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New Products: October 2010

New Products: October 2010

Tektronix Advanced Waveform Monitors

Tektronix advanced waveform monitors provide high quality, real-time, automated 3Gb/s SDI Eye pattern display and jitter measurements that help broadcasters and network operators effectively diagnose signal problems and help equipment designers and manufacturers reduce time to market of new 3Gb/s SDI products. The WFM8300 also provides multi-rate HD/SD-SDI and 3Gb/s SDI color bar and pathological signal generation capabilities that provide engineers with a simple signal source for quick signal path verification during system and equipment setup and troubleshooting. The models also feature extensive color grading capabilities with vector and spearhead gamut displays

Kramer 841 Portable Computer Graphics Video Test Pattern Generator

The 841is a high-performance portable computer graphics video test pattern generator. It displays 31 preset patterns at 14 popular output resolutions including several unique patterns incorporating motion. The output of the unit is on a 15-pin HD connector. On-board memory saves the last setting of the 841. The 841 has a rechargeable battery built-in to allow for field operation. The battery recharges when the unit is connected to a power supply. The 841 is housed in a compact Kramer TOOLS enclosure and three units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter.

SpectraCal AVFoundry VideoForge HDMI Digital Video Generator

The AVFoundry VideoForge HDMI Digital Video Generator is a test pattern generator designed for field application convenience, but provides many features that have previously been available only in design and engineering bench-type generators. The VideoForge provides the HDMI video signals you need for testing, calibrating and servicing video displays, including 3D displays. The VideoForge delivers HDMI video and RGB monitor signals with 2D and 3D test patterns to give you confidence in your display testing and calibration.

Extron EDID Manager

Proper EDID management within AV systems is a critical element in ensuring reliable and consistent operation. EDID is extensively used to communicate display capabilities to source equipment for highresolution digital and analog video signals. Often times, displays have varying levels of EDID implementation and, in some cases, they may lack this information altogether. Extron’s EDID Manager can be used to help troubleshoot possible compatibility issues.

Altinex DVI Sniffer

The Altinex DVI Sniffer is a pocket-sized device that enables installers to measure the quality of a DVI signal at each connection point in the run. With simple operation and a display, the DVI Sniffer’s six-level LED bar displays the strength of the DVI signal. Level one indicates the DVI signal is very weak and cannot be recovered; level six indicates a full strength DVI signal. Connect the cable or device into the DVI Sniffer and it reports good, marginal, or poor signal quality—accurately displaying if the signal is sufficient to run the projector or plasma display.

Harris CVM-306

The newest member of the Videotek compact monitor series, the Harris Corporation’s CVM-306 multi-format signal analyzer features integrated video and audio signal monitoring. With a space-saving design, the CVM-306 allows installations to benefit from high-end monitoring. Three versions of the CVM-306 are available: SD, HD/SD, and 3G/HD/SD. Both the SD and HD/SD versions are upgradeable to three Gb/s. All three units possess two SDI inputs, and selectable waveform, vector, gamut, timing and full-screen picture display. Users can meter all 16 channels of embedded audio or the one AES input, with integrated speakers that can monitor any two selected channels.

Sencore MP500 MediaPro

Sencore has added enhancements to its MP500 MediaPro handheld generator and HDMI analyzer. New features include cable test, which uses pseudorandom noise to test HDMI distribution paths for bit errors, determining whether a problem is caused by the source, cable, display, or repeater. A further enhancement is an expansion of the pattern generator to accommodate multichannel HDMI audio systems.

RTW TouchMonitor Series

RTW is displaying its TouchMonitor at AES. The TouchMonitor TM7, with a seven-inch touchscreen and the TouchMonitor TM9, with a nine-inch touch screen, will be on display. A highlight of this new audio metering series is a redesigned GUI equipped with a touch-sensitive 16:9 high-resolution screen. The unit also comes with an optional digital 3G SDI interface (TM9 only), a feature that television broadcasters, faced with managing new loudness control standards as a result of the continued transition to HD and surround sound, will find especially appealing.

