FiberPlex Adds LightViper To 'Military Grade'

  • FiberPlex, Inc. is adding the LightViper1808 bi-directional digital snake system to its range of "military grade" fiber optic products.
  • The new LightViper digital snake system consists of two 1U electronic rack mount units (VIM-1808 and VIM-0808) and a requisite fiber optic cable. The VIM-1808 accepts either four AES3 digital inputs, or eight line level analog inputs. The outputs consist of four AES3 digital outputs and eight line level analog outputs. The VIM-0808 is identical to the VIM-1808 except the latter has both clock input and output whereas the 0808 has clock only output. The VIM-1808 is the clock master in the system and the 0808 is the slave. A dual fiber optic "tactical grade" cable connects the system's two components.
  • The VIM-1808 digital snake will also facilitate RS422 serial data control along the same fiber optic cable with the addition of an optional dongle (LightViper DGL-422).
  • A primary application for the snake is the transmission of signals from the output of existing high-quality microphone preamps directly to the inputs of a digital console. This eliminates the need to convert signals from the digital domain into an analog signal, send these converted signals through a conventional copper snake, and then, subsequently re-convert them from the analog domain back into a digital one at the mixing console.
  • The digital snake system may also be deployed as a "drive rack snake." Digital outputs of a mixing console may be sent directly through a LightViper fiber optic cable to the digital inputs of power amplifiers; this topology maintains an all-digital signal path throughout the entire audio signal chain. In addition, the digital snake system will simultaneously route the console's digital output to both high-end power amps with digital inputs and to conventional monitor amps with analog inputs.
  • LightViper's fiber optic cable offers total signal path isolation between both stage and mixer as well as between the mixer and power amplification; the cable is totally immune to ground loops, RFI, EMI and electromechanical noise, and runs of up to 1 1/4 miles (6,600 feet) can be easily accomplished without signal loss or degradation.
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