New Products May 2007

New Products May 2007
  • Extron Electronics has introduced a complete range of mid-sized 12 input, 12 output matrix switchers. Offering a comprehensive selection of signal switching options, the 12x12 matrix size is for meeting the demands of a wide variety of signal distribution applications.
  • The switchers include the MAV Plus 1212 AV for composite video and stereo audio, the MVX 1212 VGA A for VGA and stereo audio, the CrossPoint 300 1212 Series for wideband RGBHV and stereo audio, and the CrossPoint 450 Plus 1212 Series for ultra-wideband RGBHV and stereo audio. The Extron MAV Plus, MVX, and CrossPoint Series matrix switchers are high performance video and audio signal routers.

Intelix's VGA-SR-F Balun

Intelix has released the VGA-SR-F, a passive VGA balun which extends video signals up to 450 feet over standard unshielded twisted pair cable, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6. To use, simply connect the VGA-SR-F send balun to the source device, connect standard unshielded twisted pair cabling, and connect the VGA-SR-F receive balun to the destination device. The VGA-SR-F does not require a secondary power supply.

Apollo's DV-Slim DVI Board

The DV-Slim from Apollo Display Technologies is a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Translator Board that provides a cost-effective solution for connecting TFT LCD's to standard video interfaces. The DV-SLIM automatically converts DVI signals into TTL or LVDS signals for TFT LCD's. It can be user-configured for LCD's from five-inches to 46-inches diagonal with six-bit and eight-bit color depth and single-channel LVDS support. Designed for universal use, the DV-SLIM can be user-configured for LCDs from all major OEMs. Function select switches on the board allow the user to configure the DV-SLIM for most standard backlight inverter/LCD module combinations from VGA to WXGA resolution.

Middle Atlantic's Cable Management Solutions

Middle Atlantic's vertical lacer strips are joined by the TSW-15 cable tie saddles and IEC power cords as the newest introductions to Middle Atlantic Products' comprehensive cable management solution set. The vertical lacer strips provide security integrators with a large number of cable tie points for organizing and arranging cable runs of any size within a fully integrated enclosure system.

The TSW-15 cable tie saddles are rugged hooks that attach to Middle Atlantic Products' racks, vertical lacer strips, or any flat surface and afford integrators additional facilities for attaching cables or cable runs. The IEC power cords allow security integrators to choose a specific cord length when connecting components to a power strip, effectively shortening cable runs within an enclosure, eliminating excess cable slack, unnecessary cable loops, and the possibility of damaging cable kinks.

Chief Manufacturing's All-Points Security System

Chief Manufacturing's All-Points security system provides locking hardware at all key connection points to prevent removal of the projector from the mount. Projector access is obtained with the use of a security wrench. The All-Points system is included with all RPA Series projector mounts. Chief's PL Series of projector locks consists of an all-steel vented lock box that fits around an RPA Series mount and secures with a key. The Q-Lock locking lever is another intermediate level security feature included on the RPA Elite projector mounts. The Q-Lock lever provides enhanced security with a key and lock system.

Chief's RPA and RPA Elite security series of mounts are all-in-one solutions that rely solely on key and lock security. Fasteners are concealed beneath a universal steel interface and are virtually inaccessible.

360 Systems' Image Server MAXX 6T

360 Systems' Image Server MAXX 6T is a video server that provides storage space, a high level of compatibility with file-based workflows, and the advantages of traditional base-band connections. The MAXX 6T's internal RAID-6 array provides six terabytes of storage, which translates to more than 700 hours of program time. Every part of the MAXX 6T is designed to deliver the level of reliability required in 24/365 broadcast operations, starting with 360 Systems' Double Fault Tolerant RAID-6 technology that can accommodate the loss of two drives with no lost data. The MAXX 6T's extensive hardware features and software tools make it a smooth upgrade path for tape-based stations.

Crestron's DVPHD-PRO Digital Video Processor

The Crestron DVPHD-PRO high-definition digital video processor accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in up to eight scalable video windows simultaneously. Featuring input and output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 for RGB and DVI signals, and supports 1080i and 1080p HDTV, the DVPHD-PRO is suitable for network operation centers, command and control centers, large entertainment venues and home theater. The DVPHD-PRO also handles HDMI with external adaptors. The DVPHD-PRO is available in several models including multiple output versions for video wall applications.

