Pakedge Adds Second Firmware Update

Pakedge Adds Second Firmware Update
  • Following a firmware update to counter risks from the Shellshock bug, Pakedge has released a new firmware upgrade for its C36 Wireless Access Point (WAP) Controller, Version 2.10. The firmware upgrade contains new features that enable faster configuration times, menu optimization, bug fixes, and more.

C36 Wireless Access Point Controller
Among the key features is a major reorganization of the menu to make the user interface easier to navigate. The actual configuration process has been sped up: the time it takes to push configurations to individual access points takes only a third of the time it used to. This benefits the installer via lowered labor costs, faster installations, and greater overall profits.

The new firmware update also simplifies the configuration by removing the need for a WAP reboot in the event of a series of tasks, such as when blocking MAC addresses, limiting the number of client devices on a network, scheduling on/off times for each access point.

The heat map (also known as the “WAP Map”) on the C36 has also undergone major changes. Now integrators can not only preview the coverage of their access points, but can also preview any adjustments of their power settings. Once the integrator is satisfied with the adjusted coverage on the WAP map, they can click a button to allow actual power changes to take effect.

All C36s shipping from Pakedge now feature the latest firmware. Dealers who already have a C36 WAP Controller can download the latest firmware (Version 2.10) from the official Pakedge website by logging into the Dealer Portal. There is no charge for this firmware update, in keeping with Pakedge’s policy of free lifetime firmware updates.

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