Call for Papers Projection Summit 2012

Insight Media, creators and organizers of the Projection Summit, are now accepting proposals for the upcoming Projection Summit to take place June 11-12, 2012 (in conjunction with Infocomm 2012).

At the upcoming Projection Summit, the organizers “plan to create sessions that get to the heart of the technology, business and market opportunities and challenges facing the projection industry. In this effort, we plan create and include sessions to address the following key issues:

Competing with Large Flat Panels
One key issue the projection industry has been dealing with is the growth in size and the reduction in cost of flat panel displays. Now, 70- and even 80-inch large flat panels are available at very reasonable prices. These will become increasingly attractive for many applications where projection has typically ruled. So how can projector makers deal with this threat? What technologies should they develop or promote to create a value proposition for projection? What business strategies should projector makers employ?

Interaction with Projectors
How users work with projectors is changing. We are seeing methods to use a tablet or smartphone to control a projector. We are seeing ways to use gestures, pen/stylus and maybe even voice to interact with the projector. Is this the wave of the future? How will these technologies and capabilities evolve? What hardware and software developments are needed to create compelling solutions? What solutions are out there today?

Projection Summit seeks abstracts from those with a strong interest and opinion on this matter. Please submit abstracts and ideas by February 15 to:

Insight Media, Dian Mecca, (203) 831-8464;

Projection Summit, in its eleventh year, covers projection and other emerging technologies and applications for the ProAV and Consumer Electronics industries. It has become a premier event for technology, business and marketing leaders to gather and discuss the leading trends in the projection industry. It is a vital source of information for companies making key strategic decisions regarding technology investment, product development, go-to-market options and competitive positioning for professional as well as consumer markets.

Preliminary topics to be covered include:
Trends in ProAV markets and business practices
LEDs, Lamps and Laser Devices
Advancements in projection component technology
LED, laser and hybrid projection systems
Embedded projector products
3D projection
Using handheld devices to interact with projection systems
Wireless connectivity
Trends in gesture, pen and other projector user interfaces
Blending, warping and geometry calibration
Novel screen technology
Electronics for projection systems
Metrology of projectors
Green AV projector trends
Novel projection devices and solutions
4K and beyond projector trends
Market trends and analysis
The Summit provides a unique opportunity to learn about the technology and market forces that are shaping the ProAV and consumer markets. The executive-level conference allows attendees to hear from and engage with the industry’s business, marketing, and technology leaders from all levels of the big screen display value chain. The stimulating Monday/Tuesday sessions and discussion will focus on key industry trends and issues – matters that will affect business decisions at all levels of the industry.

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