New Products: May 2012

New Products: May 2012

ELAN VL10 Valet

The 10-inch hard-wired tabletop and under-cabinet mounted color LCD touchscreen VL 10 Valet joins the ELAN g1 system user interfaces. Featuring ELAN’s “touch and swipe” design, the VL 10 is able to also function as a TV as a result of the included analog video input. The ELAN VL 10 Valet features a 16:9 wide screen format, a built-in speaker and microphone for messaging, IP connectivity for communication, non-volatile flash memory, and a screen saver mode that can display photos.

Soundcraft ViSi Remote

The Soundcraft ViSi Remote app allows users to roam around in a venue and not only adjust input channel levels and mutes, but also adjust aux send levels and matrix sends, and level and graphic EQ settings on bus outputs. The app uses Harman’s HiQnet architecture to connect a network of consoles to a wireless router, which communicates with the iPad.

Gefen Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi

The Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi and the Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi Plus now utilize HTML5-based widgets to simplify and improve the user experience. The widgetbased system makes content creation simple, allowing a drag and drop function to import elements into the design. Date/ time, RSS feeds, and news widgets are already provided in the software that comes with both the Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi and the Plus model. Users can upload playlists, create schedules, and more for convenient content management.

Auralex T’Fusor

The Auralex (booth C9741) T’Fusor sound diffusors are Class A fire-rated diffusion panels that work in a range of commercial applications. Made from a lightweight, yet sturdy high-impact thermoplastic, T’Fusors drop into ceiling grids and are wall mountable with pushpins, staples, nails, Tubetak, Velcro, or double-sided tape. T’Fusors impart a sense of controlled spaciousness and work best when mounted with a varying alignment of the “T” pattern. Improved broadband diffusion can be achieved by filling the cavity in the back of the T’Fusor with acoustic foam or one-inch rigid fiberglass. T’Fusors are white in color but can be brush- or spray-painted.

Clear-Com Tempest2400 MasterBelt

The Tempest2400 MasterBelt digital wireless intercom offers mobile broadcasters the ability to coordinate and communicate handsfree within the form of a Tempest2400 BeltStation. The MasterBelt can be paired with any standard Tempest2400 CP-222 twochannel BeltStation to create a full-featured two-channel system in the 2.4 GHz band. The MasterBelt itself also functions as a BeltStation allowing up to six full-duplex wireless users to be in communications. Designed to be comfortable, rugged and robust, the MasterBelt Station and all Tempest BeltStations can operate in harsh weather conditions.

Dan Dugan E-1A

Dan Dugan Sound Design (booth C10544) has introduced the E-1A automatic mixing controller, adding increased DSP power to provide up to 16 channels of Dugan’s transparent automatic mixing. The E-1A allows users to divide the Dugan unit into three separate automixers, with each set having its own set of master buttons on the software control panels. The E-1A includes the upgraded Dugan Control Panel for Java, a real-time remote control panel. A newly announced iPad app (purchased separately) brings touch control to the Dugan Control Panel. In addition to eight channels of analog I/O, the E-1A has two pairs of ADAT connectors.

Middle Atlantic 50 CFM

Built to remove heat from credenzas, lecterns, and entertainment centers, the 50 CFM cabinet cooler is a blower-style option available to the market that provides a free air rating as high as 50 CFM. It incorporates intelligent proportional speed control, which runs the blower only when necessary. Designed to pull hot air up out of a component and direct it where desired, the 50 CFM component cooler removes heat from system components on open shelving or in racks. It is now available in a stand-alone version to directly cool a single component, as well as a platform model appropriate for cooling multiple stacked components.

Covid Rainbow Fish

Covid (booth C9914) Rainbow Fish fiber optic HDMI cables connect up to 1,000 foot lengths with no signal degradation. These fiber HDMI cables are in-wall/riser rated and offer a unique, stylish, and easy to install design. The cable is equipped with a USB power cable integrated into the receiving HDMI connector. The housing is constructed of high durability composite material for necessary protection of the internal HDMI to fiber transfer. The Rainbow Fish fiber HDMI supports video formats including 720p/1080p/1080i/3D/480p/ 480i, plus is HDMI high speed certified. They are available in lengths of 35, 55, 75, 150, 250, and 1,000 feet. Custom lengths are also available upon request.


L-Acoustics’ new ARCS WIDE and ARCS FOCUS systems are based on two constant curvature enclosures holding distinct directivity pattern and SPL capabilities. Intended for medium-throw applications in rental productions and fixed installations, these line sources deliver remarkable acoustic properties and unmatched versatility for many applications, including FOH L/R systems, central clusters, side-fill monitors, distributed systems, and complementary fills. The ARCS WIDE or ARCS FOCUS line sources provide high SPL with acoustic coupling, solid LF performance, and constant tonal balance over distance. Both systems can be deployed as either a horizontal or vertical array.

