ISF Training for Display Calibration

The Imaging Science Foundation 3 Day Advanced Seminar in Video Calibration is being held on September 4-6 and the Home Acoustics Alliance Advanced Seminars in Small Room Acoustics (HAA Level I/II and TurboCal) is being held on September 9-12.

ISF Level I/II Seminars - 3 Days

ISF LEVEL I will cover Global Standards, 3D mathematical imaging models, front panel controls, two point color balance, an introduction to color management as well as basic video processing, aspect ratios, the 3x3 component/RGB Matrix, HD and SD decoding, and a step by step calibration process. The session will also focus on design as well as calibration of front projection with multiple screen technologies and deploying the correct colorimeter for specific applications.

ISF LEVEL II is for graduates of ISF Certification and those attending a combined I and II program. The focus of LEVEL II is a hands on approach to ISF software guided solutions for advanced calibration, plus system parameters including: EEDID /HDMI verification, 3D color management, multipoint color balance, optimizing multiple processing engines, system building diagnosis, Gamma/EOTF, advanced Gamut matching/distortion/manipulation, and other recent innovations.

ISF certification brings together attendees from many different backgrounds, including theater enthusiasts and HDTV manufacturing product managers, gaming creators and broadcast executives, and many A/V dealers and distributors.

Highly specialized test equipment is required to calibrate displays to multiple system standards. Various test equipment will be available at the sessions for attendees to work with.

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Home Acoustics Alliance Advanced Seminars in Small Room Acoustics

HAA Crash Course (TurboCal) Workshop (day 1)

The HAA Crash Course Seminar on Professional Acoustics a one-day, high-intensity, hands-on implementation of the TurboCal process of home theater audio calibration. Designed for novices and experienced calibrators alike, it distills the basic steps of audio calibration into a concise process that takes less than 2 hours. Students are taught how to systematically and precisely tune and align a home theater and uses the AVPro TurboCal software for data collection and report generation.

HAA Level I Seminar (day 2)

The one-day HAA Level I Certification Seminar covers theory and practical information focusing on solutions to problems AV Professionals face every day. Home Theater acoustics is covered in a lecture discussing the use of Real Time Analysis, parametric equalization, subwoofer placement, acoustical treatment strategies, along with other processes.

HAA Level II Workshop (day 3/4)

The two-day HAA Level II Certification Workshop provides the “hands-on” component to an HAA education in Sound Quality Management. Each 5-person team performs a series of challenging exercises aimed at connecting the theory, technology and experience of great sonic performance. Often called a two-day listening session, the class calls on participants to solve complex problems within a limited timeframe. This experience is designed to prepare the student for real-world problem solving. The HAA Home Theater Audio Workshop and HAA Level I Seminar are offered as a prerequisite prior to the workshop day 1. Achievement of HAA Level I Certification is NOT required to attend the Level II Workshop.

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