Buildings And Margins

  • Building profit margins is required for a systems integration company to stay in business and continue building systems. To that end, look out for SCN's new "Margin Builder$" boxes. In our coverage of topics relevant to your business, we are now calling attention to the concepts and practices that are margin builders in our installation, business and trend stories so as to provide a quick reference on how a certain new technology or aspect of an industry can help to build your business' margins and thus your bottom line. Also in this issue, business experts, Mike Bradley and Ron Lang offer real-world information for building margins.
  • Back in Vegas, there are some building relationships at the NSCA Expo. Read on in the News section for NSCA's alliance with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), which ties in nicely to this month's SCN cover story on systems integrators joining the building party earlier in the process. A commercial space is not complete until the AV is installed. As general contractors are recognizing this, the perception of the AV integrator's role gets some much-deserved recognition.