Chief Launches Power Infused Mounts, Accessories -

Chief Launches Power Infused Mounts, Accessories

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Chief Manufacturing, a manufacturer of flat panel TV and projector mounts, now offers power-infused mounts and accessories. These new products offer power, power conditioning, and surge protection to Chief’s popular in-wall box. Improve the audio and video performance of projectors

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and flat panel TVs by cleaning and purifying the AC while also providing surge and spike protection.

The PAC521P In-Wall Box for flat panel TV wall mount applications replaces the need for an outlet, while providing AC cleaning for the best equipment performance. Chief offers the power conditioner as a separate SKU, the PX2W Power Outlet Conditioner. The PX2W can be ordered separately to be used with other mounting products accessories.

Ceiling Kits with power conditioning are available for commercial installations, the CMS440P Suspended Ceiling Kit and the CMS445P Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement Kit.

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