Bosch Adds to DCN Conference System -

Bosch Adds to DCN Conference System

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Bosch Security Systems has introduced a new addition to the DCN Next Generation Conference System family.

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The DCN-D Discussion Unit features large, ergonomic buttons, and the curved shape, slim design and combination of silver and black in a matte finish ensure the DCN-D Discussion Unit perfectly fits with the decor of a variety of conference rooms.

All discussion units feature built-in loudspeakers, a microphone which can be activated with a single touch, headphone sockets and volume control. Every unit can be configured to become the chairman unit. Once done the unit allows the chairman to control the proceedings by registering requests to speak and overriding delegates with a priority button.

There are five versions of the DCN-D Discussion Unit available. From a basic version with fixed microphone allowing a delegate to simply talk and listen, up to an extended version with pluggable microphone, electronic voting facility and a built-in channel selector for language selection of up to 31 interpretations.


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