New Products : June 2010

New Products : June 2010

Extron VN-Matrix Series

Extron Electronics will exhibit the VN-Matrix 200 Series and VNMatrix 300 Series encoders and decoders for real-time transmission of high-resolution audiovisual content across standard IP networks. Unveiled under the Extron banner for the first time since the acquisition of the products division of Electrosonic, the VN-Matrix Series is designed for live viewing, collaboration, storage, and playback of high quality AV signals. With the scalable VNMatrix system, a user can start small and add additional encoders and decoders later to turn an IP network into a virtual routing matrix switcher that is practically limitless in size.

EAW SB2001 Subwoofer

EAW’s SB2001 subwoofer features a dual 21-inch cone driver, which represents an upgrade to the SB1001 in terms of output capability and low frequency extension without a significant increase in size. The result is said to be a more powerful workhorse that has greater impact, power handling and output capability than its brethren. The driver mounting of the SB2001 maximizes cone area and allows for the integration of a low turbulence port while minimizing frontal area, providing the acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating large subwoofer arrays. This benefit is largely derived from the V-shaped baffle loading of the transducers.

SurgeX SU-1000Li Surge Eliminator

SurgeX’s SU-1000Li is a 1000 VA Line Interactive UPS backed with SurgeX series mode surge elimination technology to shield computer and AV equipment from catastrophic damage. The SU-1000Li includes common mode and normal mode impedance tolerant EMI/RFI filtering, and provides a web browser-based interface to manage power settings, customize diagnostics, monitor multiple computers, and schedule shutdowns and restarts. Automatic voltage regulation provides a stable AC source during less than optimal power conditions without the constant use of internal batteries.

Barix SIP Application Toolkit

Barix’s SIP application toolkit is a new firmware application that can be installed on any low-cost Barix IP device to enable SIP compliance. The SIP application toolkit supports typical features like direct SIP calls, as well as registration with usual IP PBX systems, local status/command interfacing, web-based configuration and support for high-quality PCM or MP3 encoding. The Barix SIP application toolkit can be installed on Barix Annuncicom hardware to enable direct connection to IP phone and PBX systems or convert standard speakers to IP. The toolkit can also convert Annuncicom two-way devices and Instreamer IP encoders into SIP monitoring devices.

Crestron V-Panel Touchpanels

The Crestron V-Panel is a 1080p high definition touchpanel, and can function as both a touchpanel control interface and flat panel HD display. Featuring VESA mount installation in addition to desktop/tilt and flush wall mount options, V-Panels can integrate VoIP communications, embedded PC applications, USB-HID control, and onscreen annotation, delivering a complete digital media, control, and communication solution. With Crestron DigitalMedia connectivity, protected, uncompressed HD signals can be displayed on touchpanels.

Telex RadioCom BTR-80N

Telex RadioCom presents the BTR-80N narrow band wireless intercom system at InfoComm 2010. Providing a 25 kHz of modulated bandwidth, the BTR-80N narrow band system is designed to allow more users per channel in the cramped UHF spectrum. Combining the performance of the BTR-800 wireless intercom system with narrow band technology and a host of new features, the BTR-80N is a product suitable for a wide range of applications. The BTR-80N inherits all the standard features of the BTR-800 system, including DSP digital processing and intelligent power control, and offers up to four full-duplex wireless TR- 80N or TR-82N beltpacks per base station. An unlimited number of additional beltpacks can be added in half-duplex operation.

Gefen ToolBox Line

Gefen’s ToolBox line of products offers a new form factor with enhanced features for HDMI v1.3. Five new products come with built-in wall-mountable capability in either a flat black or glossy white finish. The Gefen ToolBox line is designed to supply an alternative to rack mounted systems, with a smaller enclosure, built-in EDID detection and support for both two-channel and multi-channel audio. All support high definition resolutions to 1080p full HD. Expanded HDMI v1.3 features include deep color, lip sync, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS Master Audio. Two switchers, one matrix, and two splitters are currently available under the ToolBox line. All inputs/outputs for HDMI v1.3 are on the front panel, easily accessible when wall mounted.

Analog Way Eikos

Analog Way’s Eikos is a new multi layer mixer scaler seamless switcher. Eikos is designed to offer up to 12 inputs including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D. With digital processing, Eikos outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to computer 2K. Eikos offers three different operating modes: multi layer mixer, 12 x 2 seamless native matrix, and QuadraVision modes. Fully controlled from its own front panel as well as from its remote control software or from the Orchestra, and the new RK300 remote consoles, Eikos offers a large range of utilization.

Lencore Spectra i.Net System

Lencore Acoustics has upgraded its Spectra i.Net technology to include Point Z Technology, which is designed to enable the system to provide even more flexibility and adjustment options by allowing zone overlap capabilities for paging, music and sound masking. In addition to the Spectra i.Net System’s capabilities for paging which includes all call page and 99 programmable zones, Point Z technology allows each of the four channels on the system’s sound source to be assigned and included in up to eleven separate paging zones. Each plenum OP creates four separate channels that produce four independent noise sources for masking, paging, and music.

Fleetwood Reply Ativa

Fleetwood Group is now shipping its new audience voting system, Reply Ativa. The Ativa audience voting system centers on the interactive WRS8200 wireless keypad that runs from a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and employs a large, backlit 3.2-inch QVGA color touchscreen that can display fully customizable key/button responses for any given interaction or voting opportunity. Text responses can be made via an onscreen QWERTY keyboard or SMS-style buttons, and an onscreen slider allows moment-to-moment responses. Smart card support is also offered for secure user registration and data logging at sensitive events such as shareholder meetings or delegate voting sessions.