Dolby Labs' KIT 989

With Dolby Laboratories' KIT 989, the Dolby Lake Processor becomes part of an integrated system, allowing the audio routing of an entire sound system to be managed remotely from one location, with no need to access racks to re-patch. The KIT 989 offers dual-redundant 100 Mbps Ethernet routing of up to eight inputs and 16 outputs of 48 kHz/20-bit audio with selectable latency across the network. It provides comprehensive signal routing both to and from the Dolby Lake Processor's reference-quality audio converters and AES/EBU digital audio channels. Dolby's patented low-latency sample rate conversion is available on all input and output channels. In addition, the KIT 989 CobraNet module provides selectable latency of 1.33, 2.66, or 5.33 milliseconds across the network.

Peerless' Flat Panel Conversion Kits

Peerless Industries' flat panel conversion kits (PLCK-UNL, PLCK-1) enable installers to use existing CRT wall and ceiling hardware to mount a flat panel in the same location and with the same viewing angle as the CRT TV. The flat panel conversion kit is a one-box solution for Peerless' single arm, double arm, ceiling, or multi-display jumbo mount configurations to fit virtually any flat panel screen up to 50 inches. Both the PLCK-UNL, PLCK-1 kits enable up to 20 degrees tilt adjustment and 360 degrees of swivel to achieve a viewing angle. In addition, an extension column connector is supplied to ensure compatibility with any 1.5 NPT pipe for ceiling applications. PLCK-UNL includes a universal adapter plate for 32-inch to 50-inch TVs, providing a one-box retrofit solution. PLCK-1 offers the option for either portrait or landscape orientation with screen-specific adapter plates (sold separately).

EAW's Smaart v.6 Software

EAW's Smaart v.6 for PC and Mac has been released and is available for download at the EAW website. Smaart v.6 sound system measurement and analysis software features a comprehensive re-write of its underlying architecture that enhances multi-tasking, in addition to a new streamlined interface for simpler operation, and full compatibility with Macintosh OS X.

Further, Smaart v.6 can receive multi-channel inputs via ASIO under Windows or Core Audio on Mac OS X, enabling selection of measurement signals from a multi-channel device within Smaart. This new data acquisition module opens up a vast array of multi-channel audio devices now available on the market, such as the Mackie Onyx 800F FireWire preamp. It simplifies the hardware setup requirements for operating a multi-microphone Smaart measurement rig.

Extreme CCTV's Black Diamond

Extreme CCTV's Black Diamond line of infrared illuminators enable superior night vision for CCTV applications. Black Diamond incorporates even illumination, asymmetric optimization and micro-refraction lens technologies to deliver high-fidelity lighting. Black Diamond eliminates over and under exposure, dramatically increases both the range and horizontal beam width of illumination and minimizes power consumption. Black Diamond's capabilities allow proper nighttime function of video analytics.

EZBracket's Version 2

The EZBracket Version 2 is a fully universal in-ceiling and in-wall speaker bracket. The brackets are used for the installation of both round and rectangular in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers. EZBracket Version 2 is available in two models, EZ-C for in-ceiling and EZ-W for in-wall. These products universally adapt to fit most models from leading custom and architectural speaker manufacturers. This flexibility reduces inventory costs by as much as 80 to 89 percent as two EZBrackets replace the 10 to18 different bracket sizes typically associated with each brand of speaker.

The two EZBracket models have been tested to fit over 420 speaker models from 17 manufacturers. Each of the two EZBracket models consists of a rectangle of sturdy corrugated cardboard. The EZ-C measures 13 x 26-inches while the EZ-W is 22 x 26-inches.

Gepco's RGB250S HDTV Cables

Gepco's RGB250S series of miniature HDTV component video cables feature subminiature 25 gage solid coaxial elements. The RGB250S series has a 3GHz bandwidth; a low-loss gas-injected dielectric; and solid copper conductors for lower attenuation and simplified connector termination. The RGB250S features a flexible and low-friction outer jacket that is easy to strip and install. To facilitate installation in almost any environment, the RGB250S series is UL Riser-rated Type CMR.

