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Linea Research Launches Install-Focused C Series Amplifiers

Linea Research Launches Install-Focused C Series Amplifiers

The What: Linea Research has introduced the installation-focused C Series range of networked DSP amplifiers. The new C Series takes the high performance of the company’s M Series and delivers it in an installation-targeted, contractor-friendly package.

The What Else: 44C variants comprise the high-power 44C20 with four channels of 5,000W at 2 ohms per channel; the 44C10 with four channels of 2,500W at 2 ohms per channel; and the 44C06 four channels of 1,500W at 2 ohms. Eight-channel 88C versions range from the 1,250W 88C10 to the 750W 88C06 and the 400W 88C03. All 88C amplifiers can deliver their full rated power into 2, 4, or 8-ohm loads, or into 70/100V systems, selectable on a channel-by-channel basis.

Linea Research 88C10

In common with M Series touring versions, C Series amplifiers can operate on any supply voltage from 100 to 240 volts, and the efficient design enables lower current draw and thermal dissipation than typical amplifiers. “This efficiency is one of the reason’s we’re able to deliver our power ratings with all channels driven, even with a sine wave source” said Ben Ver, Linea Research’s engineering director. “Our truly unique power supply and amplifier design puts us ahead of the curve and allows us to provide impressive performance without having to resort to ambiguous specifications.”

Amplifier setup is achieved using Linea Research’s System Engineer software. Additional third-party control via the built-in contact closure, fault relay, RS-232, RS485, and TCP/IP interfaces help ensure the C Series can be integrated into new or existing control architectures.

“It may be a cliché, but hearing really is believing,” said Rik Kirby, vice president of Linea Research’s U.S. operation. “While it may be difficult to choose between two competing amplifiers on paper, when we plug them in and listen, the benefit is clearly audible and easily measurable. That’s why we’ve been investing so heavily in getting evaluation product into our reps and customers hands. We are in the audio business after all, so shouldn’t we be listening with our ears as well as our eyes?”

The Bottom Line: Comprising three four-channel and three eight-channel models, C Series amplifiers offer full-featured DSP control and an optional Dante interface in a compact 2U chassis with a tamperproof front panel.

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