FiberPlex Adds LightViper To 'Military Grade' -

FiberPlex Adds LightViper To 'Military Grade'

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FiberPlex, Inc. is adding the LightViper1808 bi-directional digital snake system to its range of "military grade" fiber optic products.

The new LightViper digital snake system consists of two 1U electronic rack mount units (VIM-1808 and VIM-0808) and a requisite fiber optic cable. The VIM-1808 accepts either four AES3 digital inputs, or eight line level analog inputs. The outputs consist of four AES3 digital outputs and eight line level analog outputs. The VIM-0808 is identical to the VIM-1808 except the latter has both clock input and output whereas the 0808 has clock only output. The VIM-1808 is the clock master in the system and the 0808 is the slave. A dual fiber optic "tactical grade" cable connects the system's two components.

The VIM-1808 digital snake will also facilitate RS422 serial data control along the same fiber optic cable with the addition of an optional dongle (LightViper DGL-422).

A primary application for the snake is the transmission of signals from the output of existing high-quality microphone preamps directly to the inputs of a digital console. This eliminates the need to convert signals from the digital domain into an analog signal, send these converted signals through a conventional copper snake, and then, subsequently re-convert them from the analog domain back into a digital one at the mixing console.
The digital snake system may also be deployed as a "drive rack snake." Digital outputs of a mixing console may be sent directly through a LightViper fiber optic cable to the digital inputs of power amplifiers; this topology maintains an all-digital signal path throughout the entire audio signal chain. In addition, the digital snake system will simultaneously route the console's digital output to both high-end power amps with digital inputs and to conventional monitor amps with analog inputs.

LightViper's fiber optic cable offers total signal path isolation between both stage and mixer as well as between the mixer and power amplification; the cable is totally immune to ground loops, RFI, EMI and electromechanical noise, and runs of up to 1 1/4 miles (6,600 feet) can be easily accomplished without signal loss or degradation.

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