Adtec Digital HDM I2QAM Dual Channel Encoder

Adtec Digital’s HDMI2QAM dual channel, high and standard definition MPEG 2 broadcast distribution encoder features QAM modulation and RF Up-Conversion built-in. The HDMI2QAM encoder-modulator is a solution for high definition video delivery over coaxial cable systems. Primary applications are for use with clear QAM distribution to ATSC televisions. The HDMI2QAM is designed to automatically detect video and audio, encode, multiplex, and generate program information. Closed captioning, support for Emergency Alert, and Dolby Digital Audio are standard. The unit is intended to modulate the signal using QAM annex B or C and up-converts two video and audio services multiplexed on one carrier frequency for distribution via coax networks.

Phillips Pronto TSU Control Panels

Philips Pronto’s TSU Series of wireless touchpanels consists of twowand style control panels, optimal for hotel and MDU applications, and two tablet style panels, perfect for boardroom and conference room settings. The line boasts the company’s PEP 2.4 for a dynamic two-way integration as well as the high quality design expected from Pronto panels. The series features Pronto’s design and flush mounted display, which allows these control panels to seamless integrate into any commercial application. The user interface on each remote is fully customizable, and the flush mounted display means that the screen is not recessed, but instead flows smoothly with the casing.

Altinex DA103-302 Ditto-Amp

Altinex’s DA103-302 Ditto-Amp HDMI distribution amplifier, frequently called a splitter, supports HDMI version 1.3b with embedded high-bandwidth digital content protection V1.0 and V1.1. Featuring an integrated 20-inch, 19-pin male HDMI cable for direct connection to source devices such as a BluRay disc player, the Ditto-Amp enables one device to present simultaneous feeds to two separate HDMI displays with computer resolutions up to 1920x1080 and HDTV formats ranging from 480p to 1080p at distances up to 60 feet on each output.

Atlona AT-HD620

Atlona Technologies’ AT-HD620 is an HDMI to Mini DisplayPort converter capable of up-converting incoming video signals to dual-link resolutions up to 2560x1440. This new converter solves compatibility issues that have been plaguing HDMI users looking to take advantage of the technologies offered in new Mini DisplayPort displays, such as the Apple iMac 27-inch and Apple 24-inch LED. The new AT-HD620 will scale any HDMI input to match native resolution of either display. With the AT-HD620, hosts of image enhancing technologies are available to users looking to connect an HDMI source to an MDP display.

BTX Field-Terminatable HDMI Connector

BTX’s field-terminatable HDMI cable-mount male connector allows installers to quickly and easily create custom-length HDMI assemblies of up to 39 feet at resolutions of 1080p, 12-bit deep color. For AV, home theater, digital signage, or any other application requiring HDMI, the device resolves the issue of fitting a connector through conduit, and eliminates excess cable behind the rack or inside a wall. Compatible with HDMI 1.4, the connector is terminated through the insulation displacement connection process, which is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection, only requires a blade and a HDMI hand tool.

Contemporary Research QMOD -HD Modulator

Contemporary Research’s QMOD-HD modulators easily convert PC-driven HD VGA and component into an HDTV digital cable channel. The QMOD-HD opens the door to distribution of digital signage and HD subscriber sources using existing broadband coax cabling in sports, retail and entertainment facilities, corporate offices, colleges, schools, and worship centers. The QMOD-HD is designed to accept HD VGA and component analog video plus digital or stereo audio, and convert the inputs into a 720p/1080i MPEG-2 digital media stream. Then, using the same technology as TV and cable broadcasters, the unit formats and amplifies the signal as an agile QAM digital cable channel.

Riedel RockNet RN.343.VI Expansion Card

Riedel Communications’ RockNet RN.343.VI expansion card is designed for Soundcraft Studer digital mixing consoles. The RN.343.VI card fits into a console’s SCore Live or D21m card expansion slot and gives access to 64 input and 64 output channels. A wordclock input is featured via the backplane connector, while a wordclock output is available at the front panel. A rotary switch is provided for device identification and selection of up to 15 programmable routing tables. The RN.343.VI enables the Soundcraft Studer product to become a part of the RockNet digital audio network.

Marshall Electronics MXL Professional Series USB Mics

Marshall Electronics’ new line of Professional Series USB microphones has been released. Under Marshall’s MXL brand, the company will unveil the MXL Pro 1B, its first microphone designed specifically for video chats, webconferencing, and podcasting. The MXL Pro 1B works with any over-the-internet communication service like ooVoo, Skype, AIM, and iChat and offers consumers plug and play mobility and high quality audio.

Meyer Sound MINA

Meyer Sound’s new MINA line array loudspeaker weighs merely 47 pounds. MINA shares the same intelligibility as the MILO, MICA, and M’elodie line array loudspeakers. At less than 472mm wide, MINA produces up to 128 dB SPL at one meter with an operating frequency range of 70 Hz to 18 kHz over a 100-degree horizontal coverage area.

ZeeVee ZvBox Products

ZeeVee’s ZvBox is an HD encoder/RF modulator that distributes VGA and component video sources as an HDTV cable channel over existing coax to standard HDTVs. Popular uses include distributing digital signage or HD video over existing on-premise coax networks in settings such as restaurants and bars, stadiums, airports, and hotels. The remote management capability is based on allowing multiple ZvBoxes to be simultaneously connected to a single computer at the ZvBox deployment site, and then providing access to that computer via the internet from anywhere. An administrator can completely control each ZvBox including checking status, setting the channel it broadcasts on, its RF power output, the input source, or any other setting. Firmware updates can also be performed remotely.

d&b E6 Loudspeaker

d&b audiotechnik’s E3 loudspeaker has now been superseded by the E6. Not only is the E6 smaller and lighter than its ancestor but it also punches above its weight. The E6 is a high performance multipurpose loudspeaker employing an integrated 6.5-inch/one-inch exit coaxial driver design with neodymium magnet and constant directivity horn loading. The horn design with its 100-degree x 55-degree dispersion pattern can easily be rotated through 90-degrees providing a 55-degree x 100-degree pattern without the use of tools.

