New Products July 2007

New Products July 2007
  • Extron Electronics's MTPX Plus Series twisted pair matrix switchers feature dynamic skew compensation, RS-232 control signal insertion, local audio/video inputs and outputs, and level and peaking compensation. Available in six fixed I/O sizes from 8x16 to 32x32, the MTPX Plus Series are capable of routing high-resolution video and audio signals 1,000 feet or more over Cat-5, 5e, or 6 UTP cable. They are fully compatible with Extron MTP Series twisted pair transmitters, receivers, and distribution amplifiers.

The FlatPak SA82 surge protector and power conditioner is designed for flat panel monitors. This latest addition to the SurgeX product line offers Series Mode surge protection, impedance tolerant EMI/RFI filtering, and over voltage shutdown that automatically resets when voltage returns to a safe level. The FlatPak SA82 is available in both black and silver finishes and comes with a detachable power cord and universal mounting brackets.

APC ProAV Rack

American Power Conversion's (APC) ProAV rack is a 42U enclosure and is 42 inches deep, and boasts mounting rails with 10-32 threaded holes. Fully adjustable front and rear mounting rails with threaded holes allow a wide range of AV equipment mounting options while utilizing the industry preferred 10-32 fasteners. The APC ProAV rack incorporates convenient split side panels, and space-saving split rear doors for easy access to installed equipment. Perforated front and rear doors help maximize airflow to cool critical components.

Astatic Polar Pattern Mics

Astatic Commercial Products has developed a line of variable polar pattern mics that include the GNVPD gooseneck, GNVP condenser gooseneck, 930VP Boundary Condenser, and the CTM-1500 large diaphragm condenser variable polar pattern microphones. The GNVPD condenser, dual-flex gooseneck microphones come with a permanently attached weighted PTT base. Contained within the weighted base is a PTT switch with the capability to trigger a contact closure, the status LED can be remotely controlled by a control system or automatic audio mixer. The GNVP dual-flex, continuously variable pattern, miniature gooseneck condenser microphones are designed for speech and vocal pickup.

CSI CU6005 Central Control Unit

Conference Systems, Inc.'s (CSI) CU6005 central control unit is capable of managing up to 500 conference units and features a slot for inserting modules in the back panel. Feature licenses can be uploaded to allow control of microphone management of the units and interpretation channels from four to 16. The CU6005 allows for eight open microphones at a time and features auto-off capabilities, different operation modes, various interlock functions for interpreter sets, and three microphone-interrupt ability modes. Feature licenses can also be uploaded to enable voice activation and encrypted sound for security.

Furman IT-Reference 16E And SPR-16E

Furman Sound's IT-Reference 16E and SPR-16E power management products' new designs feature black steel and silver brushed aluminum complemented by blue LED lights. The new IT-Reference 16E and SPR-16E units will be designated with a letter "i" at the end of each model number to differentiate them from the original series. The IT-Reference 16E i power conditioner offers discrete symmetrical power to cancel hum-inducing noise from audio and video, power factor technology to provide current on-demand for power-starved amplifiers, and three discrete dual-screen power banks to eliminate intercomponent interference and noise. The SPR-16E i power voltage regulator provides a 230 VAC supply from excessively low or high AC voltage sources.

Doremi Labs DSDI-20 Converter

Doremi Labs DSDI-20 converts the DVI computer signal, up to 1920x1200, to high definition or standard definition SDI video. The analog VGA format is also supported via the DVI-I input. By converting DVI to SDI, computer generated images can be recorded, broadcast, and displayed. The DSDI-20s high definition HD-SDI output helps to retain the details and small fonts typical of a computer's high-resolution display. The DSDI-20 supports NTSC, PAL, and popular HD video formats including 1080i, 1080p and 720p. The DSDI setup menu is displayed as a burn-in window through its SDI output.

