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Oblong Mezzanine 3

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The What: Mezzanine 3 is an "Infopresence" collaboration and videoconferencing system. Version 3 adds new BYOD features for iOS and Android platforms, as well as the ability to conference with non-Mezzanine systems.

The What Else: With Mezzanine, team members can bring their own devices, content, and work into a meeting session and connect wirelessly, via the Mezzanine app, via web interface, or by hard wire cable. With previous versions, the system's sidewall displays served as static “cork boards” to which users could pin images and documents; Mezzanine 3 adds added flexibility to these displays, including the ability to pin videos—including current videoconference sessions—to these screens, as well as other content that users don’t want to share with other connected parties. The updates also add 4K compatibility, providing the option to replace the system’s standard triptych arrangement with a single UHD display, and the ability to utilize a six-screen video wall for the main screens.

The Bottom Line:
Mezzanine delivers Infopresence, which goes beyond telepresence to bring the content and data from multiple meeting participants into a multi-surface, large format, shared digital workspace. The workspace is accessible to those inside a Mezzanine conference room, connected from another Mezzanine room, or working remotely from a variety of devices including laptops, tablets, and smart phones.


Oblong Mezzanine 3 to Debut at InfoComm

Oblong Industries will unveil its new collaboration platform Mezzanine 3 exclusively at InfoComm 2015. To book your demo, please register at the Experience Mezzanine page or visit Booth 1789 at InfoComm 2015.

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