Editor’s pick
Mackie SRM1801 Powered Subwoofer

Mackie’s SRM1801 powered subwoofer offers value for any customer interested in adding massive low end to their portable PA system. It is also subwoofer specifically designed to pair with the SRM450v2.The SRM1801 powered subwoofer delivers 1000 watts of Class-D power in a lightweight portable design. The 18 woofer delivers output and active electronics include a precision crossover and tuning filters, intended to provide accurate bass response. The robust, solid-wood enclosure is covered with textured black paint and includes an integrated pole cup that’s designed for a portable full-range loudspeaker. The SRM1801 completes a lightweight, easy-to-use Mackie powered system.

Vaddio Video Whiteboard

Vaddio’s Video Whiteboard replaces an existing need for fixed or PTZ cameras in a video system environment. The Video Whiteboard can be used in a variety of applications from videoconferencing, content creation, IMAG, rich media systems, or in any system designed to incorporate a whiteboard as a video input device. Because no dedicated PC is required, Vaddio’s Video Whiteboard is compatible with any videoconferencing, TelePresence, distance education, or video media distribution system. In addition to HD/ SD video outputs, data can be captured and stored as a .jpeg image onto any USB flash drive. Because of the closed operating system there are no hardware requirements, software hassles or operating system issues.

RTS MH Series Headsets

RTS is launching a new range of professional headsets at InfoComm 2010. The MH series single and dual-sided headsets and headphones combine a multi - functional modular design with low profile, lightweight construction. Three models will be available; all models are also available in L-designated left-handed versions. Equipped with headphone transducers and a noisecanceling microphone, the MH series is designed to provide clear communications performance for applications including live remote or studio broadcasting, film, TV, and theater intercom. The MH series’ design allows the user to switch headset modules according to their needs.

Electro-Voice EV-Innovation Family

Electro-Voice is launching additions to its EV-Innovation family of installation- dedicated loudspeakers at InfoComm 2010. Now Electro- Voice introduces the new EVA, EVF, and EVH models enhanced by the performance of Electro-Voice’s latest DVX and SMX woofers and the new DH7N neodymium compression driver. The new EVA-SG2 and EVA-EG2 grids allow EVA subwoofers to be arrayed with full-range elements. The new EVA-CG coupler grid allows single subwoofers to be flown behind a full-range array, or to configure dual subs in front with a single sub behind for cardioid arrays. EVF-1122D/XX 12-inch and EVF- 1152D/XX 15-inch full-range systems augment the currently available S fullrange systems, featuring higher power, 500-Watt woofers, the DVX3121A and DVX3151A.

Biamp Systems Vocia

Biamp Systems’ Vocia is its newest networked media system. Vocia introduces several new concepts to paging and voice evacuation systems, including combined distributed processing and page routing, as well as networked audio and control. This networked and modular approach eliminates the potential for a single point of failure and allows for the design and construction of a system that is easily expandable from a single paging station and amplifier to multiple zones with several hundred inputs and outputs. Vocia is available now to help facilities of all sizes implement reliable, scalable, and flexible paging and voice evacuation systems.

Kramer 673T Transmitter And 673R Receiver

Kramer Electronics’s 673T transmitter and 673R receiver are designed for transmitting four-channels of 3G HDSDI, HD-SDI or SDI serial digital signals over fiber optic cable. The two units are the latest additions to the company’s TOOLS line of compact, high-performance signal management solution products. The 673T and 673R are ideal for delivering long-range serial digital signal to live events, studio broadcasts, video production facilities, and any other application that requires the transmission of serial digital signals at ranges of up to 2950 feet. The 673T converts up to four channels of incoming serial digital signals on BNC connectors to light pulses that are transmitted over a single fiber optic cable.

HaiVision VFiControl iPhone/iPad App

HaiVision’s VFi- Control technology is an iPhone/ iPad application that simplifies the recording of live events in real time. VFi- Control enables users to control the Furnace’s recording process, apply real-time metadata on the fly, and review video recording directly on the mobile device. VFiControl is ideal for controlling the recording, review, and publishing processes of medical procedures, medical skills and other training simulations, lectures, military exercises, and sporting events. With VFiControl, users can instantly review the recording directly on their mobile device prior to publishing it directly to the Furnace IP video system. HaiVision enables clients to capture media easily, and empowering the media library with real-time metadata helps to deliver intelligent video to the enterprise.

DPI E-Vision WXGA 600 Projector

Digital Projection International’s E-Vision WXGA 600 projector delivers a precision projector with the imaging fidelity of Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. With numerous lens options, swappable color wheels, and advanced color controls, the 6,000-lumen E-Vision WXGA 600 weighs in at just 44 pounds. The dual-lamp E-Vision WXGA 600 employs Texas Instruments’ 1280x800 dark metal DLP technology to deliver up to 6,000 lumens and up to 2400:1 contrast. Robustly built and ultraquiet, the E-Vision WXGA 600 is a solution for corporate boardrooms and conference venues, houses of worship, digital signage, and many other applications.

Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid

Litepanels’ MicroPro Hybrid is an LED light to combine continuous output and a Flash feature in a single fixture. This fixture is the ideal lighting tool for motionenabled DSLR cameras. The Hybrid’s continuous mode provides luminous, wrap around soft output that complements the camera’s video capability. The Flash feature produces a burst, which is perfect for illuminating a variety of still images. Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid on-camera light runs off standard AA batteries. The Hybrid offers soft, directional lighting.

