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Future Trends Forum Looks Ahead

The Future Tech Trends Forum, consistently the most popular event on Super Tuesday, took place yesterday in the Orange County Convention Center’s Valencia Ballroom.

Topics covered included “The Internet of Everything,” “Mobile, 3D, and AV Integration,” and “Future Trends in Audio.”

“Future Trends in Audio” was a highlight of the Forum, and included a panel made up of members of the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA). Moderated by Duffy Wilbert, PAMA Executive Director, the panel included Audio-Technica’s Mark Donovan, Biamp’s Matt Czyzewski, Meyer Sound's Marc Goossens, QSC’s Rich Zwiebel, Shure’s Doug Daube, and Sennheiser’s Wienand Mensendiek.

These experts tackled such issues as the convergence of professional and consumer audio products, the future of audio networking, and the possibility of standardized audio interface design.

  • “This was a great way to get a good feel for the industry as a whole in a few brief hours,” commented Dave Wambold of DuPont Pioneer.
  • “It was very informative to get a clear idea on the direction of the industry and how it relates to my work in education,” agreed Shawn Colvin of NC State University. “It was definitely eye-opening and exciting to know where things are heading with AV and IT.”