PreSonus Ships AIR Loudspeakers for Mobile and Installed Systems -

PreSonus Ships AIR Loudspeakers for Mobile and Installed Systems

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The What: PreSonus is now shipping its compact, lightweight AIR-series active loudspeakers, designed to provide a rich, extended low-end and natural high-frequency extension in an enclosure that will easily fit in the back seat of a small car. Backed by 1,200W of Class D/Class AB power and enhanced with easy-to-use digital tuning functions, AIR full-range systems are well suited for use in both mobile and installed sound. 

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The What Else: The series includes three full-range loudspeakers and two subwoofers. The AIR10, AIR12, and AIR15 full-range systems feature 10-, 12-, and 15-inch low-frequency transducers, respectively. All three full-range models are driven by a distinctive amplification system that uses the combined strengths of both Class D and Class A/B amplifier designs. A Class D amplifier drives the low-frequency driver, providing 500 continuous watts of efficient, clean power for commanding low end. A 200W (continuous), Class A/B amplifier powers the high-frequency driver, delivering a natural, "airy" high end. 

The 1,200W AIR15s and AIR18s active subwoofers provide detailed bottom end all the way down to 35Hz. Although designed to complement the AIR-series full-range loudspeakers, AIR-series subwoofers can be used with virtually any full-range loudspeaker, thanks to their variable low-pass filter. Optimized presets for the AIR10, AIR12, and AIR15 make it easy to dial in a three-way AIR system without an external crossover. 

Easy-to-use presets allow for customization of the AIR full-range loudspeakers’ response for use as front-of-house mains, as monitor wedges, for music playback (e.g., for DJs), for enhanced low end and a warmer sound, and for improved speech intelligibility. Use the treble and bass controls to compensate for room anomalies. Location presets optimize performance for stand and bracket mounting, as well as flown installations.

AIR subwoofers have DSP presets for normal front-of-house use and for extended low end, as well as presets to quickly configure a cardioid array (end-fire or ground-stacked). Polarity reverse and a variable alignment delay are also provided to configure more complicated subwoofer arrays or to align the subwoofer to a full-range system. 

The full-range speakers’ molded plastic, multi-angle enclosure sports nonskid rubber feet on the bottom for upright front-of-house use and on one side for stage monitor applications. AIR subwoofers offer a rugged lightweight, tour-grade birch enclosure.

The Bottom Line: With their versatile power-amp configuration, clear, natural sound with articulate and detailed high end, carefully programmed DSP presets, flexible mounting options, multiple inputs with onboard mixing, and other professional features, PreSonus AIR-series loudspeakers are well suited for both mobile and installed sound.


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