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HRS Control HRS-eTouch

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HRS Control’s HRS-eTouch touch screen controllers, available in wall-mounted and desktop configurations for pro AV control, will make its InfoComm14 debut at the HRS Control booth # C4834 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 18-20. The new device utilizes HRS Designer software to build completely customizable controllers featuring graphics, branding and system design tailored to the user.

“We’ve been moving more and more into commercial integration, and as we work with clients on projects in commercial spaces a common request has been for in-wall mount touch screens,” said Drew Taylor, director of sales and applications for HRS Control.

HRS-eTouch can be used with a UDC Pro ECS-Raptor or other HRS Control servers in an environment with multiple touch screens controllers. It also features a built-in control server in a single controller application that requires no additional hardware or software investment so it can run as a stand-a-lone touch screen with built in controller. “Even though Raptor has iPad and Windows RT apps as well browser support, people have been asking for a dedicated device to perform this sole function,” Taylor explained. “So we’re excited to introduce this option.”

HRS-eTouch works with a UDC Pro ECS-Raptor as an efficient, custom control interface to the AV and IT equipment such as video processors, video routers, video conferencing, audio processors, lighting dimmers, video and audio playback, and record, displays, and more.

Fast and easy deployment is assured with HRS Designer software; no complex coding or programming is required. The wall-mount and desktop units are available in four- and seven-inch models with supported power over ethernet injector options.

The wall mount kit is shipping now; desktop kits will be available soon.


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HRS Control ECS Embedded Control Servers

HRS Control has introduced a complete line of ECS Embedded Control Servers encompassing both touch screen and central control servers. They will be unveiled to InfoComm14 attendees in the HRS Control booth #C4834 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 18-20.

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HRS Control Launches Automation App

HRS Control has introduced two new software products for automated control of AJA’s Ki Pro family of file-based recorder/players including Ki Pro, Ki Pro Mini, Ki Pro Rack and Ki Pro Quad. HRS KP Automation and the HRS KP Automation PRO are dedicated Mac OSX applications that provide simple control of multiple Ki Pro units.