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Nanolumens ISE Kickoff of NanoSlim Engage

Nanolumens ISE Kickoff of NanoSlim Engage
  • NanoLumens introduced its front installable, front serviceable 2.5MM visual display — the NanoSlim Engage — at the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition in Amsterdam.

A showing of the NanoSlim Engage displaying a picture of the Sydney Opera House.
“This remarkable advance in visualization technology was immediate received by the European systems integration community for what it is,” Nate Remmes, NanoLumens’ Vice President of Marketing and Business Development said. “NanoSlim Engage is a great step forward for designers, integrators, and end-users who are demanding an easy-to-install and easy-to-service 2.5MM pixel pitch solution that can be viewed with spectacular edge-to-edge clarify from very short distances. NanoSlim Engage is the first and only solution that makes this possible practical for a broad range of smaller installation environments like conference rooms, board rooms, and command and control centers.”

NanoSlim Engage comes supported by a six year, zero failure warranty.

In October 2014 the NanoLumens opened its EMEA region office and showroom in the UK and named industry veteran David DaCosta to serve as its Managing Director in the region. In January 2015 the company announced that it had secured $13.3-million in new financing from an offering of debt and securities.

NanoLumens’ current clients include a broad range of marketers covering the fields of broadcast, casinos, control rooms, convention centers, DOOH, higher education, hospitality, retail, stadiums, and transportation including Estee Lauder, Delta Airlines, Holt-Renfrew, TD Garden, CBS Outdoor, Charles Schwab, Invesco, Louisiana State University and the Minneapolis Convention Center, among others.

“Supported by a base of strong and loyal customers who are making deep investments in our vision, we expect the company to double in size again in 2015,” Remmes emphasized today. “Four years after introducing our first commercial product in 2011, we are poised to create scalable visualization solutions that result in immersive consumer experiences that businesses need and consumers crave in our increasingly mobile, interconnected world.”