Screen Innovations FlexGlass Rear-Projection Screen Material

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Screen Innovations (SI), a U.S.-based manufacturer of the acclaimed multi-directional ambient light rejecting Black Diamond projection screen technology, will demonstrate the new FlexGlass flexible rear-projection screen material to Infocomm 2013 attendees.

FlexGlass is designed to resolve size, space and shipping concerns. FlexGlass offers all of the benefits of the best rigid optical panels with the added benefit of custom and curve capabilities that can only be achieved with a flexible screen material. Delivering edge-blend capability, zero hotspot, almost infinite viewing angles and as the ability to be rolled on a 2-foot core to significantly reduce freight and jobsite handling issues, FlexGlass is an ideal choice for multiple-projector, edge blending and short throw projector applications; all of which serves to fulfill a very real need that isn’t currently being met by any other manufacturer in the marketplace.

“FlexGlass is an absolutely amazing product,” said Richard Cope, CEO of NanoLumens. “Not only does it give us the uniformity, contrast, and viewing angles that we need, but its ability to be rolled on a 2-foot core allows us to get it into places where


Screen Innovations Releases Current Projection Videos

Screen Innovations (SI), a U.S.-based manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for Residential and Commercial applications, has released a series of videos that serve to educate and inspire the audience about as to the value and versatility of two-piece projection systems.

Screen Innovations Black Diamond

Screen Innovations (SI) has enlarged Black Diamond. The largest Black Diamond screens to date feature 1.4 gain in new sizes: 16:9 120-inch and 2.35:1 150-inch, in Fixed and Zero Edge formats. The larger Black Diamond screens, as well as other recently designed additions to the SI family, continue to make SI the fastest growing screen company in the world.