Bretford Tool Designed to Protect Tech

  • Bretford Manufacturing introduced the Juice Power System, a tool created to help facilities increase connectivity, reduce installation costs, and protect valuable technology equipment. The Juice Power System allows up to four tables and eight computer stations to be powered from a single outlet without the expense of hardwiring or the clutter of individual power strips. Bretford will debut the new system this month at InfoComm 2010.
  • “Previously, if you wanted to daisy-chain the power in a row of tables then it had to be hardwired into the building infrastructure to meet code — this is an expensive and very inflexible solution,” said Dave Smith, product manager at Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. “The only other option is to use individual power strips that allow for some flexibility but pose the risk of being a fire hazard if an outlet becomes overloaded. Additionally, power strips still require a plug for each cord, which is a challenge if the room is not well-equipped with outlets.”
  • The Juice Power System from Bretford provides a new alternative by safely connecting and powering the electrical components of up to four tables from a single plug that can be used in any outlet. “The Juice system provides the best of all worlds, eliminating the high cost of hiring an electrician to install the hardwired components, the tangled cords, and the difficulty of finding enough plugs associated with individual power strips,” said Smith.
  • The Juice Power System features a “tool-less” installation that doesn’t require an electrician or building modification so it can be incorporated into a facility for less than half the cost of most hardwired components. Additionally, the Juice system powers from standard outlets and the tables can be connected in any order to allow the room to remain flexible and easily reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a work environment. Best of all, the Juice system uses existing mounting hole patterns so it can be installed on both new tables or in existing installations alike.

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