New Products April 2007

New Products April 2007
  • Extron Electronics has introduced the ISM 824, a modular multi-switcher that allows for simultaneous video/RGB scaling and wideband switching in a single, compact enclosure. It combines the signal-routing capabilities of an 8-input, 8-output, wideband matrix switcher with the versatility of four customizable outputs. The ISM 824 can be equipped with any of the available scaling or scan conversion output boards for initial project requirements, and then upgraded at any time in the future with additional boards as system needs evolve and expand. It is for applications such as boardrooms, auditoriums, and classrooms that require high-performance signal routing with flexible, onboard signal processing. Five output expansion boards are available for the ISM 824 with the same advanced video processing technologies employed in Extron scalers, signal processors and scan converters. The Universal Scaler Output Board features high-performance RGB and video scaling, with high-quality up-conversion and down-conversion of high-resolution RGB signals at up to UXGA (1600 x 1200) as well as HDTV 1080p.

NetworkSound's Mamba Digital Snake

NetworkSound has launched a low-cost digital snake product line called Mamba. At launch, there are two Mamba products: Mamba, a 32 x 16 line-level digital snake; and Mini-Mamba, a 16 x 8 line-level digital snake. Both of these plug-and-play snakes use DB25 for I/O, and synchronously transport 24-bit audio at 48 or 98 kHz over a standard Cat-5/6 cable for distances of up to 300 feet. Both models have line-level inputs allowing users to incorporate their preferred mic pre. Both models are also available bundled with SM Pro Audio branded microphone preamps, through a partnership between the two companies. At the core of Mamba is NetworkSound's MediaNet audio/video transport technology used in its high-end broadcast solutions. MediaNet features synchronous audio delivery with latency of less than 200 microseconds (I2S to I2S) and built-in Cat-5/6 cable redundancy.

A-Line Acoustics' EMMA Modular Arrays

A-Line Acoustics' EMMA Series loudspeakers features three models to mix and match for any application. EMMA speaker modules can be combined for line-array coverage over 250 feet. Depending on the application, modules may be stacked or flown. Each two-way enclosure is loaded with specially matched 6-inch LF drivers and 6-inch HF ribbon drivers for smooth, accurate frequency response and fidelity with 100-degree wide dispersion. Constructed in DuraTex coated birch plywood with integrated handles, EMMA is available un-powered or powered with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology.

Technomad's Turnkey PA Concept

Technomad Associates has introduced a flexible, highly-configurable new version of its Turnkey PA Systems for the professional audio industry. The new 70-volt Turnkey PA System is specifically designed for restaurants, retail spaces and other facilities that need a rugged and weatherproof speaker system for audio output in outdoor seating areas. The 70-volt design allows integrators to operate many loudspeakers off of a single amplifier and implement longer cable runs in the system architecture a benefit for extending the indoor audio system to outdoor areas. The typical 70-volt Turnkey PA System will include four to six Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers, with the option for a 70-volt Technomad Soho 12 subwoofer driven by a central amplifier. Technomad Vernal loudspeakers are targeted for outdoor patio areas due to a design that combines reliability, fidelity and audio projection.

Belden's Next-Generation CCTV/PTZ Cable Line

Belden is offering a wide range of new cables for pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras used in closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems. Most recently added are: PTZ Banana-Peel composites with coax-based video, and 14 AWG Power conductors, to drive heaters and motors at a greater distance and CCTV composites for fiber-optic-based video, plus copper power conductors to drive camera heaters and/or pan and tilt motors. These cables are round, over-jacketed styles with either 18 AWG copper or 14 AWG copper. The complete new-generation Banana Peel PTZ cables now include plenum-and riser-rated composites with RG-59/U coax cable for video, STP or UTP cables for control and 2-conductor cable for power applications. In the Banana Peel design, the individual, color-coded cables are affixed to a center splice, thus eliminating the need for an overall jacket.

ATM's Dual-Mode Component Cooler

Active Thermal Management's Dual-Mode Component Cooler is designed to operate in either of two modes to cool AV components which have insufficient ventilation. Intended for use on shelves, in bookcases and other semi-enclosed locations, the Cooler consists of a black powder-coated base housing two ultra-quiet, high-quality 120 mm fans and a magnetic-base thermal switch assembly. The fans run continuously at an idle speed, suitable for removing the heat produced by always-on components, switching to a higher speed as temperatures rise. As shipped, the Cooler is placed on top of a hot component, cooling it while forming a shelf on which a heat-sensitive component can be placed. In an alternate configuration, the Cooler is placed under a hot component, forcing cooling air up through the component. Mode switching is quickly accomplished using only a Philips screwdriver. In either configuration, the Dual-Mode Component Cooler can support more than 100 pounds.