Furman BlueBOLTCV1 Interface Card

Furman’s BlueBOLT energy management and remote power monitoring technology is available for select Panamax/Furman products via the BlueBOLT-CV1 interface card. BlueBOLT provides secure, hosted IP system control and energy monitoring for AV systems. Users can control BlueBOLT-equipped units either through Panamax/Furman’s hosted BlueBOLT servers for secure plug-and-play setup, or if preferred, via direct connection over Telnet or http using the BlueBOLT-CV1’s embedded web server. With BlueBOLT, electronic system contractors are said to reduce service calls and help their clients be more energy efficient. BlueBOLT allows individual outlets or outlet banks to be power-cycled from any web browser or web-enabled mobile device.

PESA VidBlox 3G-NE-F

PESA’s VidBlox 3G-NE-F receives coax or fiber optic 3G-SDI serial digital video signals over a single fiber or coax cable and converts the SMPTE 424M compliant signal into a DVI or component analog video output. The 3G-NEF is compatible with PESA’s full line of 3G-SDI fiber and coax extenders, converters, routers and switchers. The VidBlox 3G-NE-F supports de-embedding of audio from the SMPTE signal, USB local control, and two 1080p60 inputs. Using the VidBlox GUI interface, input sources can be set for auto-detect, or, set via software to receive a signal from a specific input port. The one BNC port supports SMPTE 424M inputs at 1080p60 and allows cable connections up to 80m.

X2O Media Xpresenter 3.0

X2O Media’s Xpresenter 3.0 combines ease of use with the broadcast-quality graphics the company is known for. Version 3.0 includes an overhaul of the Xpresenter Template Maker application running inside Microsoft PowerPoint, to integrate content management and simple drag-and-drop placement of objects. Content creation is further simplified with new Microsoft Office add-ins for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, making it easier than ever for users to update content. Xpresenter is an end-to-end platform designed to make creating, managing, and distributing broadcast-quality digital signage content on networks of all sizes available to all.

Bosch CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System

Bosch Security Systems launches the CCS 900 Ultro. The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System is intended primarily for small- to medium-sized meeting areas, including town halls, local business centers, and courtrooms. It offers an array of new features that make it easy to manage meetings, including a possible-to-speak function that provides a visual indication of when the microphone is available for a delegate to take the floor. With this allin- one system, users can listen to proceedings and easily participate directly in discussions. The Control Unit can record and play back up to 64 hours of discussion using a 2 GB SD card. It also features a 60-second buffer, enabling the SD card to be changed when full to allow recording to continue without any data loss.

Aviom Wall Frame 6 And PRO 64 Modular I/O System

Aviom is reducing materials and labor costs with the introduction of the Wall Frame 6 and the complete Pro64 Modular I/O System. The Pro64 Modular I/O system brings the company’s popular Pro64 audio network to the wall, eliminating several expensive and laborintensive stages of the signal chain for many fixed installations. Like its analog counterparts, the Wall Frame 6 can be mounted either on or in the wall, in standard studded walls with 16-inch centers. The plates for the unit can be customized, allowing systems integrators to leave their contact information on them, as well as label different connections.

Sanyo Wide XGA High-Brightness Projectors

Sanyo has introduced four new high performance wide XGA format projectors to the U.S. market. Targeting a wide range of environments, including large conference rooms, lecture halls, and digital signage applications, the PLC-WM5500 and PLC-WM5500L have a very high brightness of 5,500 ANSI lumens, and the PLC-WM 4500 and PLC-WM4500L have brightness of 4,500 ANSI lumens. Each projector features two new modes that enable the simultaneous presentation of two images.

BidMagic Schedule And Dispatch Center

BidMagic’s Schedule and Dispatch Center is designed for project managers, installation crews, and service techs. This system provides real time job progress info and communication to and from field tech cell phones. BidMagic contains a simple group calendar interface to manage projects and job assignments. Powerful Gantt charts and progress graphs show current progress on each job. Packages are available including exchange server hosting.

Extron FOX 3G DVC

Extron Electronics announces the FOX 3G DVC, which is intended to receive fiber optic SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI serial digital video signals over a single fiber, and converts them to DVI-D and analog RGB or component video. It is compatible with the FOX HD-SDI fiber optic extender, as well as FOX Series distribution amplifiers, switchers, and matrix switchers. The FOX 3G DVC features extraction of embedded AES3 audio, RS-232 serial control, and a fiber optic input loopthrough that allows multiple FOX 3G DVC and FOX HD-SDI units to be daisy-chained. It is ideal for applications that require long distance transmission of SDI signals from broadcast-type sources, and interfacing them with professional/ consumer-level displays and other products.

projectiondesign FR12 Remote Light Source Projector

projectiondesign’s FR12 Remote Light Source projector is a compact, ruggedized projector head with silent operation. The FR12 relocates the lamp from the projector to a rack-mount enclosure up to 30m from the projector head, and light from the Remote Light Source illuminates the projector head via a liquid light guide cable. Users and integrators will benefit from easy and simple installation due to the fact that there are no ventilation or orientation challenges, and lamp maintenance has never been simpler.


Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems launched the big brother to the NEXO RS15, the new NEXO RS18 sub. The RS18 is the second product in the company’s Ray Sub Series, which was first revealed 15 months ago. The new compact dual 18-inch Ray SUB is designed to perform in both directional and omni-directional modes and has the ability to be flown or stacked in configurations tailored to the application’s coverage needs. It is a practical solution in installations and truck packs where space is at a premium. The RS-18 can be used with a wide variety of NEXO systems, from GEO T to the PS15 R2.

Hall Research SC-CSV-HDMI

Hall Research’s SC-CSV-HDMI is a composite and S-video to HDMI converter. The SC-CSV-HDMI scales and up-converts any composite or S-video source to a digital HDMI signal. It can scale to a wide range of PC and HD resolutions up to 1080P. The unit is configurable via an easy to use on screen display menu. The SC-CSV-HDMI also supports analog audio input for analog-to-digital conversion.

