New Products December 2007

New Products December 2007
  • L-Acoustics' SB28 enclosure brings even more low-frequency impact and improved bass articulation to tours, installations, and corporate productions utilizing KUDO, V-DOSC, dV-DOSC and ARCS systems. The four-ohm SB28 contains two front-loaded, 18-inch direct radiating transducers integrated into a bass-reflex tuned enclosure capable of operating down to 25 Hz. These specially designed LF transducers provide an exceptional cone excursion capability combined with low thermal compression even at the very highest operating levels. Furthermore, the enclosure's bass-reflex vents feature a progressive profile allowing for truly laminar airflow.

The Sony BRC-Z700 pan-tilt-zoom camera is designed for an array of remote acquisition applications, including point-of-view for live broadcasting, distance learning, image magnification, event videography, and others. The camera can display images onto a large screen in houses of worship, auditoriums, teaching hospitals, corporate boardrooms, and at sporting events, trade shows, and concerts. The camera features three 1/4-inch ClearVid CMOS sensors, a 20x optical zoom with image stabilization and a silent and smooth pan/tilt mechanism. It has a wide pan range of -170 to +170 degrees, and a tilt range of -30 to +90 degrees.

NEC Display Solutions MultiSync 5 Series

NEC Display Solutions has added three new LCD monitors to its MultiSync 5 Series. These new, full-featured displays incorporate technologies while delivering desktop performance. The standard-aspect 19-inch MultiSync LCD195NXM, and the wide-screen 20-inch MultiSync LCD205WNXM, and 22-inch LCD225WNXM are Windows VISTA compatible and offer NEC's NaViSet software, an graphical user interface. With this feature, users can easily adjust on screen manager display settings via mouse and keyboard, allowing users to set the monitor to specific settings for color critical programs.

Mitsubishi Digital HL650U LCD Projector

Mitsubishi has introduced the HL650U, its newest SXGA+ resolution high-brightness LCD projector designed for applications requiring high, accurate details and vivid colors such as CAD/CAM, geographical and tactical mapping, medical imaging, and virtual simulation. The HL650U blasts 3100 ANSI lumens for a clear image even in high-ambient light settings such as large classrooms or meeting rooms with windows. Set-up features include digital vertical and horizontal keystone correction and an option that allows users to match selected background wall colors including beige, blue, green, pink, and blackboard.

Da-Lite Foldable Black Backed Da-Mat Fabric

Da-Lite Screen's Foldable Black Backed Da-Mat fabric is available in seamless sizes up to 16-feet high and is now standard on heavy duty fast-fold deluxe and fast-fold deluxe screens. This feature allows for the portability of a fast-fold screen with the image quality and opacity of a black backed material. The Foldable Black Backed Da-Mat fabric is also available for cut-to-size and lace and grommet surfaces.

Audio-Technica AT8539 Power Module

Audio-Technica has introduced its AT8539 power module which allows any Audio-Technica cW wireless essentials microphone with four-pin locking connector to be used in a wired configuration. Designed to offer audio and video production professionals even greater versatility, the AT8539 permits switching from wireless to wired audio acquisition using the same microphone, eliminating the need to carry two separate mics, wired and wireless, into the field. It also allows production facilities to standardize on microphones for studio and field use.

Solid FlatTech 1

Now speakers can match the aesthetic that everyone expects from video equipment: flat-panel. The flat construction makes them ideal in visually sensitive situations. You can even attach graphics to the face of the loudspeaker to advertise products, supply key information, etc. This 7.9 pound flat-panel speaker is easy to transport, easy to set up on a microphone stand, easy to store, and easy to carry into awkward venues at the top of a flight of stairs. When compared with conventional cone speakers, the FlatTech 1 delivers an even level of coverage within a room or venue, due to the low rate at which the apparent loudness of a flat-panel loudspeaker drops off with distance.

C.B.I. Shield Snake

C.B.I. has created the Shield Snake specifically to provide increased RF screening for critical applications in live performance and recording where there are particular problems with radio transmission or mobile phones. The Shield Snake features Neutrik EMC XLR connectors on the fan-out, which are designed to guarantee a continuous RF shield connection from the cable to the chassis connector housing via circular capacitor around the cable shield. An EMI suppression ferrite bead between pin 1 and the cable screen provides a low-pass filter for improved RF rejection.


EDIROL's M-16DX is a digital production console packed with features including a total of 18 inputs, mixing, 24/96 processing, a 3-band sweepable EQ and three pro quality effects. All of this is crammed into a design that enables the main breakout box to be housed away from the control surface for maximum ease of use. The free v2 software includes Cakewalk SONAR and Apple Logic modes that enable these powerful DAWs to be controlled out of the box with the knobs on the hardware assigning to their equivalent software controllers.

