New Products : February 2010

New Products : February 2010

Meyer Sound UP-4XP Ultracompact Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound has introduced four new loudspeakers. The UP-4XP ultracompact loudspeaker, the MM-4XPD directional miniature loudspeaker, the MM-10 miniature subwoofer, and the MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker can be connected to the MPS-488 power supply, a remote rackmount unit that supplies 48V DC power and balanced audio over a single cable using one 5-pin connector. This approach is designed to preserve the sonic advantages of self-powered systems while at the same time enabling simplified, low-cost installation. Custom colors and flushmount options keep these loudspeakers out of sight where visibility is concerned. Optimization tools like the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program and RMS remote monitoring system ensure seamless, predictable system performance.

Allen & Heath iLive
Allen & Heath has added two models to the iLive digital mixing series, the iDR-16 3U MixRack and iLive-R72 rackmountable control surface. The iDR-16 MixRack and iLive-R72 control surface connect using Allen & Heath’s proprietary ACE link, which allows cost-effective, long-distance point-to-point control and audio communication over a single Cat-5 cable up to 120m in length. The fixed I/O iDR-16 MixRack provides 16 mic/ line inputs and 8 XLR outputs in a compact 3U frame, with a further 8-in/8-out available locally at the iLive-R72 surface.

Aviom MT-X Expansion Box

Aviom’s MT-X Expansion Box can be added to any A-16 or A-16II personal mixer and offers users robust protection to the personal mixer’s case and connectors while supplying additional audio connectivity options. In addition to the 1/4-inch stereo headphone jack found on the personal mixers, the MT-X also offers a 1/8-inch stereo headphone jack, as well as separate XLR left/right audio outputs, streamlining connections to a wide range of listening devices. All connectors are located on the underside of the MT-X, with an internal wire harness that connects to the A-16II audio output jack and A-Net input jack. For further robustness, the A-Net input on the MT-X features a heavy-duty locking EtherCon connector.

Karray Sound Reinforcement Solutions

Karray has introduced two additions to their line of cutting-edge sound reinforcement solutions: the miniature Lyzard loudspeaker and the Nynja 3D line-array element. The Lyzard KZ10 is an ultra-miniature, ultra-powerful speaker that is barely larger than an average cell phone. Available in black or white, the KZ10 is ideal for use in restaurants and bars, museums and conference rooms, and any other facilities that require ultra-discreet audio solutions. The slim, miniature column measures just 1.7 centimeters deep and weighs a mere 3.2 ounces. It delivers audio with an output of 92 dB continuous. The ultra-flat Nynja KJ50vb is a variable dispersion, high-tech 3D linearray element.

Peavey Impulse 12D Enclosure

Peavey’s Impulse 12D powered loudspeaker enclosure features a true ribbon driver and a 12-inch Peavey Black Widow loudspeaker engineered with dual voice coil, push-pull technology, and a neodymium magnet. A Woofer Servo circuit monitors back- EMF and controls cone motion, ensuring the cone’s movement mirrors the driving signal from the power amp and resulting in very low distortion, high power handling, and rock-solid lowfrequency attack. The advanced new ribbon driver, based on the ribbons used in the Peavey Versarray line array, provides 90-degrees H x 30-degrees V coverage, with sonically transparent reproduction.

Aurora/Knox Video Matrix Switchers
Knox Video has teamed with Aurora Multimedia on the expansion of their Chameleon series of matrix switchers. This product integrates a touch panel/control system (TPC7) into a matrix switch, making full system control possible from the rack location, or from virtually anywhere through a web interface. Two years ago, Knox integrated a widescreen video preview monitor into the front panel of their modular Chameleon series routers. The Chameleon has always been the preeminent choice for these applications because of its modular design that allows for in-field servicing and upgrades.

EAW KF740 Line Array System

EAW’s KF740 line array system is optimized for the widest possible range of touring and installation applications. The symmetrical design, large horn, and spaced woofers provide exception pattern control when optimized via EAW Focusing and directed by EAW Resolution software. High-output, yet extremely lightweight and compact, a KF740 module can integrate seamlessly into an existing KF760 or KF730 system or combine for a complete KF740 array perfect for applications of nearly any size.

Sharp 3D DLP Projectors
Sharp has introduced six 3D-ready DLP BrilliantColor professional projectors that offer high-quality 3D projection from a single projector. Incorporating DLP Link technology, when used with compatible 3D field sequential content and active shutter 3D glasses (not included) that support the DLP Link System, this full suite of models captivates audiences with 3D imagery. These projectors offer 3D support with both 60 Hz and 120 Hz XGA and SVGA sources. Ideal for classrooms and meeting rooms, the projectors utilize Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor multicolor processing to provide enhanced colors and imaging that bring presentations to life.

MXL Mic Mate USB Mini Mixer Kit

MXL Microphones’ Mic Mate USB Mini Mixer Kit is a portable solution for recording, monitoring, and mixing directly to a laptop or desktop computer. In addition to recording vocals and instruments, the Mic Mate USB Mini Mixer is ideal for group rehearsals, video voiceovers, podcasting, and group interviews. Compatible with today’s popular recording software, the palm-sized USB-powered mixer allows up to four dynamic microphones to be recorded directly into a desktop or laptop computer.

