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Harman’s Crown Audio Adopts Common Amplifier Format for DriveCore Amplifiers

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Harman’s Crown Audio has adopted the Common Amplifier Format (CAF) for its DriveCore Install (DCi) Series amplifiers. Developed by SynAudCon, the CAF is a report for presenting specifications and measured performance metrics of audio power amplifiers. Effective July 2015, Crown DCi series amplifier specifications will be available in the CAF.

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CAF was designed to provide amplifier performance metrics in a concise and well-defined format and in a manner that facilitates direct comparisons between various manufacturers and models.

At the heart of the DCi Series is Harman’s proprietary DriveCore amplifier IC chip. The DriveCore chip combines the amplifier driver stage into the power output stage along with additional audio signal functions, yet is about the size of a postage stamp. DriveCore and the DCi Series’s amplifier topologies reduce size and power consumption requirements and yield more energy-efficient operation that conforms to Harman International’s GreenEdge environmental initiative.

“We believe adopting the CAF will help alleviate some of the confusion our customers face in making an informed decision about what amplifier is most appropriate for their specific application and environment," said Marc Kellom, senior director of engineering and marketing at Crown Audio. "Moving to a more universal standard of measurements is an important step for the professional amplifier industry and we are happy to lead by example.”

Pat Brown, president at SynAudCon, said, “I am pleased to hear that Crown is joining a growing list of audio manufacturers in adopting the Common Amplifier Format, CAF. With the CAF, audio practitioners finally have a meaningful way to deploy and compare audio power amplifiers. Crown’s support of the CAF demonstrates their ongoing commitment to providing meaningful specifications to their customers.”


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Crown DCi

Crown Audio has added two models to its DriveCore Install (DCi) network series amplifier lineup.

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