The Screen Works Seamless Projection Screen Material

The Screen Works now offers seamless projection screens in sizes up to 12 feet high and widths that span virtually any stage dimension. Available in matte white as well as rear projection, the flexible, seamless material offers an unblemished continuous surface so that projected images are consistent across an expansive image area. Standard HDTV and Video sizes include 10 x 30 foot, 10.5 x 14 foot, 10.5 x 18 foot, 12 x 21.25 foot, 12 x 16 foot, and 12 x 36 foot. Seamless widescreen, lace & grommet and custom sized surfaces are also available.

Roland S-OPT

The Roland S-OPT is a REAC optical converter that converts RSS Digital Snake System REAC signals to and from optical signals for long distance digital audio transmission. By using the REAC optical converter and optical cables, the REAC transmission distance can be extended to a maximum of two kilometers. The S-OPT optical connectors are Neutrik OpticalCon connectors and support mobile fiber cable from Neutrik. This optical interface provides for transmitting audio over long distances via optical while still taking advantage of the RSS Digital Snake System's mobility.

Anchor Audio AnchorMAN Wireless Intercom System

The AnchorMAN, mobile audio network, makes wireless intercom systems more affordable without cumbersome base stations, while offering easy, long-range communication. For any group needing to communicate, the new AnchorMAN wireless intercom system by Anchor Audio offers flexibility and ease of use. Designed for portability, the AnchorMAN requires no base station, as its belt packs talk directly to one another, and the system is expandable by buying additional belt packs. Switching communication from group to group is easy with the wireless intercom system. AnchorMAN allows switching between up to four user groups at the push of a button on a belt pack.

A.C.T Lighting

A.C.T Lighting's Zero 88 Jester features packed 24 and 48 channel memory consoles for the mid level user. The Jester is a new lighting console from Zero 88. It offers direct control of up to 48 channels of DMX either using submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack. A monitor port is standard on the Jester. Channel, cuestack, and submaster data can all be viewed using the monitor. An onboard LCD screen also provides the user with all information needed to operate the console allowing it to be used without a monitor.

Global Truss Portable Archway System

Portable goalpost-style trussing systems have become increasingly popular with mobile entertainers thanks to their ease of use, and their ability to hold up enough fixtures to put on a truly spectacular light show. Now, Global Truss brings another twist with the Arch System 1, an archway-shaped truss system that offers a touch of architectural style. Aside from its good looks, the arched shape truss allows lighting fixtures to be placed at different angles to add a new dimension to light shows. The open shape of trussing lends itself not only to having fixtures clamped onto it, but also to having rope lights woven through the openings.

Gerriets Kabuki G2 Curtain Drop System

Gerriets International introduced its new curtain drop system Kabuki G2. The new design for each Kabuki release mechanism is electronically driven and can safely hold and release loads of up to 110 pounds. The new load capacity is close to 100 percent more capacity as compared to existing systems. Not only is this new design unique, but it is rugged and easy to install.
Other than the increased load capacity, the variety of mounting options available are equally impressive. The control system is available in standard configurations of 30 units and 60 units and can operate in stand-alone or DMX mode.

Tributaries PWRS-T10

Tributaries' PWRS-T10 offers the peace of mind that comes only with highly effective surge suppression and noise filtering for AC power, and signal-line protection for telecomm, network, and cable, antenna, and satellite signals. The PWRS-T10 also offers a unique swivel action of five of its 10 outlets, which permits flexibility in accommodating bulky AC plugs-plus the ability to see at a glance whether the unit's MOVs are functioning, and therefore fully protecting the connected equipment. Every bit as important, the Tributaries PWRS-T10 delivers high-level protection from surge, overvoltage, and powerline noise or electromagnetic interference.

Lightronics Show*Pro Series Compact Dimmer

Lightronics introduced a new Compact Dimmer, the Show*Pro SD-4102. The SD-4102 is full of great features, including: four Channels, 600 Watts per Channel, 1650 Watts Max total pack, built in chase modes, DMX-512 protocol, 10 amp fuses, Edison output, and 120V.

AKG C5 and D5 Microphones

The C5 condenser microphone and D5 dynamic microphone each feature a dent-resistant spring steel elastic wire mesh cap for safe protection of the capsule element, as well as an integrated shock absorber system for compensation of handling noise. Additionally, the D5 features laminate varimotion diaphragm technology to deliver a smooth and controlled frequency response and the highest gain-before-feedback. Wireless versions of the C5 and D5 microphone capsules have also been developed and combined with AKG's WMS 4000 wireless system.