Royer Labs R-101 Ribbon Microphone

Royer Labs’ new R-101 ribbon microphone is designed with high SPL capabilities and extremely low residual noise. The R-101 is ideal for both studio and live sound reinforcement applications. The microphone features multilayered wind screening for protection from air blasts and plosives, providing excellent protection for the microphone’s ribbon element. This screening system also reduces proximity effect, facilitating closer miking with less bass buildup.

Bag End Infra Processor Option

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems is now offering its Infra processor as a builtin option to all of its 22 self-powered subwoofer systems that incorporate the Minima-One amplifier. Previously available only as a custom unit, Bag End is introducing this system as a standard option. The built-in Infra processor option will be designated with an “I” preceding any self-powered subwoofer part number. A single Bag End subwoofer system is now lower in overall cost and easier to install, transport and connect. The cost of two systems is the same whether they are processed internally or externally.

Clear-Com HelixNet

Clear-Com is exhibiting its first installment of the new intercom system, HelixNet Party-line. HelixNet, a digital intercom platform based on Clear-Com’s I.V.Core Technology, products share a common design philosophy cabling simplicity, ease-of-use, networking flexibility, system intelligence and audio clarity. The HelixNet Party-line System comprises the HMS-4X (HelixNet Main Station) and HBP-2X (HelixNet Beltpacks).

Extron FOX 4G Matrix 320x

Extron Electronics’ FOX 4G Matrix 320x is a modular fiber optic matrix switcher provides end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable in large environments such as university and corporate campuses. It is expandable from 16x16 up to 320x320, and supports digital switching at rates up to 4.25 Gbps. With hot-swappable I/O boards, real-time system monitoring, and hot-swappable power supplies, the FOX 4G Matrix 320x delivers enterprisewide switching of fiber optic AV and control signals for large scale, mission-critical environments. The FOX 4G Matrix 320x is compatible with FOX Series fiber optic digital transmitters and receivers, switchers, distribution amplifiers, and matrix switchers.

Renkus-Heinz IC Live Series

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx family of digitally steered array loudspeaker systems continues to grow with the addition of two new models to the IC Live series, designed for live applications. Renkus- Heinz expands the range and versatility of IC Live with the introduction of Iconyx ICL-LM-R low-mid frequency module and IC212SR subwoofer. The ICL-LM-R is a lowmidrange module designed to augment a full-range IC Live array, adding low-mid frequency directivity to a single or dual ICL-R equipped system. The ICL-LM-R’s seven 6.5-inch low frequency neodymium transducers significantly improve low-mid frequency pattern control and performance below 800 Hz.

Tripp Lite 12U Rack Enclosures

Tripp Lite has added two new 12U models to its line of SmartRack wallmount rack enclosure cabinets: the SRW12US33 with extended depth and heavy-duty construction and the SRW12USG with a Plexiglas front door insert. The new 12U SmartRack wallmount rack enclosure cabinets are designed for housing IT equipment in network/wiring closets, back offices, branch offices, or other areas where floor space is limited. Both models may also be fitted with an optional rolling caster kit for conversion to floorstanding units that can easily be rolled out of the way under desks, tables, or counters.

Barco DML-1200

The DML-1200 with Axon advances the product line’s core capabilities by virtue of its Version 2.0 software, offering up to nine media layers, keystone and digital shutter features, enhanced Collage Generator and curved surface support, unlimited effects, and over 1,200 pieces of royalty-free stock content. When combined with the DML-1200’s fast 4:1 zoom, warping and edge blending for external inputs with virtually no frame delay, and light mode with CMY color mixing abilities, the DML-1200 with Axon provides users with a full complement of features.