Silent Knight's IntelliKnight 5808 FACP

Silent Knight's IntelliKnight 5808 fire alarm control panel (FACP) offers built-in digital communication that allows reporting of all system activity to a remote monitoring location. The 5808 supports up to 127 addressable devices that allow the user to pin-point which device has been activated and/or needs attention. It also uses drift compensation, maintenance alert and a distributed power scheme to simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements. Complying with UL-9th Edition requirements, the 5808 FACP now boasts battery charging circuit integrity testing.

The basic IntelliKnight 5808 system can be enhanced by adding modules such as the 5860 Remote Annunciator, the Model 5824 serial/parallel interface and an intelligent Power Module. It also offers a built-in RS-232 interface for programming to a PC.

ISIS Version 2.0

The ISIS Group has released version 2.0 of the graphical user interface (GUI) for the INNOVATION by ISIS line of routing switchers. Version 2.0 of the GUI adds customer-requested features and improves usability. The newly re-designed GUI uses virtual control panels and provides on-screen, at-a-glance status of every element of one or more routers under GUI control. Status screens show the status of all levels for all outputs, allowing a depth of monitoring not possible with a physical control panel. With the GUI, multiple routers can be added to the system, allowing the user to build different configurations, such as a 128 x 1 or an 8 x 64. It features a command-line interface to allow easy integration with Windows applications like third-party controllers or automation interfaces.

Key Digital's KD-HDMI2x1 And KD-HDMI4x1 Switchers

The KD-HDMI2x1 switchers by Key Digital are HDMI multi-input to one output switchers that maintain picture and sound quality. KD-HDMI2x1 switchers support all digital HD and SD video standards including 1080p/60, and a multitude of analog and digital audio formats. KD-HDMI2x1 switchers feature iAS Intelligent Auto Sense signal detection and switching, pushbutton control, statusmonitoring LEDs, IR remote control, and support for HDMIs CEC. KD-HDMI2x1 switcher support multiple unit expandability, are individually addressable and DVI-D compatible with Key Digital adapters and cables.

Key Digital's KD-HDMI4x1 switcher handles up to four high-def sources and delivers a clear picture with a resolution of up to 1080p. For easier operation, the HDMI4x1 can automatically sense and switch to the active HDMI input. With its brushed-aluminum chassis, this switcher will look right at home with your other audio/video components. You can daisy chain multiple units together to support up to 100 HD displays.

L-Acoustics' 8XT And 12XT Loudspeakers

The 8XT and 12XT from L-Acoustics deliver performance in a compact and versatile multi-tasking package. The 8XT cabinet is the most compact model of the L-Acoustics coaxial range. Operating on a frequency bandwidth of 65 Hz to 20 kHz, this response can be lowered to 32 Hz with the addition of the SB118 subwoofer. The 8XT contains a 1.5-inch-diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by an eight-inch low-frequency transducer in a bass-reflex tune enclosure. The internal passive crossover network uses proprietary third-order filters with built-in phase compensation. The linearization and protection of the transducers is defined by the drive parameters contained in the LA4 amplified controller. The 12XT combined active/passive cabinet is the mid-sized model of the L-Acoustics coaxial range. It features an operating frequency bandwidth of 55 Hz to 20 kHz and, like the 8XT, this response can be lowered to 32 Hz via the use of the SB118 subwoofer.

Inter-M's VMX-1104 AV Mixer

Inter-M's VMX-1104 small scale AV mixer is intended for houses of worship, educational facilities, and small studios. The VMX is practical, effective, and provides professional broadcast features for the small scale broadcasting system environment. Key features include four video inputs, as well as four unbalanced audio inputs for each channel, convenient user environment at high resolution, 22 effects, 256 useful transition patterns, and 11 special effects. The VMX-1104 includes a practice function, a demo function, a macro function, a GPI function, and high video quality. The VMX-1104 also offers simultaneous output from six channels, and supports video formats such as composite video, S-video, component video, and RGB. Its advanced design provides the versatility to interface with all types of broadcast equipment.