Multidyne's DVI-5000 Transmitter

Multidyne's DVI-5000 transmitter provides a long-haul, transport solution for high-quality, up to 2048 by 1536, DVI single link and dual link video sources via ONE fiber. The system also supports stereo audio and bi-directional data for monitor control. The system uses no compression with all digital signal processing with no user adjustments or calibration. The DVI-5000 provides a total throughput of up to 10 Gbps. The system supports up to 2048 by 1536 pixels over ONE optical fiber without compression. The system requires non-proprietary Singlemode fiber-otpic cable with a transport distance of up to 15 KM. The DVI-5000 transmitter unit supports a loop-through input. The receiver provides two DVI outputs. The system supports EDID from any monitor connected to the system.

Avlex's MIPRO ACT 81 and ACT 82

Avlex's MIPRO ACT 81 and ACT 82 digital wireless microphone systems feature a full-color VFD (vacuum florescent display), 24-bit digital audio quality with advanced DSP, a sub-band ADPCM algorithm, and full 128-bit encryption. As the ACT 81 and ACT 82 are both full digital systems, the transmission quality is constant and the signal-to-noise ratio will not deteriorate. With the ACT 81 and ACT 82, there is no saturation or distortion at the higher frequencies of a high SPL input, and both systems utilize a sub-band ADPCM algorithm that virtually eliminates compandor noise and restores the original sound quality of the source.

Brother's PT-1880 P-touch Labeling System

Brother's PT-1880 P-touch electronic labeling system works equally well on a desktop or on the road, and prints in two sharp fonts. The Brother P-touch PT-1880 can be used with a wide selection of available tape widths. With a variety of formatting options, it enables users to get creative; it also has features from label previews to preset formats, along with a built-in memory for saving up to five labels. It includes a 15-character LCD display with preview key for clear text viewing. The Brother PT-1880 labeler comes with a 1/2-inch, black-on-white starter tape. It can be used with up to 50 Brother "TZ" laminated tapes, which come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Chief's FUSION Flat Panel Carts

Chief's FUSION flat-panel carts and stands convert any space to center stage. The carts and stands are for a wide range of applications and are packed with features that help put the focus on the user's presentation. The PFCU mobile cart for 42- to 63-inch screens and the MFCU mobile cart for 30-50 inch screens provide tool-less telescoping height adjustment. Modular design allows for quick assembly/disassembly, and integrated cable management hides cables out of sight for installation. The compact angled base fits in doorways and corner locations. Lockable rear wheels offer added stability. The PF1 stand for 42- to 63- inch screens and MF1 stand for 30- to 50-inch screens offer many of the same features as the PFCU and MFCU, including telescoping design and Centris Technology.

Rapco's HDMI-X Fiber-Optic Extender

RapcoHorizon's HDMI fiber-optic extender, the HDMI-X, is designed for high-definition multimedia in such applications as video wall systems, large LED sign boards, medical imaging equipment, home theater and TV broadcast. Presenting the contractor and pro AV markets with a turnkey product that is DDC line-compliant and meets HDCP standards, the HDMI-X includes a HDMI transmitter and receiver, and an external 12-volt power supply adapter. It also contains a variety of HDMI equipment cables: 4-strand 50/125 fiber cable, Cat-5e cable, and HDMI cable, all of which can be terminated at the specific length required for a given installation. Additionally, HDMI-X allows transmission of uncompressed digital video and audio up to 100 meters and can also be applied to widescreen ultra eXtended graphics array format.

KDM's SP860A Speaker

KDM's SP860A speaker is the new flagship in the Octasound line of 360-degree speakers designed for large spaces such as gymnasiums, ice rinks, recreational facilities, large convention facilities, swimming pools, retail and warehouse spaces. The SP860A is similar to the SP840A in configuration but uses larger upgraded components. The SP860A includes 18-inch downward facing woofer/midrange driver with a 100-ounce magnet and 4-inch voice coil; four exponential horns driven by compression drivers with 1-3/4-inch voice coils, and 24-ounce magnets.

