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Fishing for Techies

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The Career Fair graced the carpeted floor of InfoComm again this year, adding a space dedicated to the job of hunter, separate from the normal show booths. The companies that particiapted reported steady traffic and numerous potential candidates.

"We already sent some [candidates] along straight into the interview process," said Ash Hutcherson of AVI-SPL.

 Multiple companies cited CTS certification as a major advantage to a candidate's resumé, as it's often used as a selling point for integration firms persuading clients of their pedigree. "Everyone's CTS here, and if they're not, they're doing themselves a disservice," added Hutcherson. 


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New Mini Pavilions Bring ‘Neighbors’ to InfoComm

Adding to the success of InfoComm’s themed pavilions, new “mini” tech pavilions have popped up on the floor this year, highlighting three key industries that are integrating more and more with the AV world: digital content creation, education technology, and security solutions.

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Kicking Off InfoComm – In Search of 4K

4K will be a hot topic at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando when the show floor opens on Wednesday, but a special 4K session at the InfoComm Projection Summit on Monday kicked off this week’s look at one of the most interesting new stages in the evolution of video projection at the high end.

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Navigating the Edges of the Show Floor

My Father always told me to check out the outside edges of the Trade Show floor, don't only focus on the big flashy stuff in the middle. He's right, if you head straight for the gigantic booths in the center you might miss that next big manufacturer, an upcoming trend as well as a few things that are just plain weird.

Adjust Your Mount

Mounting products usually seem to just fall in under the category of necessary evils. You need them to do your job, they're an essential part of your business, but they are a fairly pedestrian product on the best of days.

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Epson Shows Off Passionate and Products at InfoComm

On the Residential side, I picked up Epson a year ago, so I know firsthand they make a good product. I’m a big believer that in the slogan, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Should this be the case, we’ll all be buying Epson. They’re win my vote for most passionate about their products at the show.