Extron Fiber Optic Extender

Extron Electronics' FOX 500 DVI is a transmitter and receiver set for long haul transmission of DVI, audio, and RS-232 control signals over a single fiber. It uses Extron's zero compression, all digital technology to deliver pixel-for-pixel transmission of computer-video images up to UXGA and HDTV 1080p. The FOX 500 DVI is available in 850 nm multimode and 1310 nm singlemode versions. A host of features are included with the FOX 500 DVI, including an EDID emulation mode, buffered input loop-through, RS-232 control from multiple locations, rack-mount capability, and real-time system monitoring.

Belden Banana Peel Projector Cables

Belden's Banana Peel projector cables are designed to support high performance in inter-room audio/video installations. The cables are flexible and feature Belden's Banana Peel construction, which delivers installation benefits for installers implementing sophisticated room-to-room multimedia systems in high-tech buildings. Within the new composite cables, the video components include six Belden RG-59 Type 75 Ohm Precision video mini coax cables for analog and digital video. The audio components include two Belden 22 AWG shielded twisted pair audio cables featuring aluminum foil-bonded jackets for easy access to the positive, negative and shield drain wire.

Crestron CEN-RGBHV Switchers

Crestron CEN-RGBHV wideband matrix switchers are designed to provide flexible signal routing of high-res video and audio. With low crosstalk, 450MHz video bandwidth, professional balanced audio, and full Crestron control system integration, the CEN-RGBHV switchers satisfy the video requirements of corporate boardrooms and training centers, university lecture halls, high-tech houses of worship, command and control facilities, and live staging events. Via Cresnet or high-speed Ethernet, Crestron switchers offer control system integration with every function accessible through SIMPL or SystemBuilder without deciphering cryptic protocols. Up to 10 routing presets can be saved onboard for instant recall.

projectiondesign Action! M30 1080 projector

projectiondesign's Action! Model 30 1080 projector benefits from 10-bit resolution electronics built into all projectiondesign projectors, and that includes additional HDMI 1.3 inputs. HDMI 1.3 video gives M30 users more bandwidth, increased refresh rates, support for color depths of up to 16 bits, and even supports the new extended gamut color space. In addition to employing Texas Instruments BrilliantColor' technology, the Action! M30 1080 uses projectiondesign DuArch illumination architecture featuring dual lamps, dual seven-segment color wheels and light formatters. This delivers full-resolution images for cinematic realism and depth.

DPA 4080 Miniature Cardioid Lavalier Mic

DPA Microphones' 4080 miniature cardioid lavalier microphone combines optimal speech intelligibility with a discreet, compact design to create a high-performance lavalier microphone for broadcast, conference or other live applications. Achieving maximum gain before feedback, the acoustically pre-equalized 4080 captures the human voice with a high degree of definition, providing intelligible sound quality. The 4080 is a complete, integrated system combining microphone, windscreen, shock mount, and cable management lapel clip into a compact solution. The microphone can be easily turned in any direction and it mounts on either the right or left lapel.

Optocore Fiber Network System

Optpcore is a optical fiber networking system specifically designed to meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of professional live audio, broadcast, studio, installation, and video. Optpcore is low latency, fast point-to-multipoint network. Because of Optocore's synchronous design, the digital delay over the complete network from any point to another is 41 microseconds, which includes the matrix and remains constant regardless of the number of nodes on the network. And, unlike Cat-5 systems, Optocore doesn't pass through switches. Every device on the network acts as a full-featured switch, eliminating the need for a central switch.

Liberty ConnecTec Audio Connectors

Liberty Wire & Cable's two new series of ConnecTec audio connectors include separate sets of connectors for 10-12 AWG and 14-16 AWG speaker cable. Each set of connectors includes banana plugs, spades, and angle pins designed to screw onto a separate base, which is compressed onto the cable. The connectors provide installers with maximum flexibility, speed, and convenience. All are compatible with Liberty's compression tool, milled from a solid piece of NASA-grade aluminum and anodized in a bright red finish.

Zaxcom STA200

Zaxcom's STA200 is a microphone input adaptor tailored for use in dance and theatrical applications. The STA200 is a valuable tool for audio professionals who need to transmit multiple audio channels from a single body pack. The new adaptor expands on the feature set of Zaxcom's TRX900 wireless microphone transceiver by allowing the production staff to connect two additional microphones for a total of three microphones supported by just one unit. Zaxcom's STA200 has two auxiliary microphone connectors facing downwards for mounting on a performer's tap shoes during theatrical and dance presentations.


Advanced Media Design's (AMD) DMR210e records and archives presentations, training sessions, meetings, and videoconferences utilizing hundreds of hours of on-board storage in high definition, WXGA resolution in MPEG-4 format. Furthermore, it simultaneously streams audio and video content while recording for live sharing as well as on-demand access of full motion video and stereo audio content. Boasting a new DVD drive and prominent power switch, MediaPOINTE's DMR210e has an updated GUI for user control and an enhanced control line interface for easier coding and system integration.

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