Lencore Jordna Hub

Lencore Acoustics has introduced the Jordna Hub to its line of Spectra i.Net Networked Sound Masking technology products. The Jordna Hub enables very large facilities and multiple campus buildings to be tied together to a single central control panel in order to provide complete zoning and adjustment control for all facilities from one location. The hub acts as a hub that can provide connections for up to four additional campus buildings or facilities or can be connected to additional Jordna Hubs to provide added building connectivity. Access to the system controls takes place at the Spectra i.Net head end equipment where an open platform web device houses the Spectra i.Net Sound Manager program.

Zaxcom QRX100

Zaxcom’s QRX100 Broadcast ENG receiver can receive up to four channels of 100 percent digital audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo transmitters, enabling television production professionals to take full advantage of the four audio channels available in today’s latest generation of video cameras. The QRX100 receives four channels of 100 percent digital audio from up to two transmitters and outputs in both analog and AES digital formats. The lightweight packaging of the QRX100 attaches quickly to any broadcast camera. All transmissions from the QRX100 are digitally modulated, keeping signals free from the interference and noise.

Linear Acoustic UPMAX And UPMAX II

Linear Acoustic’s UPMAX and UPMAX II create a 5.1-channel signal from a stereo source. UPMAX II is a reference-quality 2RU upmixer with extensive user control over the sound field, and the 1RU UPMAX provides space-efficient upmixing. Both produce fully downmix-compatible left, right, center, stereo surround, and LFE channels from the two-channel main input.

Crestron CEN-SWPOE-24 24-Port Power Over Ethernet Switch

Crestron’s CEN-SWPOE- 24 is a 24-port managed 10/100 ethernet switch with PoE and dual Gigabit uplink ports. The CEN-SWPOE-24 is configured via a web browser interface, and Crestron Toolbox enables device auto-discovery. The CEN-SWPOE-24 is designed to make control system networking easy for a complete ethernet network of touchpanels, keypads, control processors, and other devices in a two-space rack mount package. An advance in control system networking, the 24 ports are rear-mounted for convenient use in a typical AV equipment rack.

Premier Mounts P-VCES100

Premier Mounts’ P Series videoconference and equipment shelf 100 system (P-VCES100) mounts the videoconferencing cameras above the flat-panel display and can daisy chain the AV equipment or computers below it. The P-VCES100 is the ideal accessory for flat panel mounts that adds a key utility to this mainstream application. This shelving system is designed to solve many installation problems where source equipment and/or a videoconferencing camera needs to be installed next to a flat panel. The P-VCES100 shelf combination includes the P-ES100 large shelf and the P-VCS camera shelf, which has a mounting slot for a videoconferencing camera.

Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extender LP

Simplify a digital signage setup with this USB-line powered, Cat-X based VGA extender kit from Black Box. The Wizard Multimedia Extender LP’s transmitter plugs into a USB port on a host PC or player and extends that power over a twisted-pair cable link, transmitting low-voltage power via a spare wiring pair to its receiver. With no transformers to plug in, users can reduce clutter locally at the source and remotely at the display.

Xantech IR Kits

Xantech’s Red/95, Green/85, and Blue/25 series IR Kits are available with four receiver styles to fit practically any control application. The DL/Dinky Link surface-mount is the design for unobtrusive mounting on any TV set frame or other component, and is now available with color-change sleeves for mounting on black, white or silver units. The HL/Hidden Link Designer-style receiver is a tabletop design for placement on entertainment equipment racks or components and is also available in black, white, or silver. The ML/Micro Link peephole or bullet design is intended for in-wall or in-ceiling installations, and in speakers with a suitable knockout feature, and ships with brass, white, and black bezels for easy concealment.

Arlington Gangable Plastic Boxes

Arlingtons snap together gangable plastic boxes eliminate the old, time-consuming way of making a multiple-gang steel box out of several individual boxes. Starting with two-gang box users can build the box they need in seconds. For three-gangs or more, separate the box parts, add the center sections needed to make a new, larger box, then snap the pieces back together. The boxes are UL Listed and pre-set for 1/2-inch wall finish thicknesses.