Conference Systems' CU6005 Control Unit

Conference Systems' CU6005 central unit is a microprocessor-based control unit designed for the DCS 6000 digital conference system, similar to the CU 6010. The new unit handles up to 16 interpretation channels with various interlock functions for the interpreter sets and eight open microphones at one time. The system operates in different modes (automatic, FIFO and manual) and has three microphone-interrupt ability modes. By uploading feature licenses, the system will be loaded with additional features such as voice activation (VOX) and auto-off for operation of the microphones, encrypted sound for security enhancement and voting. The CU 6005 features a slot for inserting modules such as the new AO 6004 providing four analog line outputs (i.e., floor) and three languages for infrared distribution or sound recording.

Crestron's DVPHD-PRO Digital Video Processor

The Crestron DVPHD-PRO high-definition digital video processor accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in up to eight scalable video windows simultaneously. Featuring input and output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 for RGB and DVI signals, and supports 1080i and 1080p HDTV, the DVPHD-PRO is for network operation centers, command and control centers, large entertainment venues and home theater. The DVPHD-PRO also handles HDMI with external adaptors. The DVPHD-PRO is available in several models, including multiple output versions for video wall applications. True 10-bit video processing and the latest generation of high-definition scaling and de-interlacing ensures the high-quality video images. The DVPHD-PRO also provides extensive graphics capabilities featured in the latest Crestron touchpanels, such as 24-bit color, dynamic graphics, dynamic text, full-motion animation, and translucent objects.

ADK's Pick 'n Mix Package

ADK has put together a package that offers plug-in capability and simultaneous 56-track recording for DiGiCo consoles, or 112-track recording if plug-ins are not required. All this in a machine housed in a 4U rackmount case that is 20 inches deep, with 640G of audio storage and two removable HDD bays. The Pick 'n Mix solution also allows users to specify specific plug-in cards for their favorite effects such as UAD, Waves and TC Powercore. Recordings are made in the BWAV allowing playback and editing in any software/DAW package. Connection to the console is via just two MADI cables for plug-ins, record and playback. All channels of playback are instant and with just one press of a button on the console and with no need to reboot.

ETC's SmartFade ML Lighting Console

ETC's SmartFade ML (ML for moving lights) brings ETC-quality control to the smallest venues and events, within a super-compact board. The latest addition to ETC's Smart Solutions line of basic lighting gear, the SmartFade ML brings professional features like palettes, parameter "fan" and built-in dynamic effects to novice or experienced users. With a capacity for up to 24 moving lights and an additional 48 intensity channels (dimmers), and the ability to patch to two complete universes of DMX512A (1,024 outputs), SmartFade ML provides a range of control for smaller lighting rigs. ETC engineered the SmartFade ML with color-coded backlit keys to make it easy to operate in the dark, without requiring additional work lights. The keys and built-in LCD displays also provide status feedback for the rig, without the need for an external monitor.

Symon's SES 9.2 Software

Symon has released its Symon Enterprise Server (SES) 9.2 software. SES 9.2 is a software engine that powers Symon products for use in various markets such as digital signage, corporate communications, contact center, and supply-chain management. One of the key benefits of the SES 9.2 is that one server allows customers to simultaneously operate many devices and applications reducing the number of servers and other IT involvement. Included in SES 9.2 is the new digital video wall capability that allows a traditional video wall configuration or a row of digital monitors. Video wall features include displaying one show across four monitors or splitting the monitors into four different shows. A Symon Digital Appliance, the SDA-400W, is also introduced with this release and supplies the digital video wall with its content. The SDA-400W incorporates a quad-display graphics card that supports digital and analog monitors.

Hitachi's CP-X400 3LCD Projector

Hitachi's CP-X400 3LCD projector offers enough power for any application, but is lightweight enough for easy mounting and room-to-room portability. With a built-in 6-watt speaker, the CP-X400 3LCD projector provides a complete audio/video presentation solution. The CP-X400 boasts a manual 1:1.2 zoom, along with full connectivity including standard video connections and RS-232 control. With features such as digital keystone correction and a user-friendly interface, the CP-X400 can be set up and operated by anyone from students to church volunteers to audio/video professionals. The CP-X400 3LCD projector has a side-mounted filter for cleaning and a top-door lamp. It also offers advanced security functions such as a transition detector and Kensington lock and PIN lock protection.

