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EMEA's Launch of Scala InfoChannel 5

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The next generation of Scala InfoChannel, the digital signage software platform, has just been launched to the European marketplace during the annual Scala EMEA Partner Conference in Amsterdam. Between September 27th and 28th, over 160 attendees from 29 countries were represented at the Scala EMEA Partner Conference, confirming the rapid growth of worldwide Digital Signage projects.
Oscar Elizaga, Scala VP EMEA and Truls Baklid, Scala VP Nordic hosted the conference. The first day of the event was highlighted by presentations from Scala partners and customers sharing their success stories.
Scala Partners who presented stories of innovative digital signage installations throughout the hemisphere included:Kre Mosgren, Agder University, Norway; Andr Robles Lucas and Pablo Valencia, Dot One New Media, Spain; Gabriel Faflei, Monopoly Media, Romania; Wolfgang Vogt, Audi, Germany; Badarudheen Mohammed - Digifour Technologies, India; Andy Marshall, PushButton Creative Ltd, United Kingdom; Ahmed El Ridi, Specialized Software Services, United Arabic Emirates; David Treadway , Firebrand
Media, United Kingdom; Jrn Scholz, Virtual Garden, Norway.
To support the event a number of Scala technology partners exhibited their related technologies for the Digital Signage industry including: NEC Display Solutions, Lavitsky Computer Laboratories Inc., Matrox Graphics, Media Green, Excom AG, Artistic Images, Philips 3D Solutions, Panphonics OY, Hulskamp Audiovisueel and Opalio.
On September 27th Scala hosted a gala dinner during which three Scala Partners were recognized with the coveted annual Scala Partner Award for outstanding performance. The Award for Best Performing New Partner went to the Saudi Arabic company United Yousef Naghi. The Award for the Most Deployed Players went to Monopoly Media from Romania and the award for Most Deployed Projects went to Hulskamp AV from The Netherlands.
After the gala dinner Gerard Bucas, CEO of Scala, officially launched the next generation InfoChannel 5. With over 30,000 InfoChannel licenses driving hundreds of thousands of screens worldwide, the InfoChannel 5 launch theme was "The best just got better".
With InfoChannel 5, Scala introduces the new InfoChannel Content Manager that, together with significant authoring, network management and playback enhancements, ensures unequaled new functionality benefiting both commercial and corporate communications Digital Signage projects alike.
According to Scala, InfoChannel 5 features streamlined interface & workflow, rapid template-based content authoring, sophisticated content management including new channel planning & scheduling modules, new 3D-based rendering engine for improved visual quality and performance. The new unique capability of driving multiple independent content channels per each InfoChannel Player dramatically reduces total ownership and project implementation costs. For more information: www.scala.com; Monique Severins; monique.severins@scala.nl


Scala InfoChannel 5 release 3

Scala launched yesterday the new version of InfoChannel 5 release 3 at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, NV. New features in this release include: - InfoChannel now has a new high-performance video-playback engine that provides faster videos playback, including 60fps video, and HD video on suitable hardware - InfoChannel now supports playback of H.264 (MPEG-4) video files. H.264 offers high visual quality at a smaller file size than MPEG-2 or WMV files - You can create text in languages such as Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Hindi, Vietnamese, and other complex writing systems - The new Broadcast Server module for InfoChannel Content Manager allows you to distribute content and plans to players using a multicast or package delivery network Support for playing and controlling external audio sources from the "Line Input" of a sound card

Scala Announces InfoChannel 5 Release 3

Scala, a provider of end-to-end solutions for the digital signage market, has announced it will demonstrate the new version of Scala Release 3 in booth #N6931 at InfoComm 08 -- June 18 - 20, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. Release 3 represents Scala's ongoing commitment to excellence and to its customers. "It's going to be an exciting show this year," says Andrea Waldin, director of Marketing for Scala. "Our booth is designed to highlight the success the digital signage industry is experiencing throughout the world."