Audio-Technica SpectraPulse UWB Wireless Microphone System

Audio-Technica's SpectraPulse ultra wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system bypasses the increasingly congested RF environment to deliver clear audio without the performance and set-up issues associated with conventional wireless systems. The SpectraPulse UWB wireless microphone system components include: the mtu101 microphone transmitter unit; drm141 digital receiver module; aci707 audio control interface; and cei007 charger encryption interface. The mtu101 microphone transmitter unit (in a boundary mic design) features a programmable touch-sensitive switch (that can be programmed for push-to-talk, push-to-mute, or toggle operation), and nine-hour rechargeable battery life.

Crestron CEN-RGBHV Matrix Switchers

Crestron's new CEN-RGBHV wideband matrix switchers provide flexible signal routing of high-res video and audio. With low crosstalk, 450MHz video bandwidth, professional balanced audio, and full Crestron control system integration, the CEN-RGBHV line of switchers satisfies the demanding video requirements of corporate boardrooms and training centers, university lecture halls, houses of worship, command and control facilities, and live stage events. CEN-RGBHV routers are full matrix switchers available in five configurations: 8x4, 8x8, 12x4, 12x8 and 16x16. Five matrix levels accommodate any combination of RGBHV, HD/component, S-Video, and composite signals.

Planar RX And RP Rear-Projection Displays

Designed to fit segments including government/military, utilities, broadcast and transportation, the RX and RP Series rear-projection displays support Planar's strategic mission to provide solutions for vertical markets that demand differentiated display products. Available in "open system" or "integrated system" configurations, the RX and RP rear-projection displays come in 50-inch and 67-inch diagonal screen size options and incorporate Planar's revolutionary set it and forget it (SiFi) technology. SiFi automates the continuous operation of Clarity displays at peak performance.

beyerdynamic SIR Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System

beyerdynamic's SIR Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation system is particularly suitable for use in large rooms. It is comprised of four integrated components: the SIR 800 compact transmitter, the SIR 801 infrared radiator, the SIR 320 receiver, and the SIR C 50 charging and transport case. The SIR 800 Compact Transmitter converts audio signals into frequency modulated infrared light, which along with the SIR 801 radiator, can transmit the original (OR) and a maximum of seven target languages on different carrier frequencies.

Belden's IndustrialTuff CC-Link cables meet the maximum performance specifications of Mitsubishi CC-Link. CC-Link is an open field-level industrial network protocol that provides for high-speed communication linking of a wide range of automation devices over a single cable. CC-Link technology is based on the use of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) available from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, which handles the complete data link and transport layers, thus assuring interoperability between devices.

Chief Manufacturing CM4S57 Automated Speaker Adapter

Chief Manufacturing's CM4S57 automated speaker adapter for flat panel TVs extends speakers out from the flat panel up to nine-feet with adjustable set points to control travel, and returns speakers snug to the flat panel when in home position. The quiet, chain-driven technology provides smooth movements, and is operated via IR remote. The mount can support up to 240 lbs for the flat panel, speakers, and other accessories, and 18 pounds per side speaker. The CM4 fastens directly to 16-inch studs with all mounting hardware included. It includes all components for 120V or 230V operation.

Renkus-Heinz Rhaon Loudspeakers

Rhaon, the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network gives audio professionals control over self-powered loudspeakers. Rhaon integrates CobraNet digital audio distribution with individual control and monitoring of each powered loudspeaker and its built-in DSP. Rhaon technology is designed to simplify and streamline the design and management of digital audio networks. A Windows GUI empowers Rhaon users to assign each loudspeaker to one of 64 audio channels, control parametric EQ and delay via onboard DSP, and monitor the amplifier and drivers. Renkus-Heinz will extend the network by making all of its product lines Rhaon-Empowered in 2007.

Analog Way Broad Scan HD

Analog Way's Broad Scan HD (model BHD930-AG and BHD930-DG) is a broadcast and professional computer to video and high definition tv scan converter. Fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB input, it converts Workstation, PC, or Mac graphic images up to 1600x1200@60Hz (1920x1200 RB) into video or HDTV. Each computer input has its own monitor loop throughout for the connection of a control display. Output signal can be both analog and digital thus Broad Scan HD can provide a full digital signal-processing path from the input to the output. Broad Scan HD features a broadcast Genlock.

