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Interpretive Tech

Brähler ICS Has Built a Reputation on Reliable Conferencing and Communication Technology

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HEADQUARTERS: Königswinter, Germany
OBJECTIVE: Brähler’s DIGIMIC offers wired and wireless microphones that seamlessly work together, are easily expandable, and are fully selfconfiguring.

Brähler ICS is recognized as one of the global leaders in conferencing technology, audience response voting systems, and simultaneous interpretation. The company was founded in Bonn, Germany by Helmut Brähler in 1958.

Helmut Brähler as a technician sitting between the interpreter and the first German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

Brähler ICS designs, manufactures, rents, and sells products for simultaneous interpretation, microphone discussion, and audience response voting systems throughout the world. The very first installed discussion system used a mixing console with extensive cabling for each microphone. Soon thereafter, Helmut Brähler invented the single cable daisy chaining method of managing large numbers of microphones. In 1985, Brähler introduced the first illuminating ring to conference microphones, providing a visual indication of the person speaking. These innovations are used throughout the industry today and set the stage for continued advancements.

The wireless technology for the DIGIMIC product, launched in 2009, demonstrates that innovation is alive and well at Brähler. DIGIMIC offers wired and wireless microphones that seamlessly work together, are easily expandable, and are fully self-configuring. A proprietary transmission protocol was created working in 2.4 GHz, using a unique narrowband process in contrast to the broadband of WLAN. Security mechanisms are also provided, such as adaptive frequency hopping, forward error correction, and advanced encryption coding. The result for the end user is reliable communication even in the most congested of wireless areas.

Many systems are in use throughout the United States, but perhaps the best example of the robust and reliable technology can be found in the more than 400 wireless delegate microphones recently installed in the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Helmut Brähler also recognized very early on that building a network of like-minded entrepreneurs was important and that these partners needed to be regarded as extended family. This led to the creation of the Brähler ICS Network—full service companies working together to offer clients the support and service needed under the most demanding circumstances. Conference Systems joined the Brähler ICS Network in 1989 as the exclusive U.S. distributor. In 2008, Conference Systems went from a direct sales support model to successfully working with integrators and consultants throughout the country.

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