Holosonics Issued Two New Patents

Holosonics Issued Two New Patents

Over the last decade and a half, Holosonics has collected 22 unique U.S. patents surrounding its Audio Spotlight directional speaker technology, in addition to others internationally. Now, two additional patents have been approved and issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Holosonics' 'Wall of Patents'

The first patent covers improvements to the ultrasonic driver design at the heart of the Audio Spotlight, which result in increased output, cleaner sound, and a lower cost to consumers. The second patent covers refinements to the essential algorithms for converting audio to ultrasound which result in audio output that is reproduced with even greater clarity and less distortion than previously achievable.

Joe Pompei, president and CEO of Holosonics and inventor of Audio Spotlight technology explained, "We're never satisfied resting on our laurels. Even atop the directional sound marketplace, Holosonics will always continue to press our product and core technologies forward through devoted R&D, and to push the very limits of the physics of sound."

The mathematics of nonlinear wave physics is quite complex, and the specific governing equations addressing the conversion of ultrasound to audible sound are not solvable in closed-form. Solving these equations is essential for knowing how to synthesize the correct ultrasound signal, such that the desired audio signal is reproduced accurately, and in real time. Holosonics has pioneered several processing techniques for enhancing the conversion efficiency, to ensure that only the absolute minimum of ultrasound is needed for reproducing the desired audio output, and also to create and optimize fast, efficient computational techniques to implement these algorithms on inexpensive DSP's.

"This grows the number of our issued U.S. patents to 24, with many more pending, which adds confirmation to Holosonics' leadership in developing this revolutionary, unique new audio technology,” said Dr. F. Joseph Pompei.

Holosonics previously developed its own custom, proprietary loudspeaker driver technology to address the difficulties of accurately reproducing high-fidelity audio from high-fidelity ultrasound. Based on a thin moving film, rather than piezoelectric ceramics, the Holosonics driver is light, extremely efficient, and has unmatched ultrasonic bandwidth and fidelity. With over 10 years in continuous development, it is an important part of Audio Spotlight technology.

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