Stewart Filmscreen StarPresence Screen

Stewart Filmscreen's StarPresence telepresence videoconference screen allows for a totally immersive videoconferencing experience. StarPresence rear-projection telepresence technology allows members of a conference to feel as though remote participants are actually in the room. By positioning the StarPresence screen alongside the conference table in both the main site and the "twin site" remote location, the StarPresence screen, projecting the image of the twin site, appears to be a continuation of the room.

Da-Lite 16:10 Wide Format Screens

Da-Lite has introduced a new projection screen format, 16:10 Wide Format. This new format will maintain the height of the previous 4:3 format and provide a much wider screen size to allow the display of more content to the audience. This new Wide Format will be available on Da-Lite's Cosmopolitan, Tensioned Cosmopolitan, Advantage, Tensioned Advantage, Advantage Deluxe, Tensioned Advantage Deluxe, Cinema Contour, Da-Snap, Advantage Manual with Controlled Screen Return, and Model C with Controlled Screen Return in sizes from 94 inches to 164 inches diagonal.

Kramer Component Video Cables

Kramer Electronics' C-R3VM/R3VM and C-R4VM/R4VM series of high performance component video cables are designed for home theater and professional use. They are built from high-resolution mini coax cable and are both flexible for ease-of-use and cost effective. The C-R3VM/R3VM family has three conductors for component video signal use and the C-R4VM/R4VM has four conductors, three for the video signals, and one for digital audio.

dnp Supernova Infinity

dnp's Supernova Infinity is a modular screen system designed to create videowall-style front-projection screens of almost any size and aspect ratio, ideal for commercial projection applications. dnp's manufacturing process enables the Supernova Infinity to reproduce contrast ratios up to 10 times greater than conventional screens. The Supernova Infinity opens new opportunities for display solutions in environments with severe ambient light challenges, such as auditoriums, boardrooms, lobbies, sports bars, and retail stores. Using an aluminum structure and powerful magnets, Supernova Screens combine as building blocks to create large-scale displays that can be combined in almost endless configurations.

Martin Audio MA Series

Martin Audio's MA Series loudspeakers deliver 95 percent of the input power straight into the speakers with five percent loss dissipated as heat. One particular feature of this efficiency is that it the amps are virtually independent of output level compared to conventional designs, which typically achieve their best efficiency only at full rated output power. Patented design features ensure that parameters such as distortion, frequency response, slew rate, damping factor, and bandwidth exceed the expected figures. The three new MA Series models utilize pulse width modulation technology to achieve higher efficiency.

DPI Lightning Projectors

Digital Projection International (DPI) has introduced two new Lightning Pro projectors in native 1080p resolution. The Lightning 30-1080p and Lightning 40-1080p projectors mark the launch of DP's Pro Series II. The new Lightning 1080p series utilizes TI's latest 10 micron 1920x1080 DMDs, thus providing a more efficient path to native 1080p resolution. New features of the Pro Series II include Digital Projection's ultra-reliable and long life Hyper-Cooled Xenon lamphouse and DirectFlow DMD and optics cooling technology.

Sanyo PLC-XF47 and PLC-XP100L LCD Projectors

Sanyo's PLC-XF47 and PLC-XP100L LCD projectors offer Sanyo's exclusive PJ-NET Organizer Plus C for monitoring projector functions remotely. The PLC-XF47 is the professional-grade LCD projector with 15,000 lumens and it is compatible with throwing extra-large images. The PLC-XP100L has the highest luminance for a portable LCD projector with 6500 lumens. In conjunction with the PJ-NET MASTER V 2.0 software all projector functions are monitored and controlled remotely. The camera function of the PJ-NET Organizer Plus C captures still images and allows projectionists to confirm whether or not the image is actually being projected, while monitoring the situation from a remote location.