Yamaha CL Series

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has introduced its CL Series of digital consoles, a Dante network-based console featuring remote I/O for a faster, more responsive Yamaha system solution. All three CL models in the Centralogic series, only differentiated by frame size and input capability, feature 24 mix buses, eight matrix buses, plus stereo and mono outputs, and 16 DCAs. The footprint of all three CL consoles is small yet powerful, and has been developed specifically for sound reinforcement applications such as performing arts venues, theaters, houses of worship, touring, and remote broadcast. All CL consoles are configured with a top panel center section with a comprehensive selected channel section, a new 16-bit color LED back-lit touchscreen, four user-defined knobs, a built-in help system, and two-track USB recorder/player section.

Meyer Sound 1100-LFC

Meyer Sound’s 1100-LFC lowfrequency control element is a self-powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity in reproducing the operating range of 28 Hz to 100 Hz. The low distortion, coupled with headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the 1100-LFC a flexible tool for low-end directional applications for large-scale tours and installations. The high peak power output enables transient reproduction and lowfrequency clarity at high operating levels.

SoundTube WLL-TR-1p

SoundTube Entertainment is now shipping its wireless transmitter/ receiver package offering uncompressed audio, balanced inputs, and 50 watts per channel of amplification. Designed to work with most SoundTube speakers, as well as other speakers, the WLL -TR-1p system enables the placement of speakers in locations where running speaker wires may be difficult or impossible. Utilizing uncompressed streaming digital audio over 2.4 GHz and requiring only AC power for operation, the SoundTube wireless system provides two channels of audio with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Three RF channels, each one utilizing multiple frequencies with adaptive frequency hopping technology, are provided to help ensure interference-free operation.

Bose FreeSpace

Bose Professional Systems Division has introduced its latest FreeSpace products: the FreeSpace IZ A 250-LZ /190-HZ integrated zone amplifiers and the FreeSpace ZA 250-LZ /190-HZ zone amplifiers. The FreeSpace IZ A integrated zone amplifiers are designed for background/foreground music and paging applications. Proprietary Bose Opti-voice paging provides paging over music, ensuring clear, natural speech is heard at the appropriate sound level in the selected area. The FreeSpace ZA zone amplifiers provide basic amplification and sound system expansion when using front-end signal processing from Bose FreeSpace business music systems and Bose ControlSpace engineered sound processors. They can also be combined with the FreeSpace IZ A amplifiers to function as one system, sharing the same music paging sources, master volume control, and optional loudspeaker equalization.

EAW Avalon

Avalon by EAW represents a departure from previous dance club loudspeaker systems, putting acoustical technology in a package that appeals to the design-conscious dance club market. The industrial design turns the loudspeaker inside out, mounting the exposed mid/high horn in front of the grille. The products released include the CLU B. two and CLU B.three. Each is a three-way system using a horn-loaded, efficient, coaxial mid/high compression driver. The CLU B.two includes four 12-inch LF cone transducers mounted in a vertically and horizontally symmetrical pattern and axially aligned with the mid/high section. The CLU B.three uses a single, 15-inch LF cone mounted in a triaxial configuration behind the mid/high section.

Draper Ecomatt XT700E

Draper’s Ecomatt XT700E is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, a third party, multi-attribute eco-label administered by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute that assesses a product’s safety to humans and the environment and design for future lifecycles. Ecomatt XT700E is PVC free, and made of 100 percent polyester yarn. In addition to being fully recyclable, Ecomatt XT700E offers accurate color balance over a full 180-degree field, and a peak gain of 0.7. Ecomatt XT700E is also GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified and ROHS compliant.

Audio Authority SF-16M

The SF-16M is a blend of matrix switching, signal processing, powerful amplification, and flexible audio input/output configurations. The SF-16M brings a new approach to common commercial distributed audio applications with one multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be used in a variety of installations. The SF-16M includes two FlexPort Cat-5 audio ports, which accept a variety of Audio Authority FlexPort modules. Options include two balanced mic/line level models as well as stereo RCA and digital optical/coax modules. Flex- Port modules can be installed up to 500 feet away from the SF-16M using Cat-5 cable.


