COLLEVO Launches Embedded Monitor Solutions -

COLLEVO Launches Embedded Monitor Solutions

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Collevo Inc., a provider of industrial embedded LCD monitors for digital signage, has announced total-solution products for digital signage with two embedded monitor solutions named Large-Size Panel PC and Signage PC Display to offer customers a complete system for diverse applications.

The Embedded Monitor Solution by Collevo Inc. facilitates the creation of a unique and powerful communications medium that offers opportunities and dedicated out-of-home digital signage to capture an audience's attention at key decision-making locations. For large-format deployment and diversified vertical markets, Collevo also bundles useful management utilities to develop the full range requirements. Installers can design the system with greater flexibility and scalability. The Embedded Monitor Solution is also provides project owners with more choices of business models corresponding to the emerging market and versatile applications.

The turnkey system offers a complete solution comprising of Industrial PC or Signage Media Player hardware, content and device management software. In terms of signage appliance with remote management and available Internet/Intranet connectivity, deployment is quick and locations are easily changed.

Advancements in processors, in multimedia capabilities of software operating systems, and in networking technology make delivering and driving dynamic content over a network of display-integrated signage terminals a compelling alternative to non-integrated displays that require inefficient computing units, often mounted in difficult-to-service locations.

Collevo's Embedded Monitor Solution is characterized by immediate & versatile deployment, windows open platform for any signage software, bundle signage applications with effective content and display management (by product model), large & integrated touch screen option for interactivity, durable industrial grade design, and a complete system for specialty application.

Some of the advantages for customers to use Embedded Monitor Solution are very low startup investment, durable playback guarantee, replacement for static posters, replacing DVD players and PCs connections, easy installation and plug-and-play.

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