TV One's C2-7260 Dual Channel HD Video Processor

TV One's CORIO2-based C2-7260 dual channel HD video processor combats the ever growing need for additional HD-SDI inputs. The C2-7260 features 17 inputs: eight HD-SDI or SD-SDI, three DVI-I (which also handle RGB, YUV, or YPbPr), three Composite Video and three S-Video. The C2-7260 has two independent outputs channels that each offer HD-SDI or SD-SDI, DVI-I, any RGB format and composite or S-Video supporting virtually every bidirectional analog-to-HDTV conversion thinkable.

The C2-7260 can be used as a HD video scaler or converter, multi-format seamless switcher and a dual PIP device that can accommodate up to five layers of video including logos. It can also perform as a chroma/lumakeyer, worldwide standards converter, frame synchronizer/TBC, aspect ratio converter The C2-7260 handles all known HDTV formats plus any analog RGB resolution up to 2048x2048. The C2-7260 offers several methods of control including the new CORIO EXP front panel, remote control via RS-232 or Ethernet, Windows control panel, or the CC-300 CORIOconsole.

Belden's PLTC Circuit Integrity Cables

Belden's New Generation PLTC Circuit Integrity (CI) cables have been designed to survive fire for up to two hours and to enable controlled shutdowns in circuitry related to mission-critical industrial processes. The cables complement and extend Belden's line of Safe-T-Line circuit integrity and circuit integrity in conduit (CIC) cables for high-rise EVAC systems and ABS-type approved low smoke zero halogen CI cables for shipboard use.

To help contractors select the right CI/CIC cables for their applications, Belden offers information regarding code compliance requirements, cable rating listings, and installation guidelines for each of its two-hour rated, fire-resistive cable solutions.

Lab.gruppen's C Series Amplifiers

Lab.gruppen is introducing four new amplifiers in its popular installation-dedicated C Series line: C 20:8X, C 10:8X, C 10:4X, and C 5:4X. Power ratings for each are the same at 70V, four ohms, eight ohms, and 16 ohms. The C 20:8X and C 10:8X weigh 21 lbs. The C 10:4X and C 5:4X weigh 18.75 lbs. The new amplifiers employ a Class D implementation suited to lower power levels where the benefits of Class TD are less easily realized. A newly developed universal switching power supply employs PFC (power factor correction) to stabilize current draw and accepts any mains voltage from 90-265 VAC (50 Hz or 60 Hz). The combination produces a flat frequency response into reactive loads, and does not color the sound in any way emulating the classic Lab.gruppen Class TD and regulated switch mode power supply. As with all C Series models, an interface for Lab.gruppen's proprietary NomadLink control and monitoring network is included as standard.

CCI's Media Control Cables

Coleman Cable's new series of media control cables for the structured wiring industry are engineered to meet or exceed the protocols for the AMX, AMX AXLin, Crestron, Cresnet, Elan systems, and VIA! touch screens. A variety of constructions are offered which include low capacitance shielded twisted pairs or Cat-5e for control, two conductors for power, and an optional RG59 for video. Identification is a snap with our color-coded riser rated jackets: teal with a yellow stripe, teal with a red stripe, and solid purple. Designed for the professional contractor, these combination cables will streamline installations on all commercial and residential job sites.

beyerdynamic's Opus 900 Wireless System

beyerdynamic's Opus 900 wireless system is designed to meet the rigorous operating criteria of multi-channel systems for touring and large installations. The Opus 900 system offers a variety of transmitters. Both the TS 900 M and TS 900 C are outfitted with ACT infrared interface for frequency setting, LCD for selected channel, group and battery status, gain control, silent on/off switch, and four-pin mini-XLR input connector.

Three receivers, offering 99 pre-programmed frequencies, are available for the Opus 900 system; the NE 900 S single channel, NE 900 D dual channel and the NE 900 Q quad channel receiver. Both the NE 900 D and NE 900 Q are housed in a standard 1U/19-inch rackmount and feature an integrated antenna splitter, while the NE 900 S is housed in a 1U/9.5-inch rackmount.