Liberty Installer’s Choice Enclosures

Liberty AV Solutions’ Installer’s Choice line of premium rack enclosures is built with ease-of-assembly in mind. Comprising the Snaprax, Performance, and Titan Series, the three product groups are fully customizable. Offering over 5,500 pounds of capacity, these welded models provide installers with the widest range of sizes, door styles, and accessories offered within all three series of racks. To better facilitate efforts to build the best rack systems possible, options available for Installer’s Choice enclosures include six door styles, drawers, cable management products, media storage solutions, vented side panels, shelves, faceplates, cooling fans, and more.

Minicom DS Vision Digital

Minicom Digital Signage’s DS Vision Digital is a solution that distributes realtime digital non-compressed full HD content to multiple terminals and enables remote management with technology. With full HD media resolution and scalable media extension, DS Vision Digital provides content fidelity by distributing real time non-compressed digital media from the server room to the display without compromising on optimized quality.

PPC Perfect Path RCA Locking Cable

PPC’s Perfect Path RCA Locking Cable is built to eliminate the problem of loose RCA cables. PPC’s locking RCA connector features a design that allows the outer body to turn. When turned clockwise, an active wedge inside the connector causes the outer ground shield to lock down on the port for increased retention. This allows for a secure connection on RCA ports of any size with only a quarter turn. Further, the locking RCA connector eliminates the need for soldering, making it removable by turning it counterclockwise, and also offers true 75-ohm performance through the port. The connector features a rugged construction from all-brass components and high-end plating.

Kramer Electronics TP-121/123/125EDID Series

Kramer Electronics’ TP- 121/123/125EDID twisted pair transmitters are HDTV compatible and support resolutions up to WUXGA and 1080p. The built-in EDID capture and emulation capability is designed to ensure signal resolution is output to any monitor connected without the need for an external EDID capture device. The transmitters convert the input signals to twisted pair signals, and transmit them over twisted pair cables to a compatible receiver. Each transmitter has a system range of more than 300 feet when used with Kramer BC-HDTP or BCP-HDTP twisted pair cable. The TP-121EDID and TP-123EDID transmitters also employ Kramer’s Power Connect feature.

Atlona AT-PCLink Wireless KVM Extender

Atlona Technologies’ AT-PCLink Wireless KVM Extender is an ideal solution for those looking to wirelessly use their computer in a separate part of a room and for netbook users who want a larger keyboard and screen for dayto- day tasks. In addition, users viewing images and video on a smaller laptop can now view the same exact image on a conveniently larger monitor, wirelessly. The PC Link offers many other solutions for PC users everywhere such as the ability to transmit to up to four receiver modules, extend desktop images from a laptop to a larger monitor, and mirror a desired display onto a second monitor.

Epson Toyocom XV-3700CB

Epson Toyocom’s XV-3700CB combines a high-sensitivity gyro-sensor with a wide detection range that has been optimized as an input device for motion user interfaces. Used for analyzing human motion or as an input device for a motion user interface that accurately senses, for example, the altitude of a radio-controlled helicopter, the gyro-sensor will help improve the performance of devices designed for even the most critical and intuitive motion sensing applications, such as controllers and 3D mice.

Gefen GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer

Gefen’s GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer eliminates a noticeable rise in volume levels during commercials, keeping the volume the same throughout TV programs and commercials. It will also level the volume on different CDs and audio mixes. Everything is heard at a consistent level, improving the listening experience. The GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer uses Dolby Volume technology that works with most audio, video, and multimedia systems.

Haivision Torpedo DVB-To-IP Gateways

Haivision’s Network Video Torpedo family of DVB-to-IP gateways are available as a stand-alone appliance supporting multiple channels, or as a blade within Haivision’s 3U rack mountable chassis, which can hold up to nine Torpedo blades. The Torpedo takes a digital RF DVB signal from a satellite or terrestrial antenna, extracts and filters the MPEG-2 transport stream packets, and retransmits them to multiple multicast or unicast UDP targets via an ethernet interface.

