New Products March 2009

New Products March 2009


Altinex introduces the CP451-008 wireless touchscreen controller. Ideal for many applications, including multimedia control systems, general computing, and real-time data terminals, the CP451-008 runs an embedded Windows XP operating system and accurately senses touch from a finger, stylus, pen, pencil, gloved finger, or other tool - making it a good solution for a myriad of PC-based control systems. Small and lightweight, the CP451-008 can easily be carried from room to room and used to control several devices on one or more wireless networks. The Altinex CP451-008 wireless touchscreen controller carries an MSRP of $4,250. Visit PAIR EXTENDER SET

Intelix announces the release of the DIGI-HDMI-IR, a professional-grade twisted pair extender. The Intelix DIGI-HDMI-IR provides extension of HDMI and IR signals up to 150 feet over standard Cat-5e or Cat-6. The unit supports standard HDTV resolutions, and is HDMI 1.3, 1080p, and HDCP compliant. In addition, the DIGI-HDMI-IR features ESD protection, thereby safeguarding expensive source and destination equipment, and diagnostic LEDs on both the send and receive units. The system is powered on the destination side. Retail price for the complete set is $349.95. Visit DVI SCALER

TV One introduces the new 1T-C2-750 dual picturein- picture DVI-I scaler. Based on TV One's CORIO2 technology, this new unit includes two graphic scalers that are capable of working at full DVI video rates. The two scaling engines housed within the 1TC2- 750 can convert between digital DVI-D and analog DVI-A signals, including RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, and YPbPr formats, using the two DVI-I inputs available. DVID resolutions up to 1920x1200/60 Hz are supported with analog DVI-A resolutions up to 2048x2048 at virtually any refresh rate and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p/60 Hz. HDMI signals are also accommodated using HDMI-to-DVI adaptors, and the unit is fully HDCP compliant. The 1T-C2-750 has an MSRP of $995. Visit


InFocus Corporation announces the availability of the IN5108, the latest member of its InFocus IN5100 family of projectors. Packed with features and display options to suit large venue installations, the IN5108 provides a projection solution for conference halls, school auditoriums, and stage facilities. Expanding on the benefits of its IN5100 series, InFocus' IN5108 boasts an SXGA+ native resolution that displays video and computer images on screen in sharp detail. This digital projector also features a full range of optical lens capabilities, including horizontal and vertical lens shift, as well as four lens options - giving installers, administrators, and users full flexibility in any environment. The InFocus IN5108 starts at $5,499. Visit

Centronics launches its new EHD-branded HD FLEX 90-degree pivoting head HDMI cables. EHD's HD FLEX 6-foot, 12-foot, and 24-foot length cables are HDMI 1.3 certified and HDCP compliant. They include an adaptable 90-degree head for easier overall installation in hard to reach or tight spaces. Even if the consumer or integrator planned on where the wall mount should be installed when purchasing the flat panel, they sometimes don't realize that the cable may be a tight fit, or not fit at all, behind the flat panel or behind the rack of electronics. The HD FLEX 90-degree pivoting head cable eliminates that aggravation by providing both an aesthetic and functional HDMI 1.3-certified and HDCP-compliant solution. The HD FLEX line is available with an MSRP range of $39.95-$69.95. Visit LIFT SYSTEM

Premier Mounts has expanded its mount portfolio to include motorized lift systems for flat-panel displays. Premier Mounts first fully-integrated motorized lift system, LIFT1 (single system) and LIFT2 (dual system), have a maximum extension of 71 inches. Both systems have self-contained two-speed lift mechanisms with no exposed chains. LIFT1 system holds flat screens up to 52 inches, can support up to 180 pounds, and has an MSRP of $2,499.99. The dual system, LIFT2, has an MSRP listing of $4,199.99 and can support flat-panels up to 58 inches and 360 pounds. Visit PROJECTOR

Canon introduces the REALiS SX800, the latest advancement in Canon's line of REALiS Multimedia Projectors. Featuring a 3,000- lumen display and a contrast ratio of 900:1, the new Canon REALiS SX800 provides an alternative for XGA users seeking to upgrade to a higher resolution SXGA+ projector. The REALiS SX800 employs next-generation 0.55-inch LCOS reflective LCD panels. These highresolution SXGA+ panels help deliver detailed, lattice-free motion and still images by virtually eliminating the screen door effect, which is a faint grid pattern often seen in transmissive LCD projection. The Canon REALiS SX800 Multimedia Projector is available at a list price of $2,499. Visit STANDBY SWITCHER

Kramer Electronics releases its VP-411DS computer graphics video automatic standby switcher with user-selectable input priority assignment. The VP-411DS is ideal for any presentation room, boardroom, training room, or classroom application with passive wall plate or desk-mounted inputs. It will allow the user to select the input signal priority and manage the display of signals based on the hierarchy of importance assigned to the inputs. The Kramer VP- 411DS is a 4x1 automatic standby switcher for computer graphics video signals with resolutions from VGA through UXGA on 15-pin HD connectors and stereo audio signals on 3.5mm connectors. The VP-411DS has a list price of $695 in the United States. Visit POWER SUPPLIES

