New Products: Spring 2011

New Products: Spring 2011

Extron TouchLink Touchpanels

Extron’s TLP 1000MV and TLP 1000TV TouchLink Touchpanels are fully configurable 10-inch touchpanels. The larger 1024x600 resolution touchscreen surface provides ample room for sophisticated controls and graphics. The touchpanels incorporate an MTP Twisted Pair receiver, which accepts either S-video or composite video input over standard Cat-5 type cable, enhancing connectivity and streamlining cable management. PoE allows the touchpanels to receive power via the ethernet connector, eliminating the need for a local power supply. The TLP 1000MV mounts on a wall, lectern, or other flat surface, while the TLP 1000TV sits on a tabletop or on a VESA standard mount with an optional adapter.

Boxlight SoundLite

The SoundLite was developed by Boxlight to fill rooms with sound where projection is used and presenters require a complete AV solution. Providing sound for small- to medium-sized rooms, the SoundLite features two 2.75- inch high performance speakers and a 10 watt amp. The unit measures 10 inches wide and is compatible with any projector featuring variable audio. The speaker clamps onto existing projector mount extensions with various bracket sizes. A Y cable shares power between the projector and SoundLite, so multiple outlets are unnecessary.

Audio-Technica SpectraPulse mtu301

Audio-Technica’s SpectraPulse mtu301 Body-Pack Transmitter allows presenters the flexibility to clearly transmit audio as they move throughout the entire SpectraPulse coverage area. By simply plugging in a lavalier or headworn microphone to the mtu301, users can now be free to leave a podium, for instance, further expanding the performance for Audio-Technica’s SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system. A new application of UWB technology, SpectraPulse offers secure wireless operation for the installed sound market, free from RF competition, frequency coordination and white space issues.

Vaddio Squiggle

Vaddio’s Squiggle Video Whiteboard Kit is designed for videoconferencing, educational, and corporate training facilities. Capable of being installed alongside almost any existing whiteboard, the Squiggle converts whiteboard notes into an HD or SD video signal. Because no dedicated PC is required, the video signal can then be connected to any videoconferencing, TelePresence, distance education, or video media distribution system. In addition to HD/SD outputs, data can be captured and stored as a JPE G image onto any USB flash drive.

Shure PSM1000 Personal Monitor System

Shure Incorporated’s PSM 1000 Dual Channel Personal Monitor System is a full-rack professional monitoring system that is designed to integrate with Shure Wireless Workbench (WWB) software. The Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System represents a new benchmark for in-ear monitoring. With RF performance, networking connectivity with full WWB integration, and a true diversity-equipped low profile bodypack receiver, PSM 1000 delivers on the demanding requirements of sound professionals worldwide.

Christie LWU505 Digital Projector

Christie’s LWU505 (WUX GA 1920x1200 native resolution) digital projector targets educational facilities, corporations, government agencies and houses of worship applications requiring a high brightness and cost-effective widescreen LCD projector at 5000 ANSI lumens. The Christie LWU505 presents full HD in a 16:10 aspect ratio, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 10-bit image processing for grayscale rendering and artifact-free images. The motorized lens shift and zoom lens give customers the ability to fine-tune images for optimal viewing, while its mechanical lens shutter instantly blocks all light instead of simply blacking the projected image, ensuring crisp, bright images in any indoor environment.

Da-Lite Fast-Fold Deluxe Portable Screens

Da-Lite Screen Company’s Fast- Fold Deluxe portable screen line now includes 16:10 format sizes. With DaLite’s folding frame and legs, selection of front and rear projection screen surfaces and rugged poly case with wheels, Fast-Fold Deluxe is the worldwide standard for portable, folding projection screens. Whether you are a seasoned staging professional or a novice user, Da-Lite’s Fast-Fold Deluxe is the perfect solution for portable screen applications. In response to the increased popularity of Wide Format PCs and laptops that are now on the market, 16:10 format is rapidly becoming the standard for the computer industry.

BrightSign TD1012 Tabletop Display

BrightSign’s TD1012 solid-state tabletop display is a freestanding, all-inclusive digital signage solution that doesn’t require a PC or external power or wiring. Ready to use right out of the box, the BrightSign TD1012 features a durable steel enclosure with a built-in 12.1-inch screen and solid-state media player. The tabletop battery operated display can be placed where signage is most needed, and its wireless networking keeps content fresh and relevant. Users add their content for an instant digital sign that fits on a table, counter, or desktop.