Altinex's DVI Sniffer

Altinex's DVI Sniffer takes all the guesswork out of whether your DVI signal is sufficient to run a projector or plasma display, allowing convenient checking of the DVI signal at each connection point. The DVI Sniffer includes an easy-to-read, six-level LED bar display that indicates whether the signal is good, marginal, or poor, avoiding lost time swapping out cables and equipment.

Listen's Wireless Digital Conferencing System

Listen Technologies' Wireless Digital Conferencing System offers a solution for integrators needing to install conferencing microphone systems in challenging locations such as historical buildings or multi-user venues. The Wireless Digital Conferencing System offers secure and stable operation that is immune to cell phone interference. Wireless discussion units are placed where needed in the venue. A wireless access point (WAP) provides a strong connection to individual units for a range of approximately 100 feet (30 meters). The WAP can be positioned centrally for optimal coverage or moved to the most convenient location in the room. To ensure reliable operation of units, the system features easily removable chargeable battery packs in each discussion unit.

Calypso's CB-1000 IR Button Panel Controller

Calypso's CB-1000 single-gang, wall-mount IR button panel is outfitted with eight tactile, fully-programmable buttons. Used as a standalone controller, the CB-1000 can be wired directly to devices requiring control. Conversely, the CB-1000's IR output can be interfaced with Calypso's Pro I/O or ION controllers to greatly multiply the number and types of components being controlled.

The CB-1000 button panel offers are fast setup functions utilizing an onboard serial programming port and on-board IR learning. Once an IR code is learned, it can be quickly assigned to a button. In turn, a complete, fully-programmed CB-1000 configuration can be automatically copied to additional units via the same serial port.

Marshall Electronics' AR-DM Rackmount Monitors

Marshall Electronics' AR-DM Series rackmount audio monitors are ultra-nearfield audio monitoring systems for space critical environments with interchangeable input modules and field upgradeable firmware capability. The AR-DM Series Rackmount Audio monitors include two single RU and three 2 RU models. All five models support 16 audio channels and provide four slots for the available interchangeable input modules, making these units highly configurable and well suited to most any audio application. For audio playback, single RU units provide twin loudspeakers while 2 RU models provide larger, high performance transducers plus a subwoofer.

Audio Technologies' ADAC-2 Converter

Audio Technologies' ADAC-2 A/D, D/A, and sample rate converter supports two channels at up to 24-bit word length and 192kHz sampling rate. Three independent audio paths through the unit allow users to convert one stereo program from analog to digital, a second stereo program from digital to analog and a third digital audio program from one sample rate to another, all simultaneously and without interaction. The ADAC-2 includes selectable balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, transformer-isolated AES3 inputs and outputs, S/PDIF digital audio inputs and outputs, optical inputs and outputs and Word Clock outputs for DAC and SRC sync. The low jitter internal clock can be configured to use word, bit, master, or double-master clock references.

DNF Controls' GTP-32 GPI Tally Processor

DNF Controls has added bug and logo control to its GTP-32 GPI tally processor. A member of DNF's Flex Control Network line of modular, Ethernet-based, real-time machine control solutions, the GTP-32 automatically puts bugs and logos in their place, on or off. The GTP-32's powerful combinatorial logic option allows users to create simple or complex rules that automatically turn bugs and logo inserters on and off based upon master control, production switcher, and router GPIs or tallies. The rules consist of user-entered logic equations that are applied to one or more GPIs and tallies. When all the conditions are met, the bug or logo is turned on. Otherwise, it is automatically turned off. The GTP-32 is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Users may add or change rules on the fly.

Mitsubishi Digital's DX-TL4U Digital Video Recorder

Mitsubishi Digital's DX-TL4U digital video recorder couples DVR-level versatility and performance with the reliability commonly associated with VCRs. Mitsubishi's new DX-TL4U provides businesses with a product with which to upgrade from analog to digital. Controlled using a simple front button interface or a wireless remote control, Mitsubishi's DX-TL4U features one of the lowest learning curves of its class and at less than two inches tall is one of the thinnest DVRs on the market today. The DX-TL4U also features long-term recording with advanced proprietary compression, which at one image per second in standard mode, allows for more than 50 days of continuous recording. For businesses where remote system management is required, the DX-TL4U is offered with software that allows owners/managers to configure, monitor, and control their DX-TL4U.