QVS VGA And Composite With Audio Cat-5e Wallplate Extender Kit

QVS’ VGA and Composite with Audio Cat-5e Wallplate Extender Kit provides both PC VGA and stereo audio along with composite audio and video using dual Cat-5e RJ45 cables. Both transmitter and receiver have grounding screws and shielded casing to meet government, school, and commercial requirements. It supports VGA resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz up to 30 meters. The design anticipates both computer and regular AV application that provides a well-rounded solution for installations that require separate VGA or composite AV sources to a single projector or monitor.

Wohler CD -1 Caption Video Monitor Adaptor

Wohler Technologies’ CD-1 caption and subtitle video monitor adaptor decodes and renders captions or subtitles for any digital video monitor to display, as well as de-embedding audio, conveniently allowing the operator to confirm the presence and accuracy of critical video, audio, and caption data using existing or low-cost monitors that lack caption display capability. The CD-1 automatically detects and decodes WST, OP-47, and EIA-608/ EIA-708 subtitles, covering captioning standards around the world. Suitable for any point in the broadcast or production chain, this small externally powered unit translates a 3G/HD/SDSDI multirate input containing captioning signaling into a burned-in 3G/HD/ SD-SDI or DVI signal with open captions added to the picture.

Ashly Audio pêma

Ashly Audio’s pêma (Protea-equipped media amplifier) is a powered processor. By merging Ashly’s open-architecture DSP functionality with Ashly’s amplifier performance inside a two-rack space unit, pêma is designed to lower overall system cost, occupy less space, improve energy efficiency, and simplify system installation and programming. Four and eight amplifier channel versions are available at both 125 and 250 Watts per channel.

Alcorn McBride ProTraXX

Alcorn McBride’s ProTraXX expands Alcorn McBride’s widely used 8TraXX product combining the 8TraXX feature set with many client-requested functions. The ProTraXX plays eight independent stereo tracks from a single economical rack mount unit. The enhanced features include Ethernet for remote updating, microphone/auxiliary inputs for zone paging, and spot-logging capabilities. A network of ProTraxx units can be deployed, updated and monitored remotely using Alcorn McBride’s Digital Media Manager software. ProTraXX offers high quality MP3 audio playback in a compact, solid-state unit. Hours of audio clips can be stored on CompactFlash, so there are no moving parts.

Sencore Klein K-10 Colorimeter

Sencore’s Klein K-10 colorimeter measurement tool analyzes and measures light and color for optimized system calibration even at very low light levels. With 5mm-by-5mm photodiodes and thermally stable components, Sencore’s new meter beats competing models in both accuracy and stability. The Klein K-10 colorimeter is a companion product for Sencore’s ColorPro by CalMAN software.

Zaxcom TRX900LT Receivers

Zaxcom’s TRX900LT digital audio transceiver combines wireless transmission, recording, and remote control receiving functions into a single, low-cost system. The TRX900LT features 100-percent digital transmission for audio quality that rivals a hard-wired system, and is superior to all analog and hybrid wireless units. All audio transmissions from the TRX900LT are fully encrypted to eliminate the possibility of production audio interception and theft. With a patented internal timecodereferenced audio recorder that backs up all wireless transmissions on a removable microSD card, the TRX900LT eliminates the possibility of audio loss due to interference or signal dropout.

Danley Sound Labs TH-118 Subwoofer

Danley Sound Labs’ TH-118 joins Danley’s family of tapped horn subwoofers, delivering flat and powerful bass from lightweight, compact enclosures. The TH-118 modifies Danley’s TH-115 subwoofer with an 18-inch driver that is designed to add even greater output. The TH-118 is available in four-ohm and eight-ohm models. Both are capable of delivering 146 dB at 134 Hz with input power rates of 1800 W continuous and 3600 W program. Both output from 40 to 250 Hz with only 3 dB of deviance.

SpinetiX HMP100 Hyper Media Player

SpinetiX’s HMP100 Hyper Media Player uses open software standards that meet the growing demand for affordable and targeted messaging, and enables users to provide custom applications. It is intedned to offer a dedicated and stand-alone alternative to traditional PC-based video to deliver content. It’s based on the scalable vector graphics platform and can mix streaming video, encoded video or images and audio file formats with other dynamic information such as RSS or XML. By using auxiliary equipment such as 3G, GPS, RFID, video walls, kiosks, SpinetiX hardware and software makes it easier to put together a content rich and intelligent system.

Roland EDIROL MVS-12

Roland Systems Group announces the EDIROL MVS- 12 Multi-Viewer/ Switcher which groups and displays up to 12 SD video signals to a single HD or RGB monitor. This multi-viewer is a companion for the line of EDIROL SD video mixers such as the LVS-800 and V-8. The MVS- 12 is ideal for any applications where you need to preview multiple video sources at once. The MVS-12 eliminates the need for individual preview monitors, combining 12 SD inputs into one LCD display. In addition to the Multi-Viewer function the MVS-12 has a built-in matrix switcher allowing up to video sources to be routed to up to four separate outputs.

Utah Scientific UTAH- 100 Professional Products Series

Utah Scientific’s UTAH-100 Professional Products series is a family of small routers, distribution amplifiers, and similar products suitable for smaller broadcasters and for non-broadcast facilities that require the routing of analog and digital video and audio signals. The UTAH-100 family offers a combination of features and performance. The UTAH-100 Professional Products series includes fixed-frame and modular routers and distribution amplifiers for signal types ranging from analog to 3G HD format.

RTI ST-7 Universal Controller

RTI’s ST-7 two-way-enabled controller features a 7-inch widescreen LCD display with an integrated capacitive touch screen. For simplified navigation and Wi-Fi web browsing, the ST-7 integrates a trackball and customizable backlight coloring to indicate different functions while 13 configurable hard buttons provide control. An integrated microphone and stereo speakers are designed to support intercom over IP.

Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF LCD Keypad

Turning Technologies’ ResponseCard RF LCD keypad provides participants with visual confirmation of selected responses, channel setting and battery life via a small LCD screen. Combined with interactive PowerPoint presentation software TurningPoint, ResponseCard RF LCD allows presenters to ask audiences questions and receive responses with the press of a button.

HME DX 121 Digital Wireless Intercom System

Industries requiring wireless channels for one to four users, as well as those that need the flexibility of expanded wireless support throughout large venues will be excited about the DX121 Digital Wireless Intercom System. Its compact, robust design was made for longevity. And its ease of use, added features, affordability, and expandability are the perfect solution for today’s requirements. The DX121 easily plugs into the intercom headset jack of any hardwired intercom station, extending the range of the operator for up to 1,000 feet.

Listen Technologies ListenPoint

Listen Technologies Corporation is introducing new collateral to arm the audiovisual sales channel with messaging and support tools to sell Listen Technologies’ new product line, ListenPoint. The new ListenPoint sales tools educate and excite the AV sales channel and provide pass-through items to the end users/decision makers.

DT Research WebDT Multi-Screen Appliances

The WebDT Multi Screen Appliances power multiple screens for dynamic digital signage applications. Featuring the powerful and energy-efficient Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, the MS400 and MS800 include the latest graphics technology with up to four and eight DVI connectors respectively for high-quality video and optimal display experience. Combined with the industry-leading WebDT Content Manager Software, one MS400 is capable of driving dynamic content on up to four screens, and one MS800 up to eight screens, while communicating with the server for scheduled updates.

Turbosound Flex Array TFA-600HDP

The Turbosound Flex Array’s TFA- 600HDP compact trapezoidal digitally self-powered and networkable threeway mid/high enclosure is designed for line array or virtual point touring fixed applications. Featuring one-inch neodymium HF driver on a Dendritic device, a 6.5-inch high-mid driver on a Polyhorn device, and two Turbo-loaded 10-inch LMF drivers, the TFA- 600HDP includes an integrated Class D amplification and DSP module with network capability.

Behringer Eurocom Line

Behringer is launching a complete suite of products developed expressly for the installed sound market. The new Eurocom line will offer a diverse product assortment designed to fully address the needs of nearly any commercial, industrial, or institutional application. The new products have been carefully engineered to provide the end-user with ultra-intuitive ease of use, and contain a blend of features and capabilities that were previously unavailable in this market. Backed by a massive increase in research and development support from within the organization, the Eurocom line will feature a proprietary new design language, which is expected to heavily impact the company’s overall product strategy moving forward.

Xantech Smartpanel LCD Touchpanels

Xantech Commercial expands its LCD touchpanel offerings as it unveils a complete series of touch-controller panels, featuring IP connectivity and video integration. Xantech SmartPanel LCD touchpanels all offer complete Room Control via RS422/232, IR, GPIO trigger and now IP for full control connectivity. With SmartPanel touchpanels, users can control audio, video, automation, teleconferencing and other components from one high-resolution, durable, professional-grade TFT display, all of the control processing is right in the panel itself, creating a very efficient room control panel with simplified installation and programming. The Xantech SmartPanel series is perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, digital signage, house of worship, and hotel/ hospitality applications.

RCI PanelBuilder SE Design And Quote Software

This latest offering of RCI’s design and quote software, PanelBuilder SE is a different approach to the process of designing Custom Plates, Panels and general Custom Connectivity. SE users will find the advanced features and functionality helpful, particularly with larger or more complex projects. PanelBuilderSE takes the design concept to the next level. Consultants and large system design engineers have been asking for a somewhat different functionality set than the typical install company that needs standard product types, and needs them fast.

Legrand/Wiremold Evolution Series Work Surface Portals

These new high-capacity work surface portals provide convenient tabletop access to electrical, voice, data, video, and audio services. Evolution Series work surface portals differ from many tabletop products in that the cover is fully closed, even when computers, projectors, and other equipment are plugged in and in use.

Christie LX605 3LCD Projector

Ideal for a range of applications including conference rooms and auditoriums, the Christie LX605 provides the latest in 3LCD technology enhancements, including 3D Keystone technology, a new four-corner geometry correction function for versatility in projector placement. The Christie LX605, a 6000 ANSI lumens projector, offers easy display set up; motorized lens shift, focus and zoom; and a suite of high-performance lenses.

ATEN Technology VanCryst AV Products

ATEN’s new HDMI-based video products are designed for an array of applications including digital signage and home theater. Now dubbed VanCryst, the line provides all of the components needed to build a multitude of flexible, integrated solutions for a range of video-related applications. Since 1993, when the first ATEN video switch was introduced, the company has been constantly developing and expanding its video products portfolio.

Fostex LR16 Live Recording Mixer

Fostex’s LR16 is a 16-channel, four-bus live mixer with built-in 16-track recorder. Available at an amazingly affordable price, the LR16’s rack mountable input/ output/recorder unit can be separated from the control surface with just a Cat-5 cable connection. The LR16 features Fostex’ HD recorder experience and digital mixer technology.

Casio SuperSlim Mercury-Free Projectors

Green Slim Projectors will be available in a diverse lineup, including a model that can accommodate WXGA Real display at 1280 x 800 dots and a model that can project without a PC and can communicate wirelessly with PCs. These projectors will greatly broaden the possibilities for visual communication because of to Casio’s advanced laser and LED hybrid light source, which are intended to change the status quo in projectors and provide enhanced features that make the projectors usable in diverse situations.

Clockaudio Retracta Series

The Clockaudio Retracta Series was launched a year ago at Info- Comm, boundary layer mics in omni-directional and cardioid versions, which can be pressed down into the boardroom table when they are not in use to leave a virtually flush-fit low profile. At the show, visitors will be able to see an automated version of the device, which allows the client to raise and retract the microphone head remotely via a logic control system.