Sharp's PN-465U LCD Monitor

Sharp's PN-465U 46-inch professional LCD monitor joins the company's line of professional monitors that have been designed for professional applications and operate in both portrait and landscape mode. Also joining the lineup is the PN-465U/P monitor with an integrated protective acrylic overlay. To ensure operation and backlight life, even in 24/7 operation, Sharp has optimized the internal cooling with a fan-less design and backlight system for use in portrait mode. The PN-465U monitor has a full, 2-megapixel 1920 x 1080 HD resolution with more than 6 million pixel elements for image reproduction. The monitor features a 1700:1 contrast ratio and a 6ms response time for fast-moving images. The PN-465U/P LCD monitors have several proprietary technologies and features that ensure image quality for a professional presentation of information, data and images.

TOA's F-1000, F-2000 Series Speaker Systems

TOA Electronics has introduced 12 new box speakers. The latest additions to the TOA speaker lineup, the F-1000 Series and F-2000 Series speaker systems, are designed to provide high-quality sound and performance for restaurants, retail and audiovisual applications. Features include 2-way bass-reflex design, high-impact polystyrene enclosure with a 4- or 8-inch low-frequency driver and dome tweeter. Users can reduce the high-frequency coverage angle of F-2000 models by installing an included horn adapter. Model options include 70.7V transformer or low-impedance, black or white enclosures and indoor or weather-resistant versions. All models include a wall/ceiling-mount bracket for easy installation.

Canon's LV Series Projectors

Canon has introduced three projectors for its LV Series of LCD-based multimedia projectors--the LV-7265, LV-7260, and LV-X7. The product of Canon Optics, this new 7-group projection lens provides greater flexibility in projector placement. The combination of the short-throw distance and optical zoom of these three new projectors adapt to many environments, which is an essential feature for classrooms, conference rooms of almost any size, and other situations that require bright, "large-screen," high-fidelity images. The projectors are well suited for presenting graphics and video from laptop computers, video from DVDs and VCRs, or live images from the Canon RE-455X Visualizer. These new LV Series projectors can also easily connect to Canon digital camcorders and digital cameras for fast, seamless video projection.

Toleeto Fasteners' Cord-Lox

Toleeto Fasteners is a manufacturer of cabling management straps and claims it is the first company to offer the printing of names and logos onto its signature Cord-lox strapping products. Cord-lox comes in four different styles: closed loop, open loop, rivet series, and buckle and grommet.

WideBand's Simphonix Wireless Series

WideBand Solutions' SimphoniX Wireless Series includes Revolabs' Solo Executive 4-channel wireless microphone system and WideBand Solutions' SimphoniX Si-400. Revolabs' Solo Executive wireless conference microphone system combines the audio capabilities of full duplex, wideband quality with encryption for security, rechargeable batteries, and form factors. The system contains MaxFlex technology, which allows flexibility with four interchangeable wearable, boundary, and handheld microphones to customize audio in most environments. The SimphoniX Si-400 is designed with hardware and speech algorithms that accommodate the full range of human hearing and is compatible with hundreds of digital and VoIP phones.

Under Cover's F3L Console Dust Covers

Under Cover has introduced a new range of economical, lightweight console dust covers. Dubbed the F3L line, these covers offer protection from dust and other atmospheric contaminants. Like the company's F1 and F2 padded covers, the F3L range is offered in a wide array of colors, and can be customized with embroidered or silk-screened logos. All of Under Cover's products are covered by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Telrex's CallRex API

Telrex's CallRex API (application programming interface) provides complete access to the CallRex recording and monitoring platform, including all CallRex professional and CallRex multimedia add-on features. Software developers can now add real-time IP recording and monitoring capabilities to third-party applications. CallRex API is available free of charge to approved software developers, value-added resellers and independent software vendors. Telrex provides comprehensive documentation and sample code, and also provides fee-based, developer-level support and evaluation software. CallRex API can be applied to a wide variety of business software and communications applications. API integrates with IP communications, unified messaging, and collaboration applications to enable recording and monitoring of all types of interactions. CallRex is licensed on a per-user basis and can be deployed on multiple servers without incremental server licensing fees.

Bretford's TC Series Carts

Bretford's TC12, TC15, and TC35 Series carts allow users to incorporate the latest technology tools for teaching, training and signage applications. All of the carts can accommodate a projector, but also offer an optional flat-panel mount that supports up to a 42-inch monitor with a 200mm VESA hole pattern for a seamless fit with essentially any medium-sized display. The new carts include an aluminum extruded pole that extends up to 28 inches for flat-panel viewing from further distances. The TC12 Series includes an open-shelf design for easy access to storage, while the TC15 Series has a closed cabinet with locking doors for security, and a 19-inch rackmount to house additional equipment.