AMX's AutoPatch Switchers

AMX has simplified signal management by integrating CatPro technology, which transmits high-resolution RGBHV plus stereo audio over category cable, into its line of AutoPatch Optima Series matrix switchers. Its new 4x8 and 8x8 RGBHV plus stereo to CatPro boards transmit local computer video signals to distances up to 1,000 feet and at resolutions up to 1600x1200 and 1920x1080.

The Optima CatPro boards support up to eight outputs and are designed to transmit local RGBHV video inputs (HD-15) and local stereo audio inputs (Phoenix style) over a single category cable output (RJ-45). Integration of the CatPro transmission technology and RJ-45 output connections into the Optima matrix switcher eliminates the need for an external transmission device on each output, which saves rack space and reduces installation cost.

Lightronics' Wireless DMX

Lightronics now offers reliable DMX built-in or stand alone. Products include the stand-alone wireless DMX transmitter and the stand-alone wireless DMX Receiver. Also offered is the wireless DMX for all Lightronics lighting consoles and wireless DMX for the NEW XC series dimmers. The wireless DMX features include 16 Universes of 512 DMX channels, FHSS TDMA communication, and 83 channel hopping 2.45GHz band. The wireless DMX also has range; 1400 feet inside and 4000 feet outside. The outside range can even go through structures.

Anchor Audio's MiniVox Public Address System

Anchor Audio's next generation MiniVox PA system is capable of delivering 108dBs of intelligible speech from one, small self-contained portable sound system that's designed for users with no technical knowledge. In order to eliminate interference from local broadcasting sources, the MiniVox now offers a 16 channel UHF wireless receiver. The UHF microphone has a range of 250 feet from the receiver. For hands-free use, Anchor offers headband, collar, lapel, and handheld microphones. MiniVox is five pounds including its wireless receiver, powered by nine "C" cell batteries.

Dynacord's Variline Loudspeaker Cabinets

Both the acoustic and the mechanical design of all cabinets in Dynacord's Variline range are equipped with premium components. When used in horizontal format to cover a wider variety of applications. The dimensioned midrange and high-frequency horns can be rotated through 90-degrees; from the 12-inch two-way box upwards, all the full-range models can be switched over to active two-way operation. All loudspeaker components are protected against thermal overload by Dynacord's fully electronic voice-coil tracking protection. Linear-phase FIR (finite impulse response) factory presets are available for use with Dynacord Power-H power amplifiers with RCM 26 modules, as are IIR presets for conventional digital controllers. Users can also download EASE and Ulysses data files free of charge from the Dynacord website; these will allow them to perform even the most demanding simulations precisely and without problems.

Provider Series' PSM1 Head Worn Microphone

Provider Series' PSM1 series of head worn microphones are for vocal and speech applications, which requires freedom of movement. The headset offers a unique design where the microphone boom can be adjusted to any angle and worn on the left or right side. The PSM1 is comfortable enough to be worn with glasses. The PSM1 offers a detachable cable, adjustable headband, and microphone boom. The PSM1 is nearly invisible from 10 feet away and folds for easy storage. The PSM1 is available preconfigured for various beltpacks including: Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, AKG, Mipro, and others. The PSM1 includes two cables, windscreen, adjustment wrench, and storage case.

Ross Video's DashBoard Control System

Ross Video's DashBoard control system, for the openGear terminal equipment platform, is an OS independent software application, and allows users to control and monitor their operations within any network using intuitive GUIs. What's unique is DashBoard's ability to monitor and control a wide variety of multi-vendor solutions for the openGear platform, which offers customers the flexibility and choice in their terminal equipment solutions under one control system.

openGear is based on an open-architecture, 2RU modular frame, designed to accommodate up to 10 cards. A wide variety of cards are available from terminal equipment vendors supporting the openGear platform, allowing facilities the freedom and flexibility to choose the best technology for their particular applications. Customers are no longer locked into one manufacturer's frame standard and modules for their terminal equipment solutions. openGear also provides the platform with a control system that allows quick and easy monitoring and control of frames and modules on the network.

