New Products : March 2010

New Products : March 2010

Crestron ADC-200BR And CEN-NAS-4TB

Crestron’s ADC-200BR and CEN-NAS-4TB are the latest additions to the ADMS intermedia delivery system line. The ADC-200BR 200-disc Blu-ray changer can be cascaded to hold 1,000 discs, the CEN-NAS-4TB features four hot-swappable 1TB hard drives with RAID 5 protection, and both are designed to integrate with the ADMS. The Crestron ADMS is designed to access any type of entertainment or information from a variety of content providers and displays selections in full 1080p and digital surround sound. Adding one or more ADC-200BR 200-disc Blu-ray changers integrates a collection of DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray discs into the ADMS media library.

EAW KF740 Line Array System

EAW’s KF740 line array system is optimized for a range of touring and installation applications. The symmetrical design, large horn and spaced woofers are said to provide pattern control when optimized via EAW Focusing and directed by EAW Resolution software. High-output, yet lightweight and compact, a KF740 module is intended to integrate into an existing KF760 or KF730 system or combine for a complete KF740 array perfect for applications of nearly any size.

Checkers Guard Dog

Checkers’ Guard Dog Low Profile cable protectors are compact, top-loading cable protectors. At 1.25 inches high with a 0.75-inch channel height, they feature Dog-Bone connectors and either standard ramps or low-angle ADA-compliant ramps.

SMART Table 230i
SMART Technologies’ SMART Table 230i interactive learning center is a multi-touch, multi-user interactive learning center designed for the early-education market. The product’s hardware and firmware now offer improved display characteristics, built-in WiFi, a quieter fan and support for more learning applications.

Symetrix Zone Mix 760

Symetrix is offering a software upgrade to its Zone Mix 760 fixed-architecture DSP system. The Zone Mix 760 derives its power and performance from the SymNetbrand of open-architecture DSP solutions. Symetrix has included an array of the most commonly used elements from the SymNet DSP modules in the Zone Mix 760. Symetrix also allows third-party control integration.

Sencore RadianceXE And RadianceXD

Based on proprietary digital processing, the Sencore RadianceXE and RadianceXD video processors are switching and distribution hubs for AV systems. Radiance features include picture-in-picture, which is intended to let theater viewers preview video programs and, at the press of a button, swap the inset picture for main video with no delay. More new features include self-configuring of output resolution and HDMI signal type during installation, eliminating the task of determining the best setting for displays and for navigating setup menus, and a new point just above black in the multipoint three-dimensional grayscale/gamma calibration that improves color balance at the precise point where viewers are likely to see shift.

Furman P-1800 PF Power Conditioner

An update to Furman’s Power Factor Pro, the P-1800 PF is a floor version of the rackmount P-1800 PF R. Intended for instrument amplifiers and guitar/bass heads, the P-1800 PF provides comprehensive protection with Furman’s power factor and clear tone technologies for performance from high-current gear. The P-1800 PF’s new design features high-current outlets for low-impedance current delivery. Its compact steel construction is meant for stage or studio use. Furman’s power factor technology reduces AC line impedance by providing a 45A peak current reservoir. This is designed to give instrument amplifiers and powered speakers the headroom to operate at maximum efficiency and sound consistent from venue to venue without being subjected to current compression caused by line impedance or resistance.

PESA Cougar-3 32X32 Matrix Switcher

PESA’s Cougar-3 32X32 matrix switcher is designed to route all SMPTE and ITU standard serial digital video signals, plus it is intended to support embedded audio and other ancillary data required for HD-SDI and DVI/ASI broadcast sources. For digital cinema high-definition video distribution requirements, the Cougar-3 can be configured to switch SMPTE 372M dual-link HD-SDI in configurations up to 16x16. Cougar-3 is aimed at SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI switching applications in digital cinema, telemedicine, O&P, high-end presentation rooms, satellite imaging, military command centers, and simulation/visualization environments. Occupying 1RU of rack space, Cougar-3 supports standard data rates from 50Mbps up to 3Gbps and video transports up to 1080p/60.

Sensaphonics 3MAX Earphone

Sensaphonics’ 3MAX triple-driver custom earphone features a fieldreplaceable cable as standard. By combining a proprietary twin-driver bass system with a high-frequency driver, the 3MAX is designed to deliver accurate in-ear audio with higher SPL and more bass headroom than any previous model. In finalizing the 3MAX design, a panel of monitor engineers and musicians participated in blind tests to select the best sound quality.

Broadcast Pix Slate Portable

Broadcast Pix’s Slate Portable is a system for live video production on location. Designed for quick setup on a table or other work surface, Slate Portable provides all the power of a Slate video production system in a compact unit. It includes a HD/SD production switcher, multi-view monitoring, clip stores, a graphics system with Harris Inscriber CG, and Fluent workflow software.

Sharp 3D DLP Projectors
Sharp has introduced six 3D-ready DLP BrilliantColor professional projectors that offer high-quality 3D projection from a single projector, when used with compatible 3D field sequential content and active shutter 3D glasses that support the DLP Link System. These projectors offer 3D support with both 60 Hz and 120 Hz XGA and SVGA sources.

Juice Goose RX100-RM Rackmounted Power Conditioner

Juice Goose’s RP100-RX rack-mounted power conditioner features 11 AC receptacles and a BNC connector for a gooseneck work light on the front of the chassis. RX100-RM is being introduced in place of the RP100-RX. Features of the new product include line filtration and surge protection across the hot, neutral and ground power leads. The Juice Goose RX series hybrid filter technology is said to stop disturbances on the sensitive common mode path between neutral and ground.

