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Digital Signage Expo Claims Success & Focuses on End-Users

  • The Digital Signage Expo 2011 Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas has set four new records today:
  • · Most Exhibitors Ever—195 exhibiting companies (in its eight year history)
  • · Largest Net Square Footage in DSE’s History—60,260 sq ft of exhibit space
  • · Highest Conference Registration – An increase of 25% in conference registration
  • · Largest Educational Conference in History – 166 educational opportunities including the Live Installation Tour, 55 Conference seminars, 66 Lunch & Learn Roundtable sessions, 30 on-floor workshops and 14 Content Theater Presentations.

Of note in the end-user training portion of the show is the “SPEED” Digital Signage Training Program, which provides comprehensive and accelerated training for potential and new end-users, suppliers, advertisers and investors, helping them to better plan, launch, deploy and apply digital signage and digital out-of-home media.

Special educational segments are appealing to DS specific end-users, as well. For example, healthcare tech managers appreciate the special focus in the seminar: Digital Signage in Healthcare: Best Practices from Waiting Rooms to Donor Walls

Digital Signage Expo 2012, co-located with the Interactive Technology Expo, Out-of-Home Network Show, and Digital Content Show, is scheduled for March 6-9, 2012, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. Visit for more info.