Barco's Display Solutions

Barco's XDS-1000 external display management system can pilot multiple high-fidelity projectors and multiple sources on a large display wall. The network-centric iCon H250 delivers a light output of 2500 ANSI lumens, includes BrilliantColor technology, and is equipped with advanced picture-in-picture functionality. Both the XDS-1000 and iCon 250 include an on-board computer and familiar Windows XP desktop to efficiently manage the display of multiple sources through advanced desktop functions.

Barco's new FLM HD18 three-chip DLP projection system is a quiet 18,000 ANSI lumens, native HD solution. The FLM HD18 delivers a variable contrast ratio of 1800:1 to 2400:1 to ensure black levels at high brightness intervals. It is equipped with a 16-bit imaging processing engine to deliver vivid images.

Soundcraft's Vi Series Mixing Consoles

Soundcraft's new interface cards for the Soundcraft Vi Series of digital mixing consoles enable direct integration with Aviom's personal monitoring system, the Pro16 Series. The cards provide direct digital connection on a single Cat-5e cable from the Soundcraft Vi6 and newly announced Soundcraft Vi4 aux or group outputs into an Aviom Pro16 Series personal mixer. The Pro16 System enables musicians on stage to be fed with up to 16 subgroups of instruments or vocals, which they can then mix to their own tastes using their own onstage controllers.

The 'Soundcraft A-Net 16V' card can be installed or retrofitted to any Soundcraft Vi series console rack, and outputs are assigned directly from the Vistonics II control screens on the console. Soundcraft and Aviom collaborated with digital connectivity specialist Lab X in the development of a standard hardware card platform that can be quickly adapted for future planned interfaces to Soundcraft consoles.

Cirrus Logic And's Reference Kit

Cirrus Logic and have introduced a general purpose, multizone intercom, paging, and background music reference kit. This kit leverages the Stardraw Control tool that will allow audio consultants, integrators, and installers to more easily design CobraNet audio networks with custom user interfaces for a superior user audio experience.

The Stardraw Control reference design developed by Cirrus Logic provides a typical base station and system initialization user interface, enabling the integrator to customize the system and user interfaces to meet the requirements of the end user. Stardraw Control helps integrators and consultants design features such as multizone audio volume and EQ control, background music source selection, and full zone control of intercom and paging, all with intuitive graphics for end users.

Symetrix's Zone Mix 760

Symetrix's Zone Mix 760 is designed specifically to save the integrator both time and money. Featuring 12 inputs (four microphone, eight stereo line level) and six outputs, it contains microphone pre-amplification, compression, AGC, matrix mixing, paging, feedback elimination, filters and equalization, and ambient noise compensation within a single rack space. Setup is easy and efficient with a straightforward Windows interface connected over ethernet. The 760 is also compatible with Symetrix adaptive remote control (ARC) wall panels for user control.

JVC's Mini-Dome Cameras

JVC Professional's two fixed IP mini-dome cameras, the VN-C215VP4U and the VN-C215V4U, provide versatile monitoring with power over Ethernet (POE) capability and complement JVC's VR-N900U hybrid (IP and analog) network recorder. The VN-C215VP4U is for outdoor applications and the VN-C215V4U is designed for indoor installations. Both cameras feature high-resolution, 1/4-inch interline transfer CCDs with 380,000 effective pixels that reproduce excellent detailed images.

Both cameras are compatible with JVC's hybrid network video recorder, the VR-N900U, producing images in the motion-JPEG format with resolution of up to 640 x 480 pixels and a maximum full frame rate of 30 fps. Camera set-up and viewing of images can be achieved using a standard web browser over the internet or via SMTP or FTP. Additionally, multicast capabilities (IGMP version 2) enable multiple client access. The VN-C215VP4U is JVC's first vandal resistant IP-network camera that meets IP66 rating and has a triple axis rotation mechanism that simplifies installation options.

Teq AV's Twisted Pair Line

Teq AV/IT has introduced the next generation of its Twisted Pair (Cat-5) product line. All AV transmitters and receivers with audio now have digital audio (S/PDIF) as a standard feature. The analog audio input on the transmitters is encoded into digital audio, with a local S/PDIF loop-out. The receivers have both, a digital and an analog audio output.