Boxlight ProjectoWrite2/W
Boxlight has released a short throw version of their ProjectoWrite2/W. The ProjectoWrite2/W was developed to encompass an entire interactive whiteboard experience in a stand-alone and portable unit. Traditional whiteboards require various hardware components to function -- costing many thousands of dollars and requiring complex installation. The ProjectoWrite2/W was created to simplify installation, allow for portability, reduce the expenses typical for interactive solutions, and now features a short throw lens allowing for a 60-inch surface from 48 inches back and an 80-inch surface from only 64 inches back.

Audio-Technica 4000/5000 Series Wireless Systems

Audio-Technica is updating its Artist Elite 4000 Series and 5000 Series frequency-agile true diversity UHF wireless systems. To ref lect the enhancements, the letter “a” will be added to the end of all 4000 and 5000 Series system model numbers. Product updates include a new backlit LCD on transmitters and locking battery door on UniPak body-pack transmitters; two-color power/mute LED to indicate on/mute status; new 25 kHz spacing, providing up to 996 selectable frequencies; and a new v3.0 of the AEW Control Interface Software, which now works with all popular operating systems.

Shure PSM 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System

Shure’s PSM 900 wireless personal monitor system sets a new category standard by delivering a combination of audio quality and RF performance to the most demanding professional events, installations, and tours. At the heart of the PSM 900 system are a rugged, all-metal, ultra-thin wireless bodypack receiver and a half-rack single wireless transmitter. The PSM 900 will also be available with Shure’s SE425 sound isolating earphones, which feature enhanced sound signatures and premium dual-speaker technology in a small, lightweight design.

Furman P-1800 PF Power Conditioner

An update to Furman’s Power Factor Pro, the P-1800 PF is a floor version of the popular rackmount P-1800 PF R. Ideal for instrument amplifiers and guitar/bass heads, the P-1800 PF provides comprehensive protection with Furman’s Power Factor and Clear Tone Technologies for performance from high-current gear. The P-1800 PF’s new design features a sleek black finish and high-current outlets for instantaneous, low-impedance current delivery. Its compact, rugged steel construction is ideal for stage or studio use.


The CRESCENDO is a medium-format digital production console designed for the live theater and broadcast markets. The surface is modular and is designed to be more compact than traditional digital consoles yet still offering visual feedback and control. Select to use the console in the traditional channel strip method or via the center module, which offers a channel strip layout. Sixteen to 48 physical faders can control up to 300 channels and 128 buses. The console is multi-format to 5.1 with up and down mixing capabilities.

Riedel ROCKNET 100 Digital Snake

Riedel Communications has presented the new RockNet 100. RockNet 100 is a digital snake solution that provides up to 80 digital audio channels over a single counter- rotating Cat-5 ring. RockNet can be set up within minutes without a computer. Its technology and user interface is designed for real-world live sound applications. The system is auto-addressing and can be easily configured via the front panel or via the iRockWorks software. RockNet 100 offers a dynamic range of 114 dB. The design of RockNet 100 allows rack-mount as well as flat-on-the-floor stage-box operation.

Roland Systems Group S-4000M REAC Merge Unit

Roland Systems Group has released the new RSS S-4000M REAC Merge Unit. The S-4000M REAC Merge Unit allows up to four digital snakeheads to be merged into a REAC stream where the master device recognizes it as single REAC slave unit. This technology enables distribution of multiple input/ output units around a location, venue, or stage for flexible point-to-point digital snake or V-Mixing System configurations. Connect any combination of the RSS Digital Snake heads such as the S•4000S, S-1608, S-0816, or S-0808 and merge all the input/output to a single REAC signal.

Yamaha M7CL-48ES

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has released the M7CL digital console product line. The M7CL-48ES, with its main I/O interface being the SB168- ES remote stage box, connects via a single Cat-5 cable. The new console includes a built-in EtherSound interface with a third port for PC control and monitoring, eight omni ins, eight omni outs, and three MY card slots. The M7CL-48ES supports up to three SB168-ES stage boxes and, like the M7CL- 48, can mix up to 48 mono plus 4 stereo inputs to 16 mix buses, eight matrix outs, and stereo and mono outputs. The new Stage Box Quick Set up feature provides plug-and-play connection of up to three SB168-ES units.

Optocore Emulation Software

Optocore can interface with almost every console manufacturer and has development agreements with Digico, Yamaha, Soundcraft, Studer, Lawo, SSL, Neumann, and Digidesign. Via Optocore’s emulation software, operators have the ability to control gain and phantom power directly from the console work surface. Additionally Optocore’s A/D converter 1u modular preamps may be used in conjunction with existing console I/O racks to expand remote I/O or as a substituted preference. Optocore is a 512 channel network that is designed to allow up to 24 different nodes.

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