Hide the Beat: Invisible Speakers at InfoComm 2014

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With a continued desire to provide a great sounding environment without the mess of clunky speakers impacting the aesthetics of your given space, Revolution Acoustics wants to change the way you think about invisible speakers. We're probably all familiar with multiducer applications. I even ran across a few on the floor at InfoComm, but did not come across any products with the clarity of Revolution Acoustic's SSP6 system.

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This system can be installed in two quick minutes (keep in mind, though, that you can very easily install the multiducers in under a minute on a drywall surface). The extreme mounting flexibility of the system means you have the ability to use their optimized amplifier to drive a pair of speakers per amplifier. With built in EQs that allow you to tailor your output to best match the material you’ve mounted your multiducers to, these little pucks are ready to rock right out of the box. 

With so many situations where we need to add audio to rooms quickly and effectively, the SSP6 system just might fit the bill. Given their seemingly phenomenal ease of use and simple installation, it might be time that you gave invisible speakers another look.


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