New Products : December 2009

New Products : December 2009

Hosa Da-Cappo DA15 Cardioid Earset Microphone

Hosa Technology, distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones, is introducing the Da-Cappo DA15 cardioid earset microphone with earbud monitor. By combining a discreet earset microphone with an in-ear monitor, the new Da-Cappo DA15 provides comfort and freedom of movement for onstage performers and production staff alike. The capsule found in the new DA15 incorporates a sensitivity rating of -51 dB and a maximum SPL rating of 130 dB — making it well-suited for vocal performers who routinely find themselves in loud performance surroundings.

JBL Professional MSC1 Monitor System Controller

JBL Professional’s MSC1 monitor system controller integrates monitor system control and tune-ability. The MSC1 monitor system controller includes features found in large mixing consoles to control essential monitoring functions from the mix position. Since the acoustic issues in the room can compromise the quality of the mix, the MSC1 includes JBL’s RMC room mode correction technology that tunes the monitor system to overcome low frequency problems in any room. The MSC1 works with any speaker system, and is the perfect add-on to JBL’s new LSR2300 Series studio monitors.

Crown Macro-Tech i series Amplifiers

Crown’s latest update to its Macro-Tech i series of amplifiers features increased power and new dual-port capability. Comprised of three models, the MA- 5000i, MA-9000i, and MA-12000i, the Macro-Tech i series features patented Class-I circuitry, which delivers greater power while reducing the amplifier’s weight by more than half. The new Macro-Tech i series also features dualport capability. An additional network port now allows a user to daisy chain the network control down the rack of amplifiers instead of having to run a separate cable from a switch to each individual amplifier. All Macro-Tech i amplifiers are also equipped with comprehensive status, fault, and load monitoring via standard Harman HiQnet System Architect software.

Biamp Systems AudioFUSION

Biamp Systems’ AudiaFUSION is the newest member of the Audia family. AudiaFUSION brings together openarchitecture DSP, multichannel amplifier technology, and devicemonitoring and load-monitoring capabilities. The networked amplified processor is CobraNet-enabled to allow for a decentralized system configuration and to take processing to the end points. AudiaFUSION has built-in monitoring capabilities to indicate device or channel faults and support for channel-to-channel and device-to-device failover. When AudiaFUSION is installed in a system with AudiaFLEX, the processors allocate resources as needed — making the entire system more efficient and flexible. Additionally, when components are placed close to speakers, labor costs and the need to run long speaker wires or cables are reduced.

Stage Research RF Guru

Stage Research’s RF Guru is a coordination tool targeted to anyone dealing with wireless microphones. RF Guru is designed to find the best combination of wireless microphone frequencies to be used at a venue and alleviate intermod problems. It calculates based on existing microphones, area TV stations, userentered known bad frequencies, and even mic data from nearby neighboring venues. The new tool has two key features. It informs wireless mic users setting up their systems of the maximum possible optimum frequencies they can safely use without interference, and it tells those with an existing wireless mic setup of any problems that might lead to intermod. When users give RF Guru their location, it will even take into account local TV signals practically anywhere around the globe.

Sennheiser WiCOS

Sennheiser’s WiCOS is a wireless conference system that automatically switches frequencies to avoid interference. This is accomplished through the system’s automatic dynamic frequency management that uses two frequency ranges — 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz — for wireless transmission, enabling it to switch the range if interference is detected on the other wireless frequencies. WiCOS operates continuously for at least 20 hours and integrates up to 16 translation channels, making it an attractive solution for the conference market. The system can also be used without a PC, and its removable microphones ensure easy transportation and flexible installation. Secure 128-bit encryption can be programmed by the user, providing security against tapping.

Gefen HDMI v1.3 over Cat-5 ELR

Gefen’s HDMI v1.3 over Cat-5 ELR extender system sends high definition video with audio, Ethernet, and IR back channel up to 330 feet over just one Cat-5 cable. This is nearly double the distance previous systems could reach using two Cat-5 cables. The ability to extend Ethernet allows IP-based applications to be easily integrated into the system, and an IR blaster allows the remote source to be controlled by an IR remote pointed at the display. High-def resolutions up to 1080p/60 full HD supporting deep color, lip sync, and 8.1 digital audio with Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio are delivered from the local source to the extended display.

Yamaha NEXO PSR2

Yamaha has added the NEXO PS R2 to its NEXO PS Series of compact speakers. The PS R2 delivers enhanced performance with higher SPL and extended bandwidth, and redesigned cabinetry and grilles — all within the same compact footprint that make the PS8, PS10, and PS15 some of the best-selling small loudspeakers the commercial audio market. New mounting plates derived from the NEXO GEO Series enable a vast array of touring and fixed accessories to be used with the new models. Sub-bass options now available in the LS600 and the RS15 and new analog controllers and amplification options with the NXAMP will provide further versatility to the PS R2 Series.