Westinghouse Digital LCD HDTVs

The new pro LCD HDTV lineup from Westinghouse Digital includes displays in the following sizes: 26-inch, 32-inch, 42-inch, 47-inch and 52-inch units. All LCD HDTVs include an RS-232C connection that provides the controllability necessary for complex installations and multiple panel configurations, making them useful in a video wall. The RS-232C communication features read-in command control codes and send acknowledgement and allows for longer distance communication. All commercial LCD HDTVs include a base of commercial software that can be customized by the project or application.

D-Tools SI5

D-Tools SI5 is the latest version of its System Integrator software. D-Tools System Integrator is currently used by over 2,500 companies to streamline the design, estimation, and documentation processes associated with the installation and integration of low voltage systems. D-Tools System Integrator 5 enables systems integrators and custom installation professionals to create detailed projects managed with automated proposals, scheduling, pick lists, purchase orders, drawings, and additional documents that streamline the integration of audio and video products.

Sony VPL-EX4 And VPL-ES4 Projectors

Sony's VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 LCD business projectors feature a short focal-length lens tat allows large-screen projection from a very short distance, and low fan noise. The 2100-lumen VPL-EX4 model has a native XGA resolution of 1024 by 768 and the 2200-lumen VPL-ES4 unit delivers SVGA resolution of 800 by 600. Each model features a 165-Watt lamp. The VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 models are both 3LCD systems, with each projector featuring three high aperture 0.63-inch LCD panels.

FiberPlex LightViper DMX4 System

The FiberPlex LightViper DMX4 System lighting control components work with the LightViper fiber optic audio "snake" systems. The DMX4 System consists of two 1U 19-inch rack units: the DMX4-i input unit and a DMX4-o output device. Both components will accept four independent lines of DMX control (512 channels x 4, or a total of 2,048 channels). The DMX4-i has four independent three-pin and five-pin XLR-type DMX inputs while the DMX4-o has independent three-pin and five-pin XLR-type DMX outputs. Each unit features an RJ45 connector on both the front and rear to connect with the RJ45 control circuit connector on the LightViper system.

TOA F-1000/2000 Series Box Speakers

The latest additions to the expanding TOA speaker lineup, the new F-1000 Series and F-2000 Series speaker systems provide quality sound and reliable performance for restaurants, retail, and AV applications. Features include two-way bass-reflex design, high impact polystyrene enclosure with a 4-inch or 8-inch low frequency driver and dome tweeter. For challenging acoustic environments, users can easily reduce the high frequency coverage angle of F-2000 models by simply installing an included horn adapter.

Peerless Industries PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount

The patent-pending precision gear design of Peerless Industries' PRG Precision Gear projector mount allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by simply either turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screw driver, or use the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. The installer just sets the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place--it will hold its position even during projector maintenance.

Gepco's RGB250S Mini HDTV Cables

Gepco's RGB250S series of miniature HDTV component video cables feature subminiature 25 gage solid coaxial elements, and have a 3GHz bandwidth; a low-loss gas-injected dielectric; and solid copper conductors for lower attenuation and simplified connector termination. The RGB250S features a flexible and low-friction outer jacket that is easy to strip and install. To facilitate installation in almost any environment, the RGB250S series is UL Riser-rated Type CMR.

Intelix AVO-V2A2-WP-F Wallplate Balun

ntelix's AVO-V2A2-WP-F wallplate balun distributes two channels of composite video and one channel of high-fidelity stereo audio up to 2,200 feet over standard twisted pair cable. The front panel of the AVO-V2A2-WP-F features four gold-plated female RCA connectors on a white decora face-plate. The rear panel features an RJ45 connector and optional grounding screw. Used in pairs or with a rack-mountable Intelix AVO-V2A2-F modular balun, the AVO-V2A2-WP-F transmits composite video and 20 Hz to 20 kHz analog audio in either direction up to 2,200 feet.

