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Barco Launches Nio Color 2MP Diagnostic Display System

  • Barco, medical imaging specialist, has launched its new Nio Color 2MP LED diagnostic color display system onto the EMEA market at the ECR trade fair.
  • The Nio Color 2MP LED includes Barco’s patented Uniformity Luminance Technology for LED displays (ULT-LED), attuned to its high-bright LED backlight, and a Nio front-of-screen sensor. Both new features further enhance image quality and diagnostic accuracy and help reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • The new Nio Color 2MP is the latest addition to the Nio family of diagnostic, dual-head displays. Thanks to a combination of higher brightness and contrast and Barco’s ambient light preset control, the display system renders more DICOM ‘Just Noticeable Differences’ (JNDs). Combined with Barco’s image-enhancing ULT-LED, which is tuned to work seamlessly with Barco’s medical-grade LED backlights, the new Nio delivers the benefits of long-term, consistent brightness (center to edge) to reveal the smallest radiography details. The reduced need for image manipulations such as window/level help radiologists read studies more efficiently.
  • To further enhance image quality and diagnostic accuracy, the new Nio Color 2MP is equipped with a Nio front-of-screen sensor. Working seamlessly with Barco’s online MediCal QAWeb management service, the sensor provides intervention-free Quality Assurance and compliance checks on-demand. Barco has the most robust and comprehensive calibration and QA programs and is the highest adopted solution in the industry. The guaranteed image stability and brightness over the lifetime of the new Nio reduce intervention and, consequently, the workload of medical physicists and IT. To help hospitals safeguard their investment in the new Nio Color 2MP, Barco has equipped the display system with a protective cover, as standard.
  • Moreover, thanks to new technologies such as Barco’s medical-grade LED backlights, the new Nio range is an excellent investment for healthcare facilities, as it supports reader productivity, helps cut energy consumption by half and extends the display’s life span. Additionally, Barco’s LED backlights produce less heat, requiring less cooling and further reducing the overall operating costs for the hospital. The Nio comes, as standard, with a five-year warranty that includes the Nio front-of-screen sensor. All together, the low cost of ownership makes the new Nio an excellent choice for healthcare institutions facing severe budget constraints.
  • “Today’s radiologists are under ever-greater pressure to read more studies faster while still providing the most accurate diagnostics, within an environment of tight budgetary constraints. More than offering excellent image quality and image accuracy, the new Nio delivers the most efficient, clinical, dual-head performance,” said Luc Colle, vice president of sales, EMEAI. “The unique combination of performance and reliability makes it an excellent choice for multi-modality primary diagnosis, not only in radiology but also in cardiology, nuclear medicine, orthopedics and homeworking, for example.”
  • Barco’s Nio Color 2MP diagnostic display system will be launched during this week’s ECR trade fair in Vienna (Barco booth 201, lower level - Expo B), from 6 - 10 March. It will be commercially available in the EMEA region from this month onwards. Commercial availability in the United States is pending FDA clearance.

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