JBL Professional’s STX800 series portable loudspeakers are designed to bridge the gap between lighterduty portable PA speakers and full-size tour sound systems. The six STX800 passive loudspeaker models combine sound quality with rugged, travel-friendly construction, extreme power handling capability, and integration with Crown’s VR ack amplifier V5 level processing and JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software. JBL STX800 series loudspeakers utilize JBL high-power-handling drivers that deliver low distortion and precision waveguides for accurate pattern control. The STX812M and STX815M can be used either as a floor monitor, on a tri-pod stand or over a subwoofer. With its wide frequency range and broad 90 x 50-degree coverage angle, the STX825 is appropriate for bands or DJs as their primary PA, as a side-fill speaker on a concert stage, or as an installed speaker in a dance club or performance venue. Though compact, the STX818S subwoofer can deliver 1,000 watts of continuous pink noise power handling and comes equipped with a topmounted M20 pole mount.

Elite Lunette

The Lunette uses Elite’s AcousticPro A4K acoustically transparent material. It is a 1.1 gain projection surface with its angular mesh weave design for optimal sound penetration. The A4K material was crafted to allow in-wall speakers behind the screen to give a high quality audio performance. Visually, the material eliminates the moiré artifacts while working with the anamorphic lens and scalers to enhance clarity and resolution. Its color uniformity and off-axis luminescence wraps the viewer in a vivid image as sound breathes through the material with a minimal acoustic insertion loss or dispersion. The acoustic weave is black backed to eliminate bounce back distortion.

Adtec EN-20

Features of the EN-20 include dual-service HD and SD video encoding ASI, IP, and optional up-converted QAM outputs and broadcast level VBI support. The EN-20 is compliant with the ATSC A69 program and PSIP with optional support of Adtec’s DTV guide cloud PSIP service. The device automatically detects the video standard on each of its HDSDI inputs then encodes and multiplexes the signals into a multiple program transport stream with either DVB or ATSC tables. Closed captioning, AFD, and other VBI services are supported including 608 to 708 caption up-conversion.

Line 6 XD-V75, XD-V35

The Line 6 XD-V75 and XD-V35 series are digital wireless handheld, lavalier, headset, and bodypack microphone systems. Featuring sophisticated microphone modeling technology, XD-V systems deliver 24-bit, 10Hz–20kHz, compander-free performance, with full-range audio clarity and license-free operation worldwide. Designed for professional vocalists and performers, the XD-V75 line offers 24-bit sound with reliability and a full complement of professional features, including signal encryption, dynamic filters, gain control, and channel scanning. The XD-V75 family features 14 channels; 300-foot range, 1/2U rack receiver with built-in antenna distribution system; heavy-duty metal chassis; and a rackmount kit.

GlobalVue GVC3200LED

The first model in this new series will be a 32-inch class featuring 178 x 178 wide-viewing angles. The GV C3200LED is designed specifically to meet the needs of such commercial venues as hotels, bars, restaurants, conference rooms, lounges, and anywhere critical viewing is important. Wall-mountable or available with a securable stand, the first set in the GlobalVue GV C3200LED series has a 31.5-inch diagonally measured active area with multiple HDMI inputs and a USB port capable of displaying picture in JPG format as well as playing audio files.

Niles GeoRealistic Pro

The GeoRealistic Pro series is the next generation of outdoor speakers designed to deliver an audiophile-quality performance outdoors in a case that is strong enough to stand up to the outdoor elements. Engineered with a focus on durability, which allows the speakers to be used in any outdoor commercial setting, the Pro Series speakers feature a new NoFade protective finish and a four-layer fiberglass weave, ensuring that the speakers are at least five times more durable and long-lasting than the current model of rock speakers, even under extreme UV conditions.


The STM series (scale through modularity) loudspeaker cabinets are appropriate for touring, festivals, and sound company rental. The new system combines the NEXO Alpha functionality with the technical innovation of NEXO GEO waveguide designs, and delivers a powerful, flexible, and easy to use system. STM enables line array systems to scale up or down depending on event audience size, from 1,000 to 100,000 people.

Telecast Fiber Thor

Telecast Fiber Systems has several new members of its Thor family of fiber optic extenders for broadcasting, government, and professional AV applications. In environments such as hospitals, airports, or casinos, the Thor series enables operators to drive arrays of high-resolution flat-panel displays digitally through their DVI or HDMI interfaces. The new additions include the Thor DE modular DVI extender, the Thor DE Throwdown DVI with audio extender, the Thor DA Throwdown HDMI distribution amplifier, and the Thor-SXL mission-critical KVM switcher.

Matrox Mura MPX

Matrox Graphics’ Mura MPX series video wall controller boards features both HD resolution inputs and outputs. The fanless SKU s make use of the same single-slot design with 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer and feature four HD outputs and either zero, two, or four HD inputs for maximum I/O flexibility. The fanless Mura boards have no moving parts, helping to further increase Matrox’s industry-leading reliability. With the ability to create quieter systems and a jump to three-year warranties, Mat rox expects a relatively quick OEM adoption of these new Mura cards.

