Looking Forward to the AES Convention

Looking Forward to the AES Convention

The 139th Audio Engineering Society International Convention is set to return to New York City this October, bringing with it the latest trends, products, and standards geared towards the pro audio industry. Held at the Jacob Javits Center from October 29 to November 1, this annual event will provide an opportunity for AV professionals to meet and discuss where they see the future of audio heading.

Bob Moses, executive director, Audio Engineering Society “AES has embraced the motto ‘If it’s about audio, it’s at AES,’” said Bob Moses, executive director, AES. “We’re working hard to apply this mantra to all our activities, including the conventions. In addition to the areas of specialization, there are program elements that will share the latest practices and technologies in sound for picture, networked audio, archiving and restoration, project studios, and streaming—literally something for everyone, from seasoned audio professionals to students and even hobbyists.”

On the show floor, networked audio will surely have a strong presence, as trends this year have shown it gaining weight in every aspect of professional audio, including the AES67 standard, which is being rapidly adapted. On the AV side, we’ve seen the same push for networked audio, and AES will provide an opportunity to see what companies are adapting network solutions to their products.

“Spatial audio and immersive sound are also hot topics in broadcast and sound for picture, and even for portable devices and streaming—there’s a full track of spatial audio demonstrations this year,” Moses added. “The wireless microphone market continues to be a moving target and the experts assembled at the 139th are unsurpassed in their ability to make sense of the impact of recent FCC rulings and in the technology that lets wireless microphone users adapt.”

Last year, AES returned to LA, bringing with it the highest West Coast registration in 10 years. While registration is still in the early stages right now, Moses said he hopes to keep the momentum going (two years ago when AES was in New York, the final count was approximately 18,500, a five-year record). “More than 235 exhibitors and sponsors have signed on for this year, with some numbers in play,” said Moses.

Returning to AES for its second year is the Live Sound Expo, a companion to the long-running Project Studio Expo. Both are located on the show floor and open to all attendees. Each day, the Live Sound Expo will have themed days of sessions, covering house of worship, fixed install, theater sound, and touring. Mark Frink, a veteran live sound engineer, will host the expo this year.

“The 139th AES Convention isn’t going to be all live sound, of course,” Moses said. “The special events program is particularly strong, with a host of industry leaders as presenters. And speaking of special events, this year, AES has partnered with Chuck Wilson and the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA), and are hosting a live show with The Drunk Unkles on Thursday, October 29 at the Cutting Room (44 East 32nd Street, New York, NY), which will help raise money for the NSCA Education Foundation.”

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Forensic Audio Analyst Bruce E. Koenig to Give Heyser Memorial Lecture

More than 235 exhibitors and sponsors have signed up for the 139th AES Convention, held in New York City from October 29 to November 1. This year’s Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecture, an annual keynote lecture held during the AES convention, will feature forensic audio/video analyst Bruce E. Koenig. The lecture, titled “Acoustic Forensic Gunshot Analysis— The Kennedy Assassination and Beyond” will give an in-depth look at the role that audio forensics has played in this historical context, as well as in current events and investigations. The Heyser Memorial Lecture is part of the special events program. The lecture is put on by the AES Technical Council and is open to all registered attendees, including those with the “Exhibits-Plus” Badge, which is free with advance registration.

In his presentation, retired FBI agent and forensic consultant Bruce E. Koenig will illuminate the mysteries of acoustic gunshot analysis, which first drew public attention with the examinations of a police department recording made during President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, TX, in 1963. Koenig will explain the audio tests performed in those examinations and shed light on procedures used in other controversial cases, such as recent police shootings. He will also offer insights on the use of critical listening, high-resolution waveform, spectrographic, narrow-band spectrum, energy contour and statistical analyses, as well as give his views on the latest developments in the field. The lecture will conclude with a look at the research needed to move acoustic gunshot analysis forward in coming years.

Koenig is a private consultant, examiner, researcher and founder of the forensic audio/video/image consulting company BEK TEK LLC, and has testified on nearly 400 occasions as an expert witness.