GE Customer Experience Center, Prysm Video Wall -

GE Customer Experience Center, Prysm Video Wall

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Video display provider Prysm Inc. reports that a Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) has been installed at GE’s new Grid IQ Innovation Center in Markham, Ontario.

GE’s video display consists of hundreds of integrated tiles providing a seamless, rounded interactive experience measuring 60’ wide by 10’ tall. Prysm’s exclusive Canadian distributor, APG Displays, was integral to the installation of GE’s new video wall. APG excels in providing solutions for a variety of commercial markets by staying ahead of the curve in the way audiences interact with digital content and offering new ways to engage with it.

“Working closely with Prysm, the Customer Experience Center came together flawlessly,” said David Weatherhead, VP of APG Displays. ”Prysm’s latest solution offers free-form flexibility and life-like imagery that will engage audiences in this unique, educational setting. Built on solid-state lasers, the displays deliver crisp, clear video viewable from 178 degrees and are built to last. Our joint customers also enjoy the extreme power savings LPD offers compared to traditional backlit or projector screens.”

“Prysm’s technology has evolved into a true business driver for our Fortune 2000 customer base. Companies require new innovative ways to deliver targeted messages to their many audiences and Prysm delivers in an unforgettable visual manner,” said Amit Jain, CEO and founder of Prysm. “We are truly excited to be part of GE’s legacy and help promote its long-standing brand. GE provides energy for millions of customers, and by using Prysm, it is able to bond with both present and future clients alike; something all large companies strive to do.”


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Prysm Video Wall at Wipro Center

Prysm, Inc., a privately held designer of total display solutions, announced the installation of a Cascade 117 collaboration video wall solution at the Wipro Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Mountain View, California.

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Prysm for IAC High-Resolution Video Wall

The Frank Gehry-designed IAC HQ is home to many of IAC’s Internet and media companies, and now features a super high-resolution video wall using Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), a display technology using low-power, solid–state lasers.

Prysm Sees Growth, Success in 2012

Prysm reports that 2012 has been its most successful year to date. Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology has reshaped the digital experience by delivering beautiful, eco-friendly, seamless videowalls with image clarity, extreme viewing angles, high resolution and picture uniformity, all with low power consumption.

Prysm Partners with Sony Business Solutions Corporation

Prysm has entered into an agreement with Sony Business Solutions Corporation to distribute Prysm’s proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology in Japan. Prysm LPD videowalls are expected to be a strong addition to Sony’s corporate AV products it is already distributing to this region.

Prysm Channel Partners

Prysm Inc., the provider of laser phosphor display (LPD) technology for large-format applications, has announced that to date is has enlisted fifteen channel partners that will promote, sell and support its display panels in North America, Europe and the Middle East. The partners will provide customers with installa