Fulcrum Intros Portable Product Series

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Fulcrum Acoustic has released 6 new products as part the new FA Portable product series. This new series is the third product family launched by Fulcrum.

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The FA Portable product series.

"As customers have become familiar with our technology, we have received many requests for portable implementations," said David Gunness, co-owner and head of R&D. “Fulcrum’s hallmark is high fidelity and high output in very compact packages. This naturally lends itself to portable versions of our products. Invariably, during demos of our install series, customers would ask for portable versions of several of our products. We have responded accordingly.”

The new products include 3 main loudspeaker systems, and 3 subwoofers. The FA28, FA12, and FA15 are dual 8-inch, single 12-inch and single 15-inch coaxial-based systems, respectively. Each can be used on a pole/tripod, or flown using the integral fly points. Dual angles built into the enclosure allow for floor monitor applications with multiple orientations supported.

The TS212, TS215, and TS221 are dual 12-inch, dual 15-inch, and dual 21-inch subwoofers. The unique transducer configuration, and integration of specially designed low-turbulence ports, allows for low frequency output and extension from compact packages. Each TS subwoofer incorporates a 20mm socket for attaching a support pole for use in conjunction with the FA series mains. Additionally, the TS215 and TS221 have optional caster pallets and a flying system that allows for multiple units to be flown in either traditional or cardioid arrays.

Fulcrum’s proprietary TQ Processing is supported on over 15 different DSP platforms, including several options for amplifiers with internal DSP.


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Fulcrum and Powersoft Partner for Self-Powered Products

A new collaboration between Fulcrum Acoustic and Powersoft has led to Fulcrum releasing its first ever series of self-powered products. The partnership resulted in the release of six new models: three additions to the FA Portable family (FA12ac, FA15ac, FA28ac) and three to the Reference Monitor family (RM22ac, RM25ac, RM28ac).

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Fulcrum Introduces RX699 Speaker

Fulcrum Acoustic has introduced the RX699 compact full range loudspeaker. Designed as a solution for locations with tight spaces such as stage lip, balconies, kiosks, multimedia and delay/fill applications, the RX699's coaxial design delivers smooth and natural sound on and off-axis, the company says.   The system's

SAN Intros Two Product Lines

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Sound Devices Presents Portable Video Recorder

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Califone Upgrades Portable PA Line

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