Sierra's Lassen Routing Switcher

Kramer has released Sierra Video Systems' Lassen 88HD HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher, the smallest model in the Lassen line of HD, digital and analog routing switchers. At 2RU in height, it features multi-format digital video boards and is outfitted with an IP port for Ethernet connectivity. The routing switcher is capable of passing both HD and SDI/DVB-ASI video signals. The unit features a front-panel LCD display with Sierra Video Systems' Qwik Adjust Knob rotary control interface and is outfitted with RJ-45 connectors for IP communication over Ethernet. Like all other models in the Lassen family, it offers RS-232/422 control capability and is fully interoperable with all other Sierra Video Systems routing switchers, functioning as master or slave in the system.

Peerless' SmartMount Flat-Panel TV Carts

Peerless' line of SmartMount flat-panel TV carts is designed for 32- to 60-inch screens weighing up to 150 pounds. Incremental tilt and vertical screen adjustment make it simple to position at a perfect viewing angle and aid in reducing screen glare. The carts include either a metal shelf or a tempered-glass shelf for AV component storage, plus an internal cable management system to ensure a clean and clutter-free appearance.

The carts are UL-listed for safety and peace of mind by passing stringent load and tip testing requirements. They are equipped with 4-inch, non-marking casters for maneuverability so displays can be moved safely over various floorings and through doorways. They also feature two locking casters to ensure stability wherever the cart is placed.

Altec's CommStar SV6 Wall-Mount Speaker System

Altec Lansing has expanded its CommStar Cat-5 digital speaker system line with the addition of the model SV6 wall-mount/surface-mount speaker. The SV6 features the same 6.5-inch Duplex drivers and electronics that are used in the CV6 powered digital ceiling speaker system. In addition, the SV6 uses the same power supplies and Cat-5 Digital Power Link technology as the CV6 ceiling speaker. The SV6 is offered in two finishes: the SV6G is manufactured from black, injection-molded plastic, while the SV6W is the white model; both are paintable. The speakers are shipped with a ball-joint mounting system.

Vestax's PMC-280 Mixer>

Vestax's PMC-280 mixer features four channels and 16 effects with adjustable parameters to serve all DJ styles. It also boasts a professional DSP effects unit onboard, featuring a 24-bit 96 kHz sampling rate. Two rotaries are provided on the control surface to adjust two variable parameters for each effect. The unit comes with new channel faders and CF-PCV cross-fader. Each channel comes with a 3-band isolator EQ. Ten inputs are provided, including six Line, two Phono, two Mic, and the output section features two individually controlled RCA stereo outputs and XLR outputs on Master.

RealTraps' Portable Vocal Booth

RealTraps' Portable Vocal Booth mounts on any microphone stand to create a controlled environment for recording vocals and spoken narration in acoustically hostile spaces. The unit is comprised of a pair of 2 x 2-foot absorbing panels in an adjustable V shape. The integrated base attaches to any inexpensive microphone boom stand. The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth can also be placed directly on a table or other flat surface.

projectiondesign's F30 sx+ Projector

The F30 sx+ projector from projectiondesign displays from single-chip DLP technology. The projector features Texas Instruments' BrilliantColor technology, which enhances images by reproducing a wider color spectrum and increases color saturation and visible gamut. The F30 has been designed to perform in a variety of environments and specialized applications such as simulators, 2D and 3D visualization and entertainment venues, as well as medical imaging, post production, control rooms and display signage. In addition to the BrilliantColor technology, the professional F30 sx+ series also features the projectiondesign RealColor technology, to deliver calibration and color reproduction. RealColor is a proprietary calibration system that is configured for the specific application before it leaves the projectiondesign factory.

Australian Monitor's MX61, MX81 Mixers

Australian Monitor's MX61 and MX81 mixers boast six (MX61) or eight (MX81) channels of preamplification in a single rack space with the ability to switch between XLR line-level, XLR mic-level (with or without phantom power), or dual RCA inputs. The MX61 and MX81 both feature a recessed trim control, a dual-color signal present indication LED, and 100 Hz and 10 kHz shelving EQs on each channel. Users can configure input one as pre or post-master so that it can serve as an override or emergency-paging channel. A single line-level XLR provides master-volume controlled output, while dual mono RCA jacks provide a record output that is unaffected by the EQs or the master volume. A headphone output is internally switchable to be pre- or post-master. Both the MX61 and MX81 operate on 110VAC or on 24VDC via an external power source. Optional remote VCA, tone generator or muting boards are available.