Mackie HDA Loudspeaker

Mackie’s HDA high-definition arrayable powered loudspeaker is a professional flexible compact line array. Configurable with up to four per side, each HDA module delivers 1200W of peak system power and houses an EAW-designed 12-inch LF driver and dual Beyma 1.7- inch HF compression drivers, mounted into a multi-cell horn. HDA incorporates Mackie’s high-definition digital processing, which corrects inherent sonic issues that arise with all horn-loaded drivers.

Audio-Technica SpectraPulse rcu104

Audio-Technica’s rcu104 Receiver Coordinator Unit allows a SpectraPulse system to operate with up to four drm141 Digital Receiver Modules, expanding the coverage area of the system while increasing the robustness of the UWB connection beyond the range provided by a single drm141. Each rcu104 incorporates connections for up to four drm141s and a SpectraPulse aci707 Audio Control Interface. The rcu104 receives the incoming data streams from the drm141s, and creates a single data stream that can be interpreted by up to two linked aci707 units.

Middle Atlantic VisionFrame

Middle Atlantic’s VisionFrame video monitor wall system provides heavy-duty structural support for monitors. The system saves integrators installation time and can be quickly specified with the Middle Atlantic Designer 3D Layout software. VisionFrame Systems can be designed with monitor height over 13 feet from the floor and with unlimited length, providing versatility. Available in both freestanding and desk mount configurations, VisionFrame systems are well suited for a variety of applications including digital signage for information sharing, advertising and visual communications.

Extron XTRA Series

Extron Electronics’ XPA 2002-70V, XPA 2003C-70V, and XPA 2004 power amplifiers are compact 1U, convection cooled, high power two, three, and four channel amplifiers that offer 200 watts rms per channel and up to 800 watts rms total power output. XTRA Series ENERGY STAR qualified amplifiers are energy efficient products that conserve energy and reduce costs. They feature advanced Class D design with patented CDRS technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs. XTRA Series power amplifiers are housed in a compact 1U, convection cooled, full rack width enclosure and do not require fans for cooling, making them ideal for installation in racks, lecterns, credenzas, and other applications with limited space and ventilation.

Altinex SP300-100 AV Connectivity Package

Altinex’s SP300-100 AV Connectivity Package is comprised of an Altinex TNP128 Tilt N Plug Jr. interconnect box, a VP500-100 HDMI to VGA converter, and an MX2106AV 2x1 auto-switcher. The SP300-100 provides a single audio-visual, data, and power access point with the additional capability to seamlessly support VGA and HDMI computer sources and output them to the display device as a VGA image with audio follow. The Altinex TNP128 Tilt N Plug Jr. interconnect box incorporates a female VGA connector, an HDMI V1.3 connector, a female 3.5 mm audio jack, an RJ-45 Cat-6 ethernet port, plus a grounded, 90 - 120V AC power connector.

Barix AG Annuncicom 155 IP

Barix AG’s Annuncicom 155 IP intercom and announcement device was developed foremost for use on trains and in rail stations and tunnels. The device enables systems integrators to set up tailored communication systems ranging from simple door intercom, Pam, and background music systems to complex monitoring functions and emergency announcement systems. It is also the first Barix device to meet EN50155 standard requirements for rail vehicle installations.

Panamax/ Furman BlueBOLT Platform v1.2

Panamax/Furman’s BlueBOLT power and energy platform has been updated to Version 1.2. To help users conserve energy and lower their utility bills, BlueBOLT version 1.2 greatly expands the energy management feature set, in addition to providing new control options. BlueBOLT version 1.2 allows integrators or end users to input energy rates specific to devices’ installation locations. Using this information, the Blue- BOLT platform calculates the energy used by connected devices and reports it.