Coemar Reflection LEDko

Reflection LEDko by Coemar, the first LED profile delivering both soft profile and hard edge profile using mix-and-match optics and state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, helps reduce energy costs and environmental impact compared to traditional lighting sources used among the audiovisual industry. LED lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting solution currently available that is both fiscally smart and ecologically sound when compared to both tungsten halogen and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). Reflection LEDko is distributed exclusively in North America by international LED lighting supplier LED Source. Reflection LEDko can obtain any color tone, shade, and white light while being used in the same way as traditional profiles.

X2O Open Content Management Framework

X2O Media’s Open Content Management Framework initiative allows third-party manufacturers of digital signage players to integrate with the X2O Portal’s content management tools after certification by X2O. The X2O Portal is a cloud-based platform for managing and scheduling all content on digital signage networks of any size, including images, videos, graphics, and live data. By combining content management with network monitoring and customizable reporting features, the X2O Portal provides power through an extremely user-friendly web-based interface that greatly reduces the resources and time required to set up, control, and maintain a digital signage network. With the X2O Portal, third-party manufacturers of digital signage players now have access to a comprehensive user management system that allows digital signage network administrators to define user roles and permissions, limiting access to specific portal features, player locations, and content; it also provides them with real-time data feed management tools.

Planar WeatherBright

Planar Systems’ WeatherBright Series delivers outdoor, direct-sunlight readability digital displays that perform in demanding open-air environments. The rugged yet stylish displays available in 32- (LC3251) and 47-inches (LC4751), offer a more engaging digital alternative to static menu boards typically found at quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-thrus, outdoor mall wayfinding, and other businesses that serve customers outdoors.

Altinex TP115-352

Altinex’s TP115-352 transmitter and receiver transmits HDMI signals up to 1080p over long distances by a single Cat-6 cable. This versatile signal management tool is the ideal solution for conference facilities, lecture halls, presentation facilities, churches, and other environments where video signals need to be sent over long distances between the source and the destination video display. Upon receiving the HDMI output from a source device, the TP115-352 converts the HDMI video and audio signals into a digital format for transmission over the Cat-6 cable. At the display end, the TP115-352 receiver converts the digital signal back into the standard HDMI format for connection to a display, TV, or other device. The combination of transmitter and receiver supports HDMI 1.4a, HDMI 1.3, 3D, 2k x 4k, DVI 1.1, as well as HDCP 2.0. At 1080p, the HDMI signal can be transmitted up to 300 feet. As for audio formats, the TP115-352 handles PCM (pulse code modulation) two-channel audio, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, with support for signals encoded using DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus.

BenQ MW860USTi and MP780 ST+

BenQ America’s MW860USTi and MP780 ST+ interactive short-throw projectors feature ultra-short-throw ratios of 0.37 and 0.49, respectively. Designed to provide teachers and students with the ultimate interactive experience in any classroom setting, the versatile teaching tools feature BenQ’s second-generation PointDraw interactive projection technology with dual pen support. BenQs second-generation Point- Draw interactive projection technology comes with the new PointDraw Pen 2.0, which features a faster response time to support remote interactivity up to 25 feet away from the board or projected surface. Dual pen control is supported by the newly designed QDraw 2.0 interactive software. Like its predecessor, the second-generation PointDraw technology requires no system calibration.

AMX Enova DVX-3150HD

AMX’s Enova DVX-3150HD all-in-one presentation switcher now includes additional configurations to support a wider range of applications. The new models are built on the concept of providing a platform for the perfect meeting in any room configuration. For any collaboration space, it’s a platform users can standardize on for repeatable, reliable results. Each model in the DVX line provides a complete AV/IT platform for audio, video and networked control for any mixture of digital and analog sources, multiple displays, and video conferencing. They all feature exclusive AMX technologies like SmartScale, which delivers video that is scaled for each connected display, eliminating the integration challenges that can occur when sources and displays have different supported resolutions. Also onboard is InstaGate Pro, which addresses key constraints and delays posed by HDMI/HDCP without special tools, speeding installation time.

TV One 1T-VS-647

TV One’s 1T-VS-647 SDI to HDMI scaler with audio has been added to its expanding TV One-task product line. The 1T-VS-647 converts a variety of SDI transmission rates and video resolutions into an HDMI signal. It also provides audio flexibility by outputting the audio embedded in the SDI signal to external connectors (both analog and digital formats) for distribution separate from the HDMI data stream. The 1T-VS-647 features bit rates to 2.970Gb/s, allowing processing of resolutions up to and including 1080p. SMPTE standards 425 A&B, 424M, 292M, and 259M-C are supported and SMPTE 425M level B to level A conversion is standard. Additional capabilities include SDI loop-thru with equalization and reclocking, so the 1T-VS-647 SDI to HDMI scaler doubles as an SDI repeater. As part of the SDI to HDMI scaling process, SDI timing is automatically converted to PC timing parameters.