Due to the transmission of the audio in digital format, the audio output quality is identical to that of the audio source, meaning no quality loss on stereo, 5:1, or 7:1 audio channels. In addition to the audio quality enhancement, all receivers with a transmission range of 1000 feet have build-in skew adjustment as a standard feature that allows up to 64 ns of timing adjustment on each individual color, making the product compatible with all Twisted Pair cables. Teq AV/IT offers several Qik install kits that come with a transmitter and receiver, a VGA input cable, and a 50-foot Cat-5e cable.

Hitachi's Starboard With Mult-e-Maths Toolbox LE

Hitachi Software has announced that StarBoard interactive users will have exclusive access to Mult-e-Maths Toolbox LE version, an interactive math tool package created by Cambridge-Hitachi exclusively for Hitachi Software and compatible with any current StarBoard interactive product. Currently featuring over 500 activities and lesson plans, the Hitachi Software website continues to build on its downloadable lesson plans and educational tools with additional approved content, providing educators with a hub to download content, inspire new lesson plans and create new activities.

Mult-e-Maths Toolbox, allows teachers to demonstrate mathematical concepts in a simple visual way through retractable angles, protractors, and moveable 3-D shapes, making it applicable for all students. Developed by Cambridge-Hitachi in concert with Cambridge University Press, Mult-e-Maths simplifies a teacher's day with printable teacher support and a wide variety of lesson plans and activities.

TOA's F Series Ceiling Speakers

Four new models in TOA Electronics' F Series ceiling speakers, F-122CU2, F-2322C2, F-2352C2, and F-2852C2 are now packaged as two speakers and two tile bridges, all in one box.

The new tile bridges allow simpler and faster installation, ordering convenience and lower shipping costs. Existing TOA mounting C-rings and trim rings will continue to be available for installations that do not require tile bridges. TOA F Series ceiling speakers are for music and paging applications such as audio/visual, business music or retail sound systems. Key benefits include smooth off-axis coverage, versatile range of models, ease of installation, and competitive pricing. All TOA speakers are all backed by a five-year warranty.

AKG's HC 577 Headset Microphone

AKG's HC 577 is designed to withstand the rigors of stage performance while providing quality audio. Featuring an adjustable behind-the-neck headband and dual-ear temple pieces for stability, the HC 577 provides comfort and maneuverability to the end-user. The microphone boom further offers flexibility with an adjustable length and choice of left or right-hand use.

Compatible with all standard AKG wireless systems, the HC 577 features patented dual-diaphragm technology to ensure pristine audio quality even under most live performance circumstances. Incorporating a CK77 omni-directional transducer, the HC 577 has undergone rigorous chemical testing to ensure resistance to an actor's make-up and creams, as well as alcohol and sweat. Additionally, the patented body design protects the dual-diaphragm transducer for maximum cable noise suppression.

X2O Media's Xpresenter 2.0

X2O Media's Xpresenter 2.0 features new functionality that further simplifies the digital signage content management workflow and incorporates new tools for distributing and managing digital assets across a network of digital screens using an integrated central server. Based on a concept of "smart" templates and an extensive library of reusable objects created by X2O's graphic artists, Xpresenter Template Maker extends PowerPoint by adding high-end digital signage features, allowing users to author content that includes video, animations, graphics, audio, live data, and more. With these valuable templates close at hand, Xpresenter 2.0 users can create and modify content quickly. The Xpresenter Player drives the playback of assets and dynamically composites slide elements in real-time to generate the final video output. Xpresenter 2.0 also includes support for RFID, adding a unique element of interactivity with digital screens.

Lectrosonics' Heritage Series Transmitters

Lectrosonics has introduced the Heritage Series belt-pack transmitters for guitar and bass players interested in vintage-looking equipment without the headaches of vintage performance. Following Gibson and Fender's cue with their classic reissues which offer realistic wear and authentic finish blemishes, Lectrosonics offers a companion transmitter to complement the visual effect that so many artists are seeking.

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