Line 6 XD-V Digital Wireless Microphones

Line 6’s XD-V series digital wireless microphone family includes two handheld microphone systems and two beltpack systems that include lavalier microphones. Each system delivers a wireless performance, simplicity, and sound quality. XD-V70 suits many vocal applications with seven selectable sounds and timbres. The handheld mics also feature cardioid polar patterns, removable microphone capsules for polar pattern and frequency response customization, and internally mounted antennas.

Mitsubishi EW270U And EW230U-ST Projectors

Mitsubishi Electric’s two new widescreen format projectors, the EW230UST and EX270U WXGA projectors, offer a six-segment color wheel to produce accurate colors, and are built using Texas Instruments DLP technology and BrilliantColor for color performance. The Mitsubishi EW230U-ST and EW270U projectors are enhanced with an RJ- 45 connector and integrated Crestron RoomView support for simple plug-andplay connectivity as well as HDMI for high-definition video sources.

Salamander Pro Audio R ack Mounts

Salamander Designs’ professional audio rack mounts are compatible with both its Synergy System and its Chameleon Collection of AV cabinets. The designs allow customers to add rack mount capability to the modular Synergy System and increase an already huge number of product configurations to further meet their AV requirements. And for the first time, the new Chameleon Collection mounts allow consumers to incorporate any of 9 decorator styles into a rack system.

AMX HDMI UTPro 8x8 Matrix Switcher

AMX’s HDMI UTPro-0808 matrix switcher delivers uncompressed HD 1920x1080p content up to 100 meters. The HDMI UTPro is a full matrix switcher that can route up to eight different HDMI sources, with HDCP authentication, to local displays via HDMI cabling, or remote displays via a single UTP cable. Utilizing AMX’s 10.2 Gigabit-per-second transmission, users can transmit HD video, audio, and control up to 100 meters without the need for repeaters.

Atdec SD-POS-HA Mount

Atdec’s SD-POS-HA mount is designed for use in public spaces, including retail, education, or applications requiring interactivity. The mount features the ability to lock the viewing angle and height of the display into the preferred position. The SD-POS-HA is constructed out of steel and aluminum for durability and strength, featuring a wide range of security features to ensure theft-proof installations.


Video Mount Products’ PDS-LFT large flat panel flush mount with tilt capabilities is now shipping. The PDS-LFT is the ideal mounting solution for 42- to 63- inch plasma and LCD monitors in both residential and commercial settings. The unit has been designed for a shallow 2.6-inch wall-to-monitor profile for installs with either space constraints or where the customer simply wants the flat panel to be as flush to the wall as possible. Additional features of the PDS-LFT include adjustable tilt from -5 degrees to +15 degrees, maximum flat panel hole pattern of 850mm x 530mm, and silver powder coat finish.

Telecast CopperHead 3400

Telecast Fiber Systems’ CopperHead 3400 is an innovative fiber optic video transceiver specifically designed for highend 3D cinema production. The Copper- Head 3400 is the first product of its kind to mount directly onto a dual-camera 3D rig, allowing producers to harness the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of tactical fiber for transporting high-quality stereoscopic HD signals over long distances. The CopperHead 3400 transports all of the signals to and from two HD cameras, as well as the 3D rig’s control system to the control room or truck, and also carries a return 3D HD/SDI signal back to the camera operator.

KeyDigital KD-VP800 Digital Video Processor

KeyDigital’s KD-VP800 is a universal digital video processor capable of scaling VGA/RGBHV sources to component output, and VGA/RGBHV pass-through. The KD-VP800 allows connections of a VGA/RGBHV source to component video display. It supports most interlaced and progressive video formats, such as 480p, 720, 576p, 1080i/540p, and 50Hz. It allows connection of VGA/ RGBHV source to component video display and supports most interlaced and progressive video formats.