Extron SME 100

The SME 100 is a live H.264 encoder for streaming audio, video, and computer-video signals. The SME 100 employs standards-based H.264/MPEG-4 AVC compression and outputs an IP stream that can easily be decoded and viewed on desktop or laptop PCs. It is designed specifically to address the input requirements common to pro AV applications, supporting RG B or DVI input signals up to 1,920 x 1,200, as well as standard definition and high definition video up to 1080p/60. The SME 100 also features an integrated three-input switcher with audio and buffered loop-through connections to simplify integration. High performance Extron signal processing scales and optimizes video input signals for the intended viewing application. Encoding and compression controls provide a range of adjustments for bit rate and quality.

Roland S-4000 Firmware Update

Roland Systems Group’s new firmware update for the S-4000 series digital snake systems allows the S-4000H 8x32 digital snake head to support samples rates of 48 and 44.1 kHz in addition to 96kHz. This enables this compact unit to be used in V-Mixing system configurations, especially as an analog breakout box. In addition, the update provides control of pre-amps of the S-4000S set in REAC Master mode using the S-4000R or S-4000 Remote Control Software (PC/Mac) without the need for slave equipment or the M-48 personal mixers present. This allows new uses of the digital snake head such as a 40 input front end to a SONAR REAC recording system all connected to a PC via a Cat-5e/6 cable.

Barco HDX-W18

Barco’s HDX-W18 DLP projector is the latest addition to the HDX family, sharing the on-board image processing, compact design, easy servicing, and preview mode features with its W12 and W14 cousins, but clocking in at 17,500 lumens. Barco’s HDX projectors consist of only five building blocks, which makes them easy to maintain. They come with a WUXGA resolution and feature control through a userfriendly, built-in color LCD screen with a preview mode. Users can easily control the HDX via a smartphone or tablet device.

Biamp Systems Vocia 1.4

Biamp Systems’ Vocia 1.4 networked PA provides streamlined call prompt options and greater control, along with expanded programming and customization enhancements. These newly added features, coupled with Vocia’s existing network-based architecture, make it suitable for public address systems. Vocia 1.4 adds to Vocias existing functionality and provides new options for system integration. Vocia 1.4 features increase audio management flexibility during system updates so only the device affected by the system update will be muted, leaving the rest of the system online.

Crestron Core 3 UI

Crestron’s Core 3 UI platform gives Crestron programmers the ability to design touchscreen interfaces to control theaters, lighting, thermostats, multi-room audio, digital music, video content, security cameras and other connected devices in almost half the time. The unique Core 3 UI platform supports multiple Adobe Flash objects, HTML5, digital HD video, H.264 streaming video and web browsing all at the same time. Technology such as SmartObjects and SmartScaling make it easy for programmers to deliver dynamic, graphically rich, and intuitive user experiences. Programmers can personalize the display by utilizing a wide selection of pre-installed Core 3 UI objects, from animated gauges and liquid sliders, to a gesture based canvas. Core 3 UI ’s SmartObjects technology enables programmers to instantly add controls, user presets, and metadata interfaces.

Auralex SonoFlat Grid

Auralex Acoustics’ SonoFlat Grid panels are composed of nine beveled squares. Made from Auralexs’ proprietary Studiofoam, these panels offer the mid- and high-frequency absorption that the original SonoFlat panels are known for, as well as an elegant look. The SonoFlat Grid panels’ design makes them appropriate for both studio and home theater applications. The panels are available in charcoal coloring and are made from Auralex’s melamine-free formula, which won’t crumble with age.

Telecast Fiber Terrapin FTR-D6

Telecast Fiber Systems’ Terrapin FTRD6 is a 3Gb/s fiber optic video transceiver that also incorporates a six-output distribution amplifier. With four modes of operation, the Terrapin is a compact, bidirectional throw-down device that is appropriate for distributing an HD video signal to several locations within a large venue. The Terrapin FTR-D6 features both a fiber optic and a copper input, as well as a fiber optic output and six copper outputs. A single push-button operation makes it easy to switch among four modes. The first mode enables the Terrapin to act as an HD/SDI distribution amplifier with six BNC outputs and an ST output. Mode 2 supports a typical “tap and drop” installation in which the Terrapin is used as a receiver and retransmitter to feed six different monitor locations. In Mode 3, the Terrapin acts as a transceiver to receive a signal from a distant location and then transmit it via the six BNC outputs. Mode 4 is a pure SDI distribution amplifier and fiber booster, enabling the Terrapin to provide multiple outputs from a single BNC signal.

