Neutrik Adds 10-Pin XLR Connector to Line

Neutrik USA plans to ship its new 10-pin XLR line, the company's latest multi-pin product line for transmitting both data and power, by the end of 2015.

Featuring the same form factor as its other XLR connectors, Neutrik’s 10-pin XLR is designed for transmitting four twisted pairs of data at Cat 5e performance plus up to 16 amps of power at 50 volts using two dedicated power pins.

  • The cable connectors for the new 10-pin XLR line are based on Neutrik’s latest-generation XX series. The chassis connectors are derived from Neutrik’s DLX family, offering industry-standard D-size housings, RF protection, and shielding as a result of the DLX connectors’ duplex ground contact design.
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