High Resolution Systems UDC-400 3.0

High Resolution Systems’ UDC-400 3.0 is a software-based Universal Device Controller. Designed for live events, staging and rental, worship, and corporate industrial and broadcast markets, the UDC-400 enables use of devices using IP, Art-Net or and serial protocols. UDC technology is designed to be run on any Windows computer and works with touchscreens and mobile devices. The software can be used by itself or with the USB-connected UDC-400 control panel that offers 40 physical buttons with three virtual pages of button layouts for a total of 120 user-defined buttons.

dbx SC 64 And SC 32 Digital Matrix Processors

The dbx SC 64 and SC 32 digital matrix processors feature Wizard-driven system configuration using Harman’s HiQnet System Architect for DSP power and routing flexibility, making it a foundation for demanding systems. The SC 64 and SC 32 host a total of 64 and 32 analog I/O respectively, configurable in banks of eight. The flexibility of eight analog input cards and eight analog output cards easily facilitates many different fully loaded configurations, accommodating a wide range of standard sources via the onboard mic/line and Phantom Power switching per input.

BTX PRO Plate And Panel Designer Software

BTX’s PRO Plate and Panel Designer Software Solution is designed to make it simple for customers to order and configure the company’s professional line of wall plates and panels. BTX’s ordering and configuration application is so simple that anyone can start using it within a matter of minutes. Users download and register BTX PRO Plate and Panel Designer software from; then they drag a wall plate or rack panel from BTX’s extensive product library and start designing and configuring.

MultiDyne HD-1520, HD-1540, HD-3200, And HD-3400

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems introduces a new line of multi-rate HD-SDI fiber optic transport links, the HD-1520, HD-1540, HD-3200 and HD-3400 – at IBC 2010. These new solutions, offer 1.5G or 3Gb/s fiber optic transport over a singlemode fiber, with multi-rate high definition transport up to 1080P HD-SDI. The HD-1520 offers 1.5G HD Video and 2-CH two-way data. The HD-3200 provides 3.0G HD Video and 2-CH two-way data. The HD-1520 and HD-3200 are suited to provide fiber interfaces for unmanned POV field cameras and sky cameras that capture the city skyline on broadcast news, weather, and traffic reports.

Bretford NETBOOK42-CT Cart

Bretford Manufacturing’s NETBOOK42- CT is a new cart that vertically stores, charges, and protects up to 42 netbook computers. Primarily for education environments, the NETBOOK42 incorporates a power management system or brain that decreases heat and electrical stress while proportionally distributing power to the netbooks to preserve battery life, and only requires a single power outlet for use. The cart features a small 32-inch x 26-inch footprint to fit in tight spaces, and cable management to keep 42 netbook computers and cords neatly managed and stored in the back. The NETBOOK42-CT requires only a single power cord to the wall outlet, which minimizes circuit tripping and reduces electricity consumption.

Draka BendBright-Elite

Draka Communications’ BendBright-Elite ultra bend insensitive fiber can tolerate bends as small as five mm while achieving attenuation values less than 0.1dB. BendBright-Elite fiber complies with ITU G.657 A1, A2, B2, and B3 to deliver bend performance while remaining backwards compatibility with legacy single-mode fiber. Draka cables containing BendBright- Elite fiber can tolerate as many as 150 90-degree bends and five hundred crown staples without experiencing power loss greater than 0.1dB.

Telecast Fiber Systems Mini- Mussel Shells

Telecast Fiber Systems will launch a new family of HD/POV fiber optic video/ data transceiver modules specifically designed for robotic camera applications. In addition to providing all of the functionality of the company’s original HD/ POV solutions, the new HD/POV links now provide the option of Ethernet control and are housed in small, ruggedized Mini-Mussel Shell field enclosures at a new, lower price. As the next generation of Telecast Fiber Systems’ Viper family of fiber optic production systems, the new Mini-Mussel Shells provide a portable and compact universal enclosure for the company’s new line of T-Block Viper function modules.

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