Contemporary Research 232-Amp+

Contemporary Research has upgraded its 232-Amp stereo mixer/ amplifier to the 232-Amp+, increasing power to 32/40W RMS from 16/32W. The 232-Amp+ is a compact, programmable mixer/amplifier aimed at integration with flat-panel displays and video projectors. This amp features a stereo line-level display/projector audio input and two mono aux inputs, and outputs stereo sound at 32 Watts RMS at eight ohms or 40W at four ohms. The unit features RS-232 system control, a stereo and two audio inputs that can mix and duck automatically, appropriate for microphone and paging applications. The Class D amplifier is energy-efficient, using 90 percent of DC power for amplification, operating with low heat and consuming minimal power when quiet.

Crimson VW4600

Crimson’s video wall mount (VW4600) is a full featured, yet economical solution for constructing video walls. Lateral shift, vertical, horizontal, and plumb adjustments allow for precise placement. An integrated lock and key system secures monitors in place, and a quick-release mechanism allows for simple monitor servicing or replacement. Lightweight wall plate design saves on labor cost, allowing a single installer to design and install the grid for the video wall. Crimson Video Wall mount systems are constructed of high-grade cold-rolled steel, include a pre-sorted hardware pack for quick and easy installation, and are backed by a 10-year warranty.

DPI E-Vision

Digital Projection International’s (DPI) E-Vision WUXGA-8000 features integrated image warp and blend and lens memory to the E-Vision series. The new models also deliver higher brightness capabilities, as well as higher resolution, numerous lens options, user swappable color wheels and advanced color controls. Weighing in at less than 53 pounds, the duallamp E-Vision WUXGA-8000 employs the latest in Texas Instruments dark metal DLP technology.

Epson BrightLink

Epson’s ultra-short throw BrightLink projectors offer an interactive projectorpen combination with advanced connectivity options to project onto any existing whiteboard, wall, or other smooth, lightcolored, hard surface. Epson’s three ultra-short throw BrightLink models offer dual pen interactivity and built-in annotation technology that allows teachers and students to instantly interact directly with a projected image from a variety of devices beyond the PC. With the new ultra-short throw BrightLink 475Wi, 480Wi, and 485Wi models, teachers are free to connect existing multimedia devices already in their classroom, over their network or even PC-free and keep writing. Epson’s three short throw models, the BrightLink 425Wi, 430i and 435Wi come with an included wall mount and two interactive pens and deliver a large, interactive learning area.

AKG WMS 40 MINI 2 Dual Package

AKG ’s WMS 40 MINI series now features a dual channel receiver, which offers high-definition audio performance, with efficient body pack, and cardioid mic transmitters for quality sound performances. The WMS 40 MINI 2 Dual Package is available in three sets: vocal, instrumental, and mix. The vocal set features two HT 40 MINI dynamic cardioid microphones and the SR 40 MINI Dual receiver. AKG ’s instrumental set includes two PT 40 MINI body packs, small transmitters in its class that lasts up to 30 hours on one AA battery, the SR 40 MINI 2 and two guitar cables. The mix set offers one HT 40 MINI , a PT 40 MINI , and the SR 40 MINI 2. Other features include swiveling antennae, LED meters, volume control, and the on-off switch on the front of the receiver.

Calibre HQView530

Calibre UK ’s HQView530 all-in-one scaler, switcher, and scan converter is for use in the studio broadcast environment and for staging applications. It is designed for easy and quick set-up using the jog wheel with LCD front panel menu display. The HQView 530 will switch, scale, scan-convert, and can edge-blend for multiple projector images over large surfaces. HQView530 will also perform warp mapping, so those images can be video projected on to curved screens or unusual shaped surfaces or for stacking multiple projectors to achieve a higher brightness in studio environments. The 530 model boasts 3G-SDI input and output capability, as well as backwards compatibility with HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats. The processor will accept a range of HD, SD, and computer inputs including DVI , HDMI, YPbPr/RG BS, VG A/RG BHV, S-video, and composite PAL, NTSC, and SECAM.


NEC Display Solutions’ 22-inch EA223WM is designed for highperformance enterprise users. The EA223WM is mercury-free and more energy efficient as a result of LED backlighting technology. This reduces power consumption, allows a new slim and lightweight chassis, and creates more desktop space. Its integrated touch-sensitive controls enable simple display adjustments through the on screen display. Its smart sensing technology includes ambient light and human sensors to automatically detect work conditions and determine the proper display brightness. The advanced ControlSync allows users to control up to six next-generation MultiSync EA Series displays and adjusts up to 26 settings of each monitor simultaneously via the master monitor.

