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JBL Professional Intellivox HP-DS370 Loudspeaker Array

  • HARMAN’s JBL Professional is introducing the Intellivox HP-DS370 active beam shaping loudspeaker array, offering high output and loudspeaker directivity control. The HP-DS370 measure 3.7 meters in height and has an output capability of 105 dB at 30 meters, along with a frequency response to 18 kHz. The horizontal dispersion is 100 degrees and the typical throw is around 50 meters, which means an area of approximately 2,150 square meters can be covered by a single device.
  • The HP-DS370 is an update to the Intellivox DS1608, which was the world’s first commercially available beam-shaping high-power loudspeaker array. The HP-DS370 looks similar to the 1608 but that's where the similarity ends. The unit now has all the electronics built into the loudspeaker enclosure, an efficient power supply and class D amplification. Combine this with the fact that the unit is also IP 55 rated and it’s no wonder that it's already proving to be a hit with systems integrators and clients. The electronics mean that power consumption and therefore the lifetime costs are dramatically reduced.
  • The HP-DS370 features 14 individual, high-efficiency, 6.5-inch loudspeakers arranged in accordance with JBL Intellivox’s patented algorithm, plus two coaxially mounted compression drivers for extended frequency response. It also utilizes Intellivox’s exclusive DDS beam-shaping capability, which uses complex room mapping to provide complex directivity patterns. This not only results in even SPL coverage but DDS also ensures that the frequency response is consistent throughout the space.
  • “Since the introduction of beam shaping loudspeakers in 1999, the Intellivox high-power models have been specified to solve the problems of speech intelligibility and musical reinforcement in highly reverberant spaces and performance spaces. We really have done everything from railway stations to opera houses with the high-powered Intellivox products,” said Nick Screen, Intellivox Sales Director, JBL Professional. “The Intellivox HP-DS370 combines sonic excellence, unmatched directivity control, even SPL coverage and low lifetime costs, making it a great option in terms of sound quality and overall system cost.”