Calibre UK PVProHD Image Scaler

and high-quality advanced features found in many Calibre image-processing product and utilizes an easy to use warp capability, advanced scaling, broadcast grade de-interlacing, complex noise reduction, and image enhancement. The product is seamlessly set-up from a standard laptop or PC.

Wolfvision VZ-9plus³ Visualizer

The VZ-9plus³ Visualizer is a top of the line unit among WolfVision’s portable range of desktop Visualizers. With its high-resolution 1-CCD camera, integrated LCD preview monitor and synchronized laser markers, the unit is designed to assist integrators in installation through its ease of use and flexibility.

Sierra Video 600mhz RG BHV Routing Switchers

Sierra Video’s Alta Pro family of wideband video routing switchers offer 600MHz RGBHV and RGB signal routing with a single-board architecture that dramatically reduces overall frame size both in height and in depth, while providing a significant reduction in power consumption. Alta Pro Wideband Routing Switchers are available in 12x8, 12x4, 8x8, and 8x4 configurations with optional stereo audio, all housed in a 3RU frame.

Magor Communications HDSolo

HDSolo can be used in any workplace environment and is ideal for people who need to frequently communicate and collaborate with remote teams and off-site parties using up to six video and collaboration windows. With HDSolo, users can spontaneously communicate face-to-face and share content in 1080p resolution video with local and remote clients.

Planar Systems Clarity c70HD-LED Video Wall

The Clarity LED Series rear projection video wall displays are ideal for government, military, energy, utilities, traffic, and broadcast control room video walls that require 24/7 reliability and brilliant life-like images. They combine Planar’s Clarity NaturalColor for a visual performance and maintenance-free solid-state illumination, with up to eight times the life of traditional lamps. Planar’s Clarity LED Series illumination system has a rated life of 60,000 hours and employs no consumable parts.

Wharfedale Pro EVP-NEO Series

Wharfedale Pro’s EVP-NEO series builds on the already impressive sound quality of the EXP-X. Seven models are available in the range: the EVP-12M NEO and EVP-15M NEO are low profile stage monitors with the EVP- 12NEO, EVP-15NEO, and EVP-215NEO completing the full range line up. The EVP-18SUB and EVP-15SUB subwoofers provide lowend reinforcement to the range. The cabinets are now more compact and use heavily braced MDF panels for a perfect balance of rigidity and weight reduction.

Marantz PMD661 Compact Digital Recorder

Marantz Professional has developed the PMD661 to provide advanced functionality and convenience, further emphasizing its ongoing commitment to supplying customers with market driven product solutions. A robust and versatile professional handheld PCM/MP3 recorder, the PMD661 offers a streamlined form factor, a superior feature set, and the use of SD flash media. Major new design innovations include a smaller footprint and an improved top facia layout with fewer buttons and more highly developed use of multi-functional operation.

MultiDyne SD-4100, SD-4200, And SD-4400

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems is unveiling its new entrylevel line of SD-SDI fiber optic field transport systems—the SD-4100, SD-4200, and SD-4400. In applications where fiber is no longer an option but a necessity, MultiDyne’s new SD-4100 one-channel fiber optic transport system, SD-4200 two-channel fiber optic transport system and SD-4400 four-channel fiber optic transport system address the transport needs of productions transitioning from composite video based systems to serial digital based solutions, but do not yet require more advanced platforms. The MultiDyne SD-4100, SD-4200, and SD-4400 support rates of 19.2 Mbps to 270 Mbs, capable of operating over both multimode and single-mode fiber.

Point Source Audio CO -6 Earset Microphone

Like its sister CO-5 model, the new CO-6 earset microphone features equivalent speech optimized characteristics at maximum 125dB SPL, but now includes all the premium attributes that come with the unbreakable boom. The CO-6 comes standard with either a 3.5mm locking mini-connector for Sennheiser Evolution Series wireless body packs, a Hirose four-pin connector for most Audio-Technica body packs, or the mini-XLR connector for most Shure wireless body packs. Compatible connectors for other popular wireless systems are also available upon request.

Adamson Eklipsa 12, Eklipsa 15

The Eklipsa array is available in both a 12-inch bi-amped version and a 15- inch bi-amped version. Both of these arrays boast Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture together with Adamson’s high frequency wave shaping technology. Both of Adamson’s proprietary, ND12, 12-inch neodymium low-mid transducer and ND15, 15- inch neodymium low-mid transducer, feature a progressive Kevlar cone geometry that reduces modal behavior, providing an improved and linearized pass-band throughout the vocal range. The high frequency wave shaping sound chambers insure a uniform wave front that does not interfere with the adjacent enclosures in the array.

Mitsubishi XD8100U XGA Projector

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics is introducing two new high-brightness, dual-lamp installation projectors using Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. The XD8100U XGA and widescreen WD8200U WXGA projectors offer a plethora of options to meet end users’ and installers’ most demanding environments. The XD8100U and WD8200U each offer dual-lamp technology, but depending on environmental projection needs, users can operate these models in either single or dual lamp mode.

beyerdynamic TG-X 930 Live Vocal Condenser Microphones

The TG-X 930 achieves neutral transmission of even the subtlest vocal nuances while a slight treble boost ensures an open and accurate sound without ever being overbearing. The stainless steel basket with multilayer gauze and additional inner basket, already used in the interchangeable microphone capsules of the Opus 900 wireless series, provides excellent protection against pop sounds. It is not only easy to clean, but also significantly improves rear-attenuation and hence increases feedback reduction.

EAW JF And JFNT Series Loudspeakers

EAW announces ten new additions to its celebrated JF Series of high-definition two-way loudspeaker systems, including four comprehensively integrated NT models. Designed by EAW’s Whitinsville, Massachusetts-based engineering team for a wide range of contractor and system integrator uses, the new JF and JFNT Series are scalable, compact lightweight loudspeakers ideal for a multitude of small and mediumsized sound reinforcement applications. The newest additions to the JF Series of two-way loudspeakers include JF8, JF10, JF26, JF29, JF56, and JF59, packing even more capability and application flexibility into the ultra-compact series. New comprehensively integrated JFNT units include JF26NT, JF29NT, JF56NT, and JF59NT.