PESA Cattrax Web

PESA’s Cattrax Web browser-based router control software uses most common web browsers as the client interface to monitor and control routers in locations around the world. Appropriate for monitoring, post-production, or any networked remote location, Cattrax Web is compatible with the full line of PESA routers and can control matrix sizes from 16x16 to 1024x1024. It operates over ethernet via TCP/IP and communicates directly with the PESA PERC2000 router control system. Cattrax Web pulls its configuration from the PERC2000 control card inside the routing matrix or an external 1 RU chassis assembly. It resides on a customer provided network server and supports Microsoft II S or Apache HTTP server. The software offers salvos, hot takes, and individual lock/unlock of sources or destinations. Plus, single or multiple destination blocks can be switched simultaneously.

DataColor Spyder4

DataColor’s Spyder4 colorimeter is a fourth-generation consumer sensor that features a patented, full-spectrum seven-color sensor using edge detection to provide sensitive and accurate color response. Improvements over the last-generation Spyder3 include double-shielded filters, which DataColor states greatly improve long-term stability and improve meter accuracy, on average, by 26 percent compared to the Spyder3. SpectraCal further improves the accuracy and performance of every Spyder4 by individually hand calibrating each. The Spyder4 Enhanced can be used for calibrating LCD, LED, plasma and projector displays.

Delta WX Series

Delta Products’ WX series video wall displays are a complete lineup of high-resolution front projection video walls that provide high-resolution images, easy assembly, and minimal maintenance. Available in a variety of preconfigured large format sizes, the WX series provides a solution for multiple visualization applications. At the heart of the WX series is the latest in ultra short throw front projection and edge blending technologies. Marrying these two technologies, the WX series eliminates cable clutter and shadow interference. A complete solution, the WX series video walls can be assembled in under an hour, with free-standing options available in two projector high configurations and wall-supported options for one projector high configurations.

QSC CCN32 CobraNet

QSC Audio’s CCN32 CobraNet audio I/O card enables system bridging between Q-Sys and a CobraNet legacy platform. The card can provide 32 I/O channels when installed in a Q-Sys core and 16 I/O channels when installed in an I/O frame. Designed specifically for those customers who have an existing CobraNet system installed, the CCN32 provides a cost-effective and seamless means for a phased approach to bridge between the legacy system and the advanced technology Q-Sys platform. Q-Sys, the complete integrated system platform that encompasses everything from the audio input to loudspeakers, provides all the audio routing, processing, control, and monitoring necessary for any facility while maintaining the audio quality and reliability.

Platinum Tools BR1

Platinum Tools’ BR1 multistripper (part # 15041C) is now shipping. Features of the BR1 include: pre-set coax cassette blades; adjustable stripper for twisted pair and audio cables; and cutters for both cable and wire conductors. The kit includes braid comb and Velcro, for folding the braid back over the cable jacket.

Covid SLIM

Covid’s SLIM line of HDMI cables offer a compact and flexible option opposed to the standard HDMI cable, which can be difficult to use in a tight bend radius. These HDMI cables offer support for 1080p/60Hz. In addition to the SLI M-HDMI cables, Covid also carries a variety of other HDMI cable solutions including plenum HDMI cables, fiber optic HDMI cables and several non-plenum HDMI cable options.

Christie Jumpstart

Christie’s JumpStart content management solution puts high resolution content onto a multi-display or tiled digital canvas. JumpStart targets architectural markets including museums, universities, stadiums, corporate offices, and retail stores needing high resolution, reliable content playback across large video walls. Rental stagers will also benefit from JumpStart’s speed and ease of setup, and support for unique display configurations. Combining user-friendly JumpStart software with reliable HP hardware, Christie JumpStart enables users to position and play back a wide range of content including video, graphics, applications, Bluray and DVD movies, remote video sources, color swatches and text. When used with Christie MicroTiles, Christie JumpStart communicates directly with the master external control unit (ECU), automatically picking the best resolution for the MicroTiles canvas, regardless of shape or cabling layout, and showing the location of every tile so that snapping content into position is simple.

Sony DWA-F01D

Sony’s DWA-F01D adapter is designed for standalone or mixer bag use of the DWR-S01D digital wireless slot-in receiver. The adapter supports battery powering of the receiver using Sony InfoLI THIU M L series batteries (optional), and offers multi-purpose wireless receiver applications: stand-alone portable receiver use and V-mounting the portable receiver onto a camera or direct slot-in use with Sony XDCAM cameras that support a digital wireless slot. The DWA-F01D adapter can also be used with a new companion LCS-F01D softcase. The DWAF01D supports AES-3 digital audio output, balanced mic level analog output, and unbalanced mic level analog output. The adapter includes a digital audio word clock input for synchronizing the DWR-S01D digital receiver with other digital audio equipment.