Kramer VS-211HDxl 2x1 Automatic Standby Switcher

Kramer Electronics’ VS- 211HDxl 2x1 automatic standby switcher is designed for SDI, HDSDI, and 3G HD-SDI signals. When configured as a standby switcher, the unit switches automatically to the secondary input when the signal on the primary input is lost. The unit automatically switches back to the primary input when the primary signal is restored. The VS-211HDxl is ideal for broadcast, studio, and post-production applications. The VS-211HDxl has two inputs and two outputs and it is compatible with SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G HD-SDI signals with or without embedded audio.

Mackie Onyx-i FireWire Recording Mixer

Mackie’s Onyx-i FireWire recording mixers are now fully compatible with all major DAWs, including Avid’s Pro Tools M-Powered 8, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Ableton Live, Acid Pro, Digital Performer, and more. Featuring extensive FireWire integration, studio-quality mic pres, and British-style EQ, the Onyx-i Mixers combine the best aspects of premium analog mixing with a high-quality computer interface. Pro Tools M-Powered 8 users must purchase the Mackie Universal Driver upgrade at Once the driver is downloaded and installed, the Onyx 820i, 1220i, 1620i, and 1640i mixers can be used with Pro Tools M-Powered 8 software. Onyx-i Series mixers are compatible with all other DAWs right out of the box.

Tripp Lite Monitored PDUs

Tripp Lite has added seven new Monitored models to its extensive line of network-grade power distribution units. These new Monitored PDUs provide a network interface for remote monitoring and remote condition reporting of power and environmental conditions via SNMP, web, or telnet. A digital meter locally displays the connected equipment load in amps, which eliminates guesswork when installing new hardware. Two horizontal and five vertical models are available. Horizontal models are optimized for 1U rackmount installation; vertical models are optimized for 0U rackmount installation.

Soundcraft Notepad Mixers

Soundcraft is releasing a new range of small multipurpose mixers, some with integral digital FX, bearing the name of the now-legendary Notepad series. The new Notepad 102, 124, and 124 FX models boast Soundcraft audio performance with the acclaimed GB30 mic preamp and EQ technology in a highly compact and solid chassis. Each 124 model has four mono mic/line inputs while the Notepad 102 has two mono mic/line inputs. All models boast four stereo line inputs, and suit a very wide range of applications where simple yet high-quality mixing is required. The Notepad 124FX also has an integral digital effects processor that has a feed from every input and over 100 effects, including a pink noise and test setting.

Audix Fusion Microphones

Audix’s Fusion microphone series consists of four models; the f2, f5, and f6 dynamics, and the f9 condenser. Each of the microphones is available individually or collectively in three new mic packages: FP4, FP5, and FP7. Suited for both live and studio applications, models F2, F5, and F6 are designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA. Features include LM diaphragms for excellent transient response, high output neodymium magnets, extremely directional hypercardioid polar patterns for sound isolation, high SPL handling, precision cast zinc alloy bodies, and durable steel mesh grills.

TV One HDMI Wireless Extenders

TV One’s 1T-CT-690 Wireless Extender Series consists of the 1T-CT-691 transmitter and 1T-CT-692 receiver, which constitutes a system to transmit HDMI v1.2 signals plus embedded lossless audio. The system achieves a maximum distance of 65 feet in open field conditions or shorter distances through walls and other obstructions. RGB resolutions of VGA and SVGA at 60/72Hz and XGA at 60/70Hz are supported, as well as all standard HDTV resolutions up to 1080p with no compression. In addition, color space capabilities of RGB 24-Bit, 4:4:4 are provided. Two transmission modes, Unicast and Broadcast, are provided. In the Unicast mode, a 256-bit AEC based encryption algorithm is provided to ensure privacy and to comply with HDCP requirements. EDID and CEC capabilities are also available while in the Unicast mode.

Analog Way Hi-Res Mixer Switchers

Analog Way has released a new range of high-resolution mixer seamless switchers with six products featuring tri or dual scalers: opus, pulse, smartvu, and their light editions. The six new mixer seamless switchers are designed by Analog Way to offer a complete range of AV presentation mixers answering the requirements of any project at the best performance/price ratio on the market. All HDCP Compliant, these new products offer universal analog and digital input/output and full high-resolution digital processing. They output digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA simultaneously with a selection of many formats up to computer 2K.

Epson Powerlite Projectors

Epson’s PowerLite 1830 and 1915 with advanced connectivity and presentation features is designed for corporate and higher education markets. These models, along with the network-ready, widescreen Epson PowerLite 1925W, are currently shipping. Optimized for conference rooms and mid-sized classrooms, all three projectors offer content over IP with Epson’s leading-edge EasyMP network technology for remote access, monitor and control of projectors over the network, as well as easy management and maintenance. In addition, the PowerLite 1915 and 1925W offer additional versatility with HDMI connectivity, built-in wireless, PC-free presentation capabilities, and Screen Fit, an auto-sensing feature that intuitively sets up the appropriate screen size, keystone and focus.

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