Bon Voyage! Magenta Launches the Voyager -

Bon Voyage! Magenta Launches the Voyager

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Magenta Research has unveiled the Voyager VG-DA7 Fiber Optic Distribution Amplifier, a distribution amplifier (line splitter) for sending one fiber input to seven identical fiber outputs or two fiber inputs to three identical fiber outputs each.

When combined with Voyager series transmitters, receivers and matrix switchers, the VG-DA7 can enable any end-to-end configuration for distribution of uncompressed video, audio, RS-232, IR and USB signals over fiber.

Key features include:
• Distributes one fiber input to seven outputs (1x7) or two independent fiber inputs to three fiber outputs each (Dual 1x3)
• Singlemode or multimode fiber on input (VG-DA7-SM, VG-DA7-MM)

• Mix multi-mode and single-mode fiber types on outputs
• Multimode (VG-DA7-MM): 1000ft/300m (50um), 3300ft/1KM (OM3), 6600ft/2KM (OM4)
• Singlemode (VG-DA7-SM): 18.75MI/30KM

• Output distance range determined by attached receiver type



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