Teradek Chimera HD Video Encoder

Chimera by Teradek is an advanced 1080p high definition video over IP encoder that has HD-SDI/3G-SDI, HDMI/DVI, and component YPbPr, VGA, or RGB, thereby supporting all possible HD video sources. Chimera streams broadcast quality 1080p video over IP or ASI with low bandwidth requirements and with very low sub 200ms latency, all in a small and rugged package. Chimera encodes using H.264 high profile video compression.

Crest Audio E-Lite Series Amplifiers

Crest Audio debuts the E-Lite Series power amplifiers with the E-Lite 1800 and 3000 and E-Lite 1800 DSP and 3000 DSP. The ELite series features lightweight design with high power and stable performance down to 2-ohm loads. Crest Audio E-Lite Series amps are built on an advanced, high-speed class D design with a switch-mode power supply that reduces weight while increasing reliability, thermal efficiency and output power. The E-Lite 1800 and E-Lite 1800 DSP boast 900 watts per channel, and the E-Lite 3000 and E-Lite 3000 DSP boast 1500 watts per channel and both versions weigh less than 10 pounds. The robust power supply allows these amplifiers to deliver consistent, stable performance with low frequencies down to 2-ohm operation.

Digital Projection HIGHlite Series

DP introduces the new HIGHlite projector series: visually stunning, economically priced, small and quiet option for medium to large screen commercial applications. With the HIGHlite series, 3-chip DLP imagery is now available at a value price point never before achieved. The highest quality optics, including fixed and zoom lenses, accommodate throw ratios from 7:1 up to 5.0:1, providing tremendous installation flexibility. Lens shift range is an impressive 30 percent horizontal and 120 percent vertical. Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite and S-Video inputs.

MediaMatrix NION nE

MediaMatrix by Peavey announces the new NION nE, a powerful DSP platform in the tradition of the legacy NION products designed for cost-efficiency and mid-market applications. At a lower entry cost, the NION nE brings the power and flexibility of nWare to a broader array or designers and contractors. The NION nE will support up to 32 channels of analog audio, and up to 64 channels of AES digital audio via four Nio card slots in the NION nE frame.

Denon DN-F450R, DN-F65OR Recorders

The new DN-F450R and DN-F650R solid-state audio recorders take audio recording to new levels by implementing stable and reliable solid-state media technology as the source medium. Both products are able to record and read MP3 files and uncompressed WAV files to and from SD or SDHC cards, which utilize technology that is far more stable and reliable in demanding applications than the spinning CD.

Draper FocalPoint Projection Screen

With sizes to meet typical screen inventories, FocalPoint is designed for smaller venues than the Draper StageScreen, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, and other places a fast easy set up is needed. However, the Focal- Point retains the modular frame construction that makes StageScreen so popular. With frame segments made of sturdy extruded aluminum, the Focal- Point is extremely rigid and durable, while remaining lightweight. With no hinges, the FocalPoint features quick and easy assembly.

NEC S521 LCD Display

NEC Display Solutions of America has added the 52-inch S521 to its S Series, which includes the 40-inch S401 and 46-inch S461 LCD displays. This full high-definition display is designed for environments with extended operation times. The S521’s ambient light sensor provides optimum brightness based on existing light conditions, while its Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suite boasts more than 30 built-in features to benefit a variety of applications. The S Series maintain a low level of power consumption and offer a number of digital connection options along with the standard analog connections.

Riedel Artist 1100 Series

Riedel Communications’ Artist 1100 Series OLED control panel is the company’s new premium control key panel for Artist digital matrix intercoms. Following Riedel’s intuitive concept of integrated displays in the panel keys, the 1100 series features the next generation of high-res color OLEDs. With 65,000 colors and a resolution of 140 dpi these new displays provide excellent readability and are able to show up to eight highly detailed characters of up to 24x24 pixels, ideal for displaying icons and Asian characters. Definable marker colors for the keys complete the labeling options and provide instant function identification and signalization, e.g. for incoming calls.

Audio-Technica 2000 Series Wireless

Audio-Technica is enhancing its 2000 Series wireless systems with several new products and technology updates, including the ATW-R2100a receiver, the ATWT210a body-pack transmitter, and the ATW-T220a handheld transmitter. The 2000 Series frequency-agile True Diversity UHF wireless system delivers professional audio and RF performance, and the new series enhancements update and broaden that functionality.

Clear-Com HelixNet Platform

HelixNet is a unified intercom platform that delivers a new generation of intercom products that share a common design philosophy, cabling simplicity, ease-of-use, networking flexibility, and system intelligence. The first two products in the family are the HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X) and HelixNet Beltpacks (HBP-2X). The HelixNet Main Station can connect on a facility’s existing network infrastructure, forming a single communications network and allowing connectivity over greater distances. Supporting four channels and 20 beltpacks, the HelixNet Main Station offers the simplicity of group communication and the high-channel capacity and flexibility of point-topoint matrix systems.

QVS HDE-K, HDMI v1.3 Single Cat-5e Active Extender Kit

The HDE-K, HDMI v1.3 Single Cat-5e Active Extender Kit with broadcast and IR control extends HDMI signal up to 400 meters away from HDMI source using single Cat-5e/RJ45 cable. It supports DVI-D using a HDMI to DVI adaptor, providing greater flexibility in integrating several home theater components. Hundreds of HD displays are possible with the addition of more receiver modules. Embedded infra-red (IR) control path allows user to control source remotely. It supports 1080p and HDCP compliant.

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