FSR MDC-MK4 Converter

The FSR MDC-MK4 high performance down converter converts a high resolution computer image to any television standard. The MDC-MK4 is perfect for church presentations, schools, hotels, and live events. With HD and computer input support, plus HD and standard definition output support, the MDC-MK4 is the cost-effective trans-coder for mixed format applications.

LG Electronics Digital Classroom

The LG Electronics Digital Classroom lets administrators control all technology from 1UControl's Virtual Remote Control Center. Compatible with LG's 42-inch LCD (42LC7D) and 50-inch plasma (50PC5DC) displays, the 1UControl software controls both IR and serial AV equipment through the use of the 1UControl Controller and an AV 4x1 switcher. The Controller is able to communicate with and control both RS-232C and IR driven equipment and offers a variety of customizable hardware and software options to fit the user's needs.

Liberty QuickLinx Cables And ConnecTec Connectors

Liberty Wire & Cable is introducing several new 23 and 25 AWG QuickLinx Mini RGBHV Cables and 23 and 25 AWG single-piece ConnecTec Compression Connectors. The cables feature solid-center conductors that improve signal distance transmission and frequency response by 15 percent over the typical stranded-center conductor cables. The new single-piece ConnecTec connectors eliminate the need for installers to handle and manage multiple pieces, enabling installers to realize time-savings up to 60 percent on a typical cable installation.

AMD Enterprise Media Management Server

Advanced Media Design's (AMD) EMMS (Enterprise Media Management Server) manages and controls multiple MediaPOINTE appliances and organizes rich audio and video content. Now users with multiple MediaPOINTE appliances have an organization tool that controls and monitors units from a centralized location for hardware and video management EMMS also allows keyword searches from any captured rich media content. The server-based EMMS allows operators to turn MediaPOINTE digital media recorders, digital network streamers, digital network printers, and digital video capture devices on or off; monitor the status of any unit; and download rich media and video content.

MultiDyne DVM-1000 Series

MultiDyne has introduced the DVM-1000 Series of low cost fiber optic links for video, audio, and data. The DVM-1000 is an expansion of the MultiDyne Professional Fiber Optic product line. Now customers can receive fiber optic technology on limited financial budget. With the escalating costs of copper coax and Cat-5, fiber optic transport is now very affordable for all applications.

Kaltman Spectran HF4040

Kaltman Creations' handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer Series features the Spectran HF4040. This Spectrum Analyzer addresses channel selection, interference identification, RF system monitoring, testing, and exposure limits. The HF4040 frequency range is from 10MHz on up to 4GHz making it perfect for analyzing VHF, UHF, and 2.4GHz environments. Kaltman Creations states that the HF4040 is a true RF spectrum analyzer.

Neutrik Crimp-XLR Series

As the crimp termination version of its XX and DLX series, the Neutrik's new Crimp-XLR cable connector and chassis receptacle products are a solution for volume cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications. It is available in several models for greater versatility and faster assembly. The three pole FXX and MXX cable connectors are terminated on semi-automated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing, while the three pole FXX and MXX connectors and the three pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand crimp tools.


The Cat-5 series in the TV One-task line has added the 1T-VGAST-CAT-XL. This unit can send both stereo audio, either from a PC or microphone, and a 1280x1024 VGA resolution image to a maximum distance of 1,000 feet. The unit consists of a transmitter that takes in the stereo audio and VGA signal and the receiver that outputs the same stereo audio and VGA signal. A VGA loop-thru is provided and there are gain and equalization adjustments at each receiver. The 1T-VGAST-CAT-XL has a locking DC connector and is RoHS compliant.

Panasonic SDIII Dome Camera

Panasonic Security Systems' i-Pro WV-NW484S vandal-proof network dome camera with Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology provides 128x dynamic range for accurate image reproduction and advanced DSP to deliver an extensive range of advanced digital features. Key features include anti-shock auto back focus (ABF) to ensure perfect focus when switching from color to black and white in day/night mode. The unique ABF reduces the need for manual adjustments during and after installation.

