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IHSE USA 485 Series

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IHSE USA is introducing a new family of fiber/Cat-x media converters and cross-repeaters. The new 485 series were specifically designed for applications requiring cross conversion of Cat-x to fiber, repeating Cat-x or fiber interconnects for longer distances, or connecting redundant path operations for zero down-time operations. These media converters/repeaters can be used with IHSE USA’s vario, compact, and enterprise line of switch products.

The 485 series is the perfect cost savings solution when only a few signals need to be shared longer distances between buildings or multi-level office buildings. Signals available on a cat x matrix switch system can be converted to fiber for transmission and converted back to Cat-x at the receiver (or vice-versa). This is useful in bridging buildings with copper-based switch/extender systems that are located some distance apart. High-quality signal processing and integral amplification ensures no signal degradation or transmission artifacts. These devices can be deployed between extenders as point-to-point or between extenders and matrices. For instance, IHSE USA’s Cat-x matrix systems can easily be retrofitted to support longer run fiber requirements by adding a set of 485 cat x to fiber media converters.

For critical path operations, the 485 series is offered with a redundant path option. Each 485 series includes two parallel path interconnects (RJ-45 or LC fiber) for primary/secondary operations. A typical scenario would have the local extender connected to the 485 unit with the primary connection to a KVM matrix switch and the secondary connection as a by-pass directly to the remote extender. In the event of a switch failure, the local and remote extenders can still communicate as a direct point-to-point path. The 485 Series family features bi-directional data ports allowing any port to be configured as an input or output. No additional configuration is required


IHSE USA 485 Series

IHSE USA, a global provider of ultra-fast and secure KVM matrix switch and extender solutions for broadcast related environments and government agencies today announced the introduction of a new family of fiber/cat-x media converters and cross-repeaters.

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IHSE VGA 8x1 CPU Switch Converter

IHSE USA, a global provider of ultra-fast and secure KVM matrix switch and extender solutions for broadcast related environments and government agencies announced the new 484 Series VGA 8 x 1 CPU Switch/Converter allowing up to 8 VGA CPU sources to be connected and switched through a single DVI extension port.

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IHSE USA is offering new multi-format solutions for HD-KVM switching of keyboard, video, audio, USB 2.0, data and mouse signals, to be demonstrated live at Content and Communications World (CCW) held at the Javits Convention Center, NY, November 14-15 (Booth 736).

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