Meyer Sound Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound has introduced four new loudspeakers. The UP-4XP compact loudspeaker, the MM-4XPD directional miniature loudspeaker, the MM-10 miniature subwoofer, and the MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker, which can be connected to the MPS-488 power supply, a remote rack-mount unit that supplies 48V DC power and balanced audio over a single cable using one 5-pin connector.

Kramer Electronics WP-561 and WP-562

Kramer Electronics’ WP-561 and WP-562 active wall plate twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals is intended to transmit HDMI signals directly over two Cat-5 cables up to 266 feet at 1080i resolution and up to 100 feet at 1080p resolution. The WP-561 and WP-562 also offer bi-direction IR support over a second Cat-5 cable with 3.5-millimeter jacks on both the transmitter and receiver. The WP-561 and WP-562 are designed for any application where permanent mounting of the devices in a wall is required. The WP-561 converts an HDMI signal into a twisted pair signal that can be run over shielded or unshielded twisted pair Cat-5 cables. The WP-562 unit then converts the signal back to HDMI.

Extron FOX 4G Matrix 320x

Extron Electronics’ FOX 4G Matrix 320x was designed to provide digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable in very large environments such as university and corporate campuses. It is expandable from 16x16 up to 320x320, and supports digital switching at rates up to 4.25 Gbps. Other features include hot-swappable I/O boards, real-time system monitoring, and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.

K-array Sound Reinforcement Solutions

K-array’s additions to its line of sound reinforcement solutions include the miniature Lyzard loudspeaker and the Nynja 3D line-array element. The Lyzard KZ10 is barely larger than an average cell phone. Available in black or white, the KZ10 is intended for use in restaurants and bars, museums, conference rooms, and any other facilities that require discreet audio solutions. The miniature column measures 1.7 centimeters deep and weighs 3.2 ounces. It delivers audio with an output of 92 decibels continuous.

Proel Xenia Speakers

Proel’s Xenia speaker series is designed specifically for high-profile installed sound applications and featuring contemporary Italian styling and advanced technical solutions. All of the models in the XENIA range utilize high-definition dome tweeters and high-efficiency woofers. The wall bracket with integral connections and 120-inch horizontal and vertical rotation, are designed for versatility and the fast installation. The three different surface-mount models are available to suit many kinds of installed sound system.

Denon DN-X1600 DJ Mixer
Denon’s DN-X1600 is a digital DJ mixer being introduced with V-LINK, an open protocol developed by Roland to enable musical/audio devices to interact with video/visual performance devices. By using MIDI to connect two or more V-LINK compatible devices, users can offer a wide range of visual effects that are harmonized to the expressive elements of a music performance.

Galaxy Audio PA6S

Galaxy Audio’s PA6S can serve as a front-of-house compact PA speaker or a personal monitor. Its features include a new outer shell, a 170-watt power amplifier, a two-way speaker system, a 155-watt NEOLITE 6.5-inch woofer, a 1.5-inch, 60-watt titanium dome tweeter, two XLR 1/4-inch inputs with XLR pass through, a built-in compressor, line input, line output, three-band EQ, a built-in mic stand mount, a mic boom attachment, a handle, and built-in stand/wall bracket mounts.

Tributaries HXMINI5

Tributaries’ HXMINI5 has been designed with the ability to send a high-definition HDMI v1.3-compliant signal over five 75-ohm coaxial cables more than 300 feet. The two-piece HXMINI5 includes a powered transmitter and a passive receiver module. The transmitter has a single HDMI input from a source such as a set-top box or disc player. The receiver outputs the HDMI signal to a destination such as an HDTV set, HDMI switcher, or AV processor or receiver.

QSC AD-C1200 And AD-C820/ C821
QSC Audio has extended its AcousticDesign ceiling speaker range with the release of two new high-output models: the AD-C1200 and AD-C820/ C821. The AD-C1200 high-output ceiling mount loudspeaker system features 12-inch low frequency woofer, 1.75-inch diaphragm compression driver, 300W continuous power rating, and a 70V/100V multi-tap transformer. This model is complemented by the AD-C820/C821, which features 8-inch low frequency woofer, 1.75- inch diaphragm compression driver, 200W continuous power rating, 70V/100V multi-tap transformer and AD-C820 transducer/baffle assembly for separated backcan installation. The AD-C821 has been designed as a fully integrated blind-mount system.

Sony PCS-XG55 System

Sony’s PCS-XG55 system is designed to deliver up to 720p/60 fps resolution for videoconferencing applications. Featuring BrightFace camera technology, the system includes a PCS-XG55S HD codec unit, a PCSA-CXG80 HD camera unit, a PCS-A1 microphone, and a PCS-RF1 RF remote commander.

Visix AxisTV v.7.0.21
Visix has unveiled the latest update of its digital signage software application, with AxisTV version 7.0.21. The company is also offering a new Flash-animated weather module for AccuWeather subscribers, which enables users to display animated icons for more dynamic presentation of weather information.

Altinex CP500-100 Controller
Altinex has introduced a new offering in its Neutron Series controller line: the CP500-100 controller. Designed to extend the capabilities of the MultiTouch line of touchpanels, the Neutron CP500-100 is a rackmountable, 1RU controller that is ideal for use in installations where a sizeable number of components must interact.

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