Aviom 6416Y2 A-Net Interface Card

Aviom's 6416Y2 A-Net interface card interfaces between Yamaha consoles and mix engines and Aviom's Pro64 digital audio network. The Y2 A-Net card is compatible with all Aviom Pro64 Series products, and when combined with an ASI A-Net Systems Interface module, can also be used with such Pro16 Series output products as the industry standard A-16II personal mixer. The 6416Y2 card supports up to 16 channels in and 16 channels out simultaneously.

Revolabs xTag Wireless Microphone System

Revolabs xTag Microphone System facilitates freedom of movement by way of its clip-on, wearable design. Featuring full duplex audio, eight hours of talk time, and a range of 66 feet, the new xTag microphone can be used in VoIP, podcasting, voice recognition, web conferencing, and many more desktop applications. The xTag Microphone System consists of a base station, two-way audio (full duplex) xTag microphone, an earbud, a lanyard, plus a USB cable for interconnection to one's computer.

Sennheiser Evolution 912 S

Sennheiser's Evolution 912 S is a high-quality, pre-polarized condenser microphone with half-cardioid pick-up pattern that has been acoustically optimized for speech applications. The new e 912 S offers a frequency response curve that is specifically tailored for picking up speech over relatively short distances, but may be switched to perform similarly to its sister product, the Sennheiser e 912, which is designed for instrument pick-up. An internal DIP switch bank allows the e 912 S microphone's frequency response curve to match the response of the e 912, or may alternatively be switched to select low cut, low and high boost, or low boost.

DIS SW 7001 Streaming Solution

With the introduction of SW 7001 Streaming Solution, DIS Danish Interpretation Systems A/S has prepared the way for meeting and conference holders to broadcast very quickly and automatically their meetings via a standard website. Users can choose either to broadcast audio alone or together with a video signal from one or more cameras. The SW 7001 Streaming Solution features ongoing notification of the agenda item currently being processed during the meeting.

Symetrix Integrator Series

Symetrix's Integrator Series is a new group of products providing integrators extremely high value within application-specific packages. The Integrator Series uses the technology embodied in the SymNet|Network Audio Solution DSP toolbox. The second product in the Integrator Series is the Deuce 722, designed to solve numerous everyday audio processing problems for integrators. Built upon the success of the Symetrix 322 DSP Engine and the 9022 before it, the Deuce 722 packs everything ever desired into a 2x2 DSP unit.

Element Labs Flexible LED Screens

Element Labs' flexible LED video screens can bend, wrap, drape, and fold to conform to even the most unusual designs. Both of the debuting Helix products, Helix G75 and Helix H75, offer a pixel pitch of 75 millimeters and carry significant IP ratings. Helix G75's ultra-thin grid construction provides the flexibility of a curtain-like screen with the geometric stability of a rigid product. Modules, each four pixels wide by 32 pixels long, can link together to create large displays. Helix G75's weather-resistant design (IP 65) makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Toshiba Pico Projectors

Toshiba's Pico portable projectors not only possess a small footprint for easy mobility and storage, but also allow presenters to go "PC-free" via USB functionality. Equipped with a generous array of connectivity ports, they are suitable for a variety of presentation environments. Pico projectors feature extreme short projection (ESP) technologies, which projects a larger image from a shorter distance. Projectors with ESP do not require ceiling installation, making them highly portable.

Wireworks WireLUX Premium Audio Cables

With five variations--MusiLUX, InstaLUX, StudiLUX, UltraLUX and SpeakerLUX--Wireworks' WireLUX line offers flexibility, while its PVC (UFPVC) outer jacket provides maximum durability and no cable memory. Featuring conductive thermoplastic (CTP) with bare copper drain wire, MusiLUX, InstaLUX and StudiLUX provide 100 percent shielding and faster termination. Its cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation reduces migration, while copper conductors make soldering faster.

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