Humantechnik Debuts Tour Guide Comm System

Humantechnik Debuts Tour Guide Comm System

The What:The German manufacturer Humantechnik, specialized in audio systems, represented by its division AUDIOropa, will introduce a new tour-guiding and communication system at this year’s InfoComm.

The What Else: A small but powerful transmitter with connectors for headsets and microphones provides for typical unidirectional applications. The maximum signal range is up to 1000 feet, depending on the surroundings, and the transmission time per battery charge is approximately 20 hours.

The according receivers, equipped with an LC-display, sport two audio-out ports for the connection of various listening components. This makes it possible for hearing-impaired people to hear the tour guide with their own hearing aids at their own preferred volume, less disturbed by distracting environmental sound.

The typical configuration of tour guide systems, with one transmitter and several receivers, can be expanded at will by the xepton-system’s transceiver. This transceiver, a heavy-duty device, is shock resistant, dust and splash water, making it an all-weather piece of equipment.

The Bottom Line: The xepton-transceiver serves as a basic device for bidirectional applications, also for tour guide applications with a communication function or for the task of team-teaching. Up to three of these transmitter/receiver-units can simultaneously transmit within a group, and up to 40 groups are possible, each group being able to contain up to 100 paired units. Usage is xepton-typically easy, thanks to the options menu displayed on the LC screen.

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