QSC's SC28 System Controller

Housing preset tunings developed to optimize the performance of QSC loudspeakers, the new SC28 system controller facilitates setup. A 2-input, 8-output DSP device, the controller additionally offers user-adjustable EQ and delay. The SC28's audio quality is rooted in 48 kHz, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion technology with 32-bit, floating-point DSP offering wide dynamic range and low distortion. Balanced, line-level, analog XLR connectors are provided at all inputs and outputs, while all DSP tunings incorporate IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) as well as FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filtering. As utilized within the SC28's circuitry, FIR filtering offers what QSC system engineers refer to as "intrinsic correction" of loudspeakers used with the device.

RCI's MI, CS Series Wall Plates

RCI Custom Products' MI Series wall plates include many of the most commonly used connectors and connector configurations utilized in panels that are now built-in for custom applications. Modular Inserts may then be utilized with RCI Custom AL series wall plates, or with AL series rack panels, cut specially for Modular Inserts. Blank inserts allow for future expansion in any situation. The CS Series includes many of the most commonly used 1- and 2-gang wall plate offerings currently produced as custom plates. The line also includes a blank-panel offering, as well as vent panels and security covers.

Furman's Elite Series Power Conditioners

Furman Sound has unveiled some new features for its Elite Series power conditioners. The new designs feature contours of black steel with clear blue LED lights, while new 12-V triggering adds remote-control capabilities for convenient operation. The new Elite Series units will be designated with a letter "i" at the end of each model number to differentiate them from the original Elite series. In addition to the original technologies, such as linear filtering technology (LiFT) and virtually non-sacrificial surge suppression, the Elite Series will now add 12-volt triggering for remote control.

Speco's HT-647HRTP Dome Camera

Speco Technologies' miniature, high-resolution, color, tamper-resistant dome camera, the HT-647HRTP, features resolution of 540 lines, a low light sensitivity of .5 lux and uses the 1/3-inch Sony HQ-1 imaging sensor with a wide-angle 3.6mm lens. A new feature included is a snap-on cover (Chameleon Cover) that converts the housing from the standard dark grey to decorator white. It can also be painted to match any décor without painting the actual camera housing. This dome camera is wall- and ceiling-mountable. Included is an internal, 3-axis mount for maximum versatility.

Teq AV/IT's Twisted Pair Line

Teq AV/IT Twisted Pair (UTP/Cat 5-type) product line features transmitters, 1 x 4 distributing transmitters, receivers with a range of 500 and 1,000 feet, and a repeater receiver that allows transmission of AV signals to up to 2,000 feet. Teq AV/IT offers a number of ready-to-install kits, including the basic Qik-Install kit that comes with a transmitter, a receiver, a VGA input cable, and a 50-foot Cat-5 cable. According to the company, one of the biggest advantages of Twisted Pair AV products is that an existing Cat-5 infrastructure may be utilized for AV signal transmission.

Winsted's Cool Zone Rack Cooling System

Winsted's Cool Zone rackmount cooling system is designed for quiet, self-regulating cooling of rackmount electronics. Cool Zone utilizes four fans and three sensors to detect temperatures and deliver 100 CFM of cooling capacity to the CPU servers, system and hard drive. The fan speed is automatically adjusted by the thermal controller in six levels depending on the temperature. An LCD screen displays temperatures ranging from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius (32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit).

Electro-Voice's ZXA5 Powered Loudspeaker

Electro-Voice has launched its ZXA5 powered 2-way loudspeaker in a compact package. ZXA5 is the first powered model in the ZX line. At the heart of the ZXA5 are transducers. To develop the DVX3150 15-inch transducer, EV used advanced computer-aided design techniques to create forced-air, directional voice coil cooling for high power and efficiency. Finite element analysis was used to optimize the suspension and magnetic structure for long, linear travel, providing low distortion and greater LF extension. Handling the HF is the ND2, a 2-inch voice coil compression driver based on a neodymium motor structure that allows maximum output while keeping size and weight to a minimum.

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