mounted, 15-amp power sequencer. This product features AC power filtration and surge protection. It is remote controllable v

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New Products : February 2010

Meyer Sound UP-4XP Ultracompact Loudspeaker Meyer Sound has introduced four new loudspeakers. The UP-4XP ultracompact loudspeaker, the MM-4XPD directional miniature loudspeaker, the MM-10 miniature subwoofer,

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New Products : November 2009

SHORT-THROW DIGITAL PROJECTORS Vivitek Corporation has added two new short-throw digital projectors to its product line-up, the D520ST and D525ST. Designed for smaller settings, the Vivitek D520ST and D525ST provide large projected images. The Vivitek D520ST and