The Juice Goose XVRT models use a line interactive design to regulate incoming power to ensure a stable 120 VAC output. This feature improves power quality for connected equipment and also reduces battery usage during minor utility power faults. In addition to voltage regulation, the XVRT Series provides line surge protection and up to 50 dB of line noise filtration. Battery run time ranges from 2 minutes to more that 30 minutes depending on the load. Models are available from 1,000 VA to 3,000 VA and fit in 1U to 3U chassis. Retail prices start at $495. Visit EXTENDER

Hall Research introduces the model UD2A-EDID, DVI video extender over twistedpair (Cat-6) with EDID management, audio, and RS-232 extension. The sending unit features a DVI input with local loop output and remote DVI outputs on RJ45 connectors. The unit can read, store, and emulate the EDID information from the LCD connected locally or remotely. The EDID data can be downloaded to a PC and modified using supplied Windows software and uploaded to the unit for the purpose of emulation. The system extends DVI video, full-duplex RS-232, and stereo audio to a small receiver on only two Cat-6 cables to 200 feet or longer depending on resolution. It is available now at a list price of $645. Visit THROW PROJECTOR

Optoma has introduced the EX525ST short-throw multimedia projector. Targeting the education, government, and business markets, the EX525ST can project a high-resolution image as large as 100 inches diagonally at a distance of four feet from the wall, making it ideal for situations where a traditional projector cannot be used or space is limited. The optical system incorporates a new short-throw lens with aspherical lens elements that provide a throw ratio of 0.6:1, enabling the projector to produce large images when positioned very close to a wall or screen. The new projector has a price of $1,499.99. Visit


Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems' new Installation Series (IS) subwoofer, Model IS1112, is ideal for use with smaller, full-range IS models. Significantly smaller than many 12- inch subwoofers, the IS1112 features 2,800-watt maximum power rating with 127 dB peak sound pressure level output. A large 4-inch voice coil provides high power handling. The new subwoofer has a direct connection to full-range units without the need for special speaker cables. Vibration damping rubber feet are supplied. The Yamaha IS1112 has an MSRP of $1,199. Visit

SIM2 introduces the next evolution of its Grand Cinema HT5000E a projector. Three-chip DLP is the basis of the HT5000E. Three 0.95-inch DarkChip4 DMDs are utilized in this design to generate a picture resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, creating uncompressed HDTV images. SIM2 recognizes that purchasing an ultra-high end product such as the HT5000E should be accompanied by ultra-high end service, which is why the company offers VIP white glove service to every HT5000E customer. SIM2 offers six lens options that make the HT5000E suitable for almost any installation. HT5000E is now available for a suggested retail price of $57,995. Visit VIDEO PLAYER

Digital View's new ViewStream 400 is a digital video player designed for use with HD LCD and plasma displays in outof- home environments. The ViewStream 400 is designed to be used as a stand-alone player without network connectivity. Content is updated via the USB port and a USB memory stick. Standard configuration will allow the ViewStream 400 to store more than 50 hours of content via a SATA hard drive. Content scheduling and playlist management is handled using DV Studio Plus, which is supplied free of charge. The ViewStream 400 is priced at $375 U.S. in 1,000-piece quantities. Visit SWITCHERS

Extron Electronics announces three new USB switchers designed for AV system integration. The SW2 USB, SW4 USB, and SW4 USB Plus offer two or four host inputs and provide flexible and dependable switching among the shared USB peripherals. The SW4 USB Plus features an emulation mode that ensures communication between host and peripheral devices. All three models are USB 2.0-compatible and incorporate several features to ensure ease of integration, configuration flexibility, and control, including port status indication and RS-232 pass-through. The SW USB Series is ideal for use in KVM, interactive whiteboard, and annotator-based applications where reliable USB switching is required. Pricing for the switchers are $590 for the SW2 USB, $790 for the SW4 USB, and $990 for the SW4 USB Plus. Visit PROJECTOR

Vivitek Corporation's first 1080p, LED projector, the HC7500A, is 700-lumens bright with a precise imaging 35,000:1 contrast ratio. With full HD resolution and widescreen capabilities, the unit features a new curved design with centered lens for easy installation and screen adjustments. With a footprint the size of a small laptop, the new projector is designed for out-of-site mounting or cabinet storage. The new projector has a full slate of low-energy and lowpower consumption features, which also translate into low cost of ownership starting with the lamp-free, LED light source estimated at more than 20,000 hours. The new HC7500A 1080p projector from Vivitek has an MSRP of $13,999. Visit

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