Hitachi CP-A301N, CP-AW251N, CP-A221N

Hitachi’s CP-A301N, CP-AW251N and CP-A221N can project an 80-inch image at just nine inches from the front of the projector. The CP-A301N, CP-AW251N and CP-A221N all combine compact size and light-weight (8.6 lbs) with total ease of use. Their ultra-shortthrow lens design enables them to be mounted close to a projection screen or whiteboard, which prevents obstructed images and shadows and avoids light shining in the presenters’ eyes. Adding to their value, the new projectors offer extended 5,000-hour lamp life (in Eco mode). All three models can also be used with an optional tabletop stand that enables images to be projected directly onto a tabletop. The projectors’ Perfect Fit 2 image adjustment system corrects for any geometric image distortion and precisely fits the images to the screen or tabletop. All three projectors feature network connectivity. All include an RJ-45 Ethernet jack for connection to a local area network (LAN). Hitachi’s PJMessenger function allows text messages and audio alerts to be sent on all networked projectors, an effective way to send announcements throughout an entire campus or facility.


RDL’s RU -ADA4D 2x4 or 1x8 audio distribution amplifier is produced in an all-metal, 1/3 rack width MAX RACK-UP enclosure, and wiring connections are now made on detachable terminal blocks rather than screw terminals. Other improvements include redesigned front and rear panel graphics, separate input and output level trimmers, dual-LED VU metering, switch-selectable stereo/ mono mode, and exceptional low-noise and common-mode rejection performance. The RU -ADA4D maintains headroom, very low distortion, exceptional crosstalk isolation and wide flat frequency response. The RU -ADA4D features two line level inputs that accept either a balanced or unbalanced audio source. Each input is equipped with a front panel input gain trimmer and a corresponding dual-LED VU meter.

Gepco RunONE

Gepco International’s RunONE Powered Speaker Cables combine audio and power, along with optional data, under one durable, flexible jacket. RunONE allows the user to run a single cable in place of multiple cables, providing a portable and neat solution that saves time and hassle. Each RunONE cable combines one channel of power with two, eight, or 12 channels of 110 Ohm balanced audio for line level, mic level, or digital AES audio signals and can be used with selfpowered speakers or in DMX lighting control. The software will measure handling noise, interference, and frequency performance for differences you can not only hear but see. Additional configurations of RunONE include two channels of Cat-5e cable that can be used for data drops in remote power and audio applications.

Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS

Utah Scientific’s UTAH-100/UDS universal distribution system combines the flexibility of a multirate digital routing switcher with the economy of simple distribution amplifiers. This modular system is based on I/O modules with 16 ports, interconnected by a crosspoint fabric that allows any input signal to feed any number of output ports. The economical design of the modules makes it possible for a 4-RU frame to feed up to 144 output ports at a fraction of the cost and power consumption of alternative distribution-amplifier packages, with the added benefit of being able to reassign input signals to each output as operational requirements dictate.

Lectrosonics WM Transmitter

Combining ‘cabled-microphone’ audio performance with a rugged housing designed to withstand the harshest environments, the Lectrosonics WM Watertight Transmitter employs a specially designed aluminum alloy case with sealed battery doors, antenna port, and microphone connector. This fully watertight transmitter with a feature set similar to Lectrosonics’ SMQV beltpack unit runs on two AA batteries and can take remote commands from the company’s RM remote control unit.


The one rack unit ER-SS1U rack mounted sliding shelf from Video Mount Products retracts flush when not in use to tuck away components quickly and easily. The rugged rack mounted sliding shelf locks into place when fully closed to prevent drifting. Other specs include a 13.8-inch maximum extension, one space rack height, 35-lbs loud capacity with a useable shelf area of 16.3 x 13.8 inches.

Tatung TLM-170E/190E

The TLM-170E and TLM-190E 17-inch and 19-inch Triview Prestige series LED monitors offer 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios. Both monitors have two BNC in/out, one VG A in, one HDMI in, and two audio in connections. Other features include 600TVL , 3D comb filter, 3D video interlace, digital noise reduction, color transient improvement, picture in picture, and VESA mounting. They are FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant.

BrightSign HD1020

The HD1020 networked interactive digital signage player offers a range of interactive options to engage customers using GPIO, USB, serial, and UDP connections, as well as networked content for display. The player is integrated with a nextgeneration microprocessor that allows BrightSign to deliver improved media playback performance as well as save on manufacturing costs. Using power-efficient technology, the new player features full HD quality, solid-state (PC-less) reliability, and free BrightAuthor signage management software.

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