Electro-Voice RE320 Microphone

Electro-Voice’s RE320 is the latest addition to the RE Performance Group of wired microphones. The RE320s key features include Electro-Voice’s Variable-D proximity control technology for tight, bold, expressive, and consistent tonal performance; their patented humbucking coil for noiseless operation; and a highoutput neodymium magnet structure capsule that delivers fast and accurate transient response and pronounced high-frequency detail. Rounding out the feature set is the new dual personality switch: one setting of the switch engages a response curve that is ideal for voice and most instrument mic-ing, while the other switch position activates a response curve designed specifically for kick drums with dips and peaks where kick drums need some attention.

Nigel B. Design 6000 Series Amplifier

The 6000 Series are single/ multi zone 50 & 90 watt amplifiers perfect for schools, or any other environment where emergency announcements or individual paging can easily be made, but there are many other applications where these would be useful additions. Emergency announcements, paging, zone to zone or global 2 way connection, streaming audio over the network are just some of its capabilities. It can be used individually, or used in multiple zone applications. Measuring 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.75 inches and weighing less than one pound, these amplifiers comprise a powerful Gateway Controller allowing the user to configure the units for any installation.

Roemtech PMA-350H Amplifier

The PMA-350H is the newest addition to Roemtech’s PlenumAmp line. This classroom audio system is a three-input, 18 volt, 50 watt plenum rated mixer/amplifier. This amplifier also features a green sleep mode, PA override, and external volume control. Like the PMA- 245H, the PMA-350H utilizes Roemtech’s HummBuster technology, which is switchable and flexible in resolving ground loop issues that may arise. Also included is the new RapidLock connecter for quick, easy installation.

Black Box ServSwitch

The new ServSwitch DT dual-head DVI USB, 8-port from Black Box enables you to control up to eight dual-display multimedia computers from a single workstation that has two DVI screens. Ideal for busy administrators in engineering, finance, graphics, and healthcare, this KVM switch offers hotkey, push-button, and on-screen display (OSD) switching control.

Crestron HD-EXT Extenders

Crestron’s HD-EX T extends HDMI signals long distance over a single low-cost, shielded twisted pair (STP) wire. Uncompressed highdefinition AV signals are transmitted up to 330 feet without losing signal quality using DM 8G wire. As a standalone system or part of a complete Crestron control system, HD-EX T makes HDMI long distance transmission and distribution simple, reliable, and affordable throughout the classroom, boardroom, or commercial building. Two HD-EX T models—HD-EX T1-C and HD-EX T2-C—serve a variety of applications. The HD-EX T1-C includes a compact HD transmitter and receiver that carry high-definition digital video and audio, plus two-way RS-232 and IR control signals, simultaneously over a single DM 8G STP cable. For applications requiring the extension of analog audio signals along with HDMI signals, the HD-EX T2-C substitutes the RS-232 and IR control with stereo analog audio support.

JBL EON210P Portable PA System

JBL Professional’s EON 210P Portable PA system is a complete powered system that is compact and lightweight. The JBL EON 210P includes two 10-inch, 2-way speakers, an eight-channel powered stereo mixer with four digital effects, two 15-foot speaker cables and a convenient storage compartment for microphones and accessories. The mixer and storage compartment attach to the rear of the speakers, allowing for ease of movement when transporting the system.

AMX XPert Digital Signage Solution

AMX’s Inspired XP ert digital signage platform now features improved support for large signage deployments. Included in this release is a compact IS-XP T-2000 player that fits adjacent displays in digital signage deployments and simplifies installation for dealers. This player replaces the existing rack mounted player. This new player is paired with an enhanced version of Inspired XP ert Composer content management software. Composer incorporates a range of advanced content management and workflow features that help manage large deployments with numerous contributors.

NEC Display Solutions P Series Projectors

NE C Display Solutions’ P Series of projectors consists of three models designed for entry-grade integration environments. With brightness levels of 3,500 lumens (P350X/P350W) and 4,200 lumens (P420X), these new projectors provide dynamic images under normal ambient lighting conditions. Built-in software features include wall color correction, automatic keystone correction, carbon savings meter, Virtual Remote, and closed captioning for ease of installation.

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