Ampetronic Aids London Tourism -

Ampetronic Aids London Tourism

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The implementation of Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act is providing busy times for Ampetronic, whose induction loop systems are proving extremely popular in a wide variety of venues and attractions.

Ampetronic induction loops have recently been installed at the heart of two major London tourist attractions, ensuring that the hearing impaired can enjoy the experience just as much as those with no disability.

Driven by twin Ampetronic ILD9 induction loop amplifiers via an SP5 phaser, Scanaudio has installed adjacent ultra-low spill loop systems at the British Museum's Virtual Mummy exhibition. This innovative showcase is made possible by CAT scanning technology, allowing the museum to see "inside" an Egyptian mummy which has resided intact at the museum since the late 19th Century. The exhibition is based on the resulting three-dimensional model and explores who the body inside the mummy might have been, how he lived and so on. Visitors are treated to a 20-minute IMAG show, featuring full surround sound and 3D visuals.

"Because of the show's format, our main consideration was the seating arrangement and how to make the loop system work most effectively with it," said Scanaudio's Dee Couchman. "There is also the pre-show area which has the second loop system running a different program, so we had to ensure there was no crossover. Ampetronic systems are designed so that the field strength falls off rapidly outside